Help building DD - Pitching Rotation

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Help building DD - Pitching Rotation

First year playing The Show, and started out with Diamond Dynasty as well. Just a couple questions I have.

Im finding out that MLB Players, specially MLB Starting Pitchers are kinda worthless in the fact that they only get 10 games, and in a pitching rotation they actually only get to play twice... is this as intended? am I overlooking something so they can actually get there 10 games in?

For the most part, I stick with the dynasty players, and using the card recycler to upgrade the bronze cards. Is there a particular formula that's better over they other when combining cards?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Help building DD - Pitching Rotation

Nobody knows what the developers actually intend, but in general good DD players can be obtained and trained to well outperform MLB players, so purely in terms of ability, all but the few MLB elites are quite useless in this mode, sadly.

DD players need to be trained, and that takes time/games and budget, so the cost tends to come out a lot cheaper using MLB players. That's the tradeoff I suppose.

Many players quit the game in the middle, especially in one-sided games, and also the game often ends due to miscellaneous glitches (especially this year), so quite often you can get quite a bit more innings in with MLB starting pitchers than what the 10-game limit might imply.

On the other hand, you can cheaply obtain MLB cards, recycle to get new ones you've never had, and sell the ones you don't need. Once you complete the "collections" the payout is big, so even though they are kinda useless in the baseball aspect, if you want to increase your budget using the market is one of the simpler things you can do. In DD, the market is not even close to being "efficient," so there are a lot of free lunch out there... so much free lunch in fact that the game balance has always been a bit off in my opinion. DD is not the mode in which you experience the best of The Show as a baseball simulation game.

There are people in the forum at theshownation.com (The Show's official site) talking about all kinds of tricks they have found to obtain whatever you need without actually expending much.

They really aren't all that difficult to figure out, because the system itself is very simple and you can create an alternative account to access basically an unlimited amount of budget. Only that the user interface on the mode is cranky and a lot of things are not officially explained in the manual, so you have to try and discover yourself.
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