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First let me apologize for using all caps on my last post, my bad. That won't happen again. Secondly, I won't address the childish responses from kids or adults who conveniently skip certain phrases like "that's just me". I'm too mature to have a war over opinions. This is a discussion board and an adult should be an adult even when posting in a forum such as this. Children on the other hand (17 and below), it's understandable.

For the record, I never said EA was a horrible developer nor did I trash either of their titles. I merely stated that "I" am tired of EA not living up to their true potential. I drop $50 each year on Madden and NCAA and the least EA could do is correct some of "My" major issues in both titles. You may not have a problem with the same things, but I'm not concerned about the next man when I spend "my" money. Madden and NCAA are #1 and should be. However, Sega has proven that they belong.

Lastly, I didn't think I should go into every detail of how I play because it would take too long. But I know about button sensitivity when it comes to throwing a pass. I can only laugh at the rookie comment seeing how I don't need to justify to anyone how long I've been playing a game in reality or on a video game just to prove a point. By the way, throwing and catching isn't as difficult as people make it out to be (in a video game)!

Again, this is not a put down on EA. The point I'm trying to make is, the running man is not my style of play!

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Re: Amazing

Did you not read the lock on the first time you posted this?

Did you not read that a lock means "end of discussion"?

Did you not read that you can take your complaints to Steves Forum?

Last warning. Drop it, or take a break from OS for a bit.
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