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Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)

Chapter 1: Early Years

Johnathan Johnson was the best High School Basketball player in Lincoln Arkansas. He led the Lincoln Wolves to 3 State Playoffs and 2 State Championships. The Wolves won Conference Championship all four years he played. After he graduated High School, he went to College at the University of Arkansas and played for the Razorbacks off of a Scholarship he recieved for Basketball achievements. During his Junior year, he broke his arm and ended his College Career. He entered the NBA Draft and was drafted by the Golden State Warriors. He thought he could make a living off of the NBA but only got in trouble when he missed a game winning shot against the Jazz in the NBA playoffs. His Coach had a lot to say.

"Johnson, I was counting on you to win the game, but what do you do? You shoot a basket and missed it badly. Get your things packed, I've been talking to the Lakers' owner, and I'm trading you off. "

"But Coach, it wasn't my fault. Davis...."

"Don't start blaming others. Now do what I said and get out of my office!"

Johnathan was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and played for two seasons. During those two seasons, he led the Lakers to One NBA Championship. He later retired from the NBA after 3 years and arm problems. He was 25 when he retired. When he retired, both of his old coaches had some good comments about him.

"After he blew the game for us, I thought I would ever forgive him for it. Since trading him and watching him play for the Lakers, I had other thoughts." Golden State Warriors' Coach

"The day he started having arm problems was the day I started to worry about him. He lost energy and playing skills. I asked him what is up and that was when he busted it to me." LA Lakers' Coach

After 1 year out of the NBA, he made an appearance on Cold Pizza. Stuart Scott was there and gave the interview to Johnathan. Here is the footage.

February 25th, 2005 -- Cold Pizza ESPN

Stuart Scott: Thank you for coming to Cold Pizza. I have to ask you, what have you been doing since retiring from the NBA?

Coach Johnson: Well I have always wanted to coach my own team. There isn't much to choose from right now, but by the beginning of the 2006 Season I'll be the Head Coach of one College Team.

Stuart Scott: How long has it been since you played a game of basketball?

Coach Johnson: About 1 Month, I was playing some streetball with my family.

Stuart Scott: Did you seem out of touch to yourself?

Coach Johnson: Yes I did, after being away from basketball for a whole year and try to play again is a very tough thing.

Stuart Scott: Have you considered any Colleges to coach yet?

Coach Johnson: Yes I have, and it was very tough. I am considering either ARK, FLA, UNI, TEX, TAMU, OSU. Those teams right now are looking for a head coach.

Stuart Scott: Coach that is all I have for you. I'll see you later.

After the interview Johnathan Johnson began the mission to find a Head Coaching job. He began at Fayetteville, AR for the Razorbacks!
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Re: Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)

Chapter 2: Help Wanted

Johnathan Johnson went to Fayetteville, AR for a interview to be the Razorbacks' New Head Coach. It didn't go very well. He was turned down to be coach. So he went to Gainsville, FL and tried to get the Florida's Head Coach Position. They also turned him down, he had no choice but to try Texas A&M, he was almost certain they would accept him. He was turned down. He went to the next best place. University of Northern Iowa, he gave a great Resume and Interview. They liked him and decided he was the right guy for the job. They named Johnathan Johnson the UNI Panther's new head coach on April 28th, 2006. This would open up the gates to a great year for Coach Johnson, as he fufilled his dreams as becoming a head coach.

Chapter 3: Let's Begin

"If you are sleeping then you better get up. This is Kit Krattic in the morning here in Davenport, Iowa. Well big news for the UNI Panther Basketball Team. They hired a new head coach who played High School Ball, College Ball, and played in the NBA. He played for the Arkansas Razorbacks, Golden State Warriors, and the Los Angeles Lakers. He has the experience to coach and they think so to. We have him on the phone with us right now."

Kit: Coach are you there?

Coach Johnson: Yes, how are you Kit?

Kit: Very Good, how about you?

Coach Johnson: Excellent since I am the new Head Coach for the UNI Panthers' Basketball Team.

Kit: Rumors are flaring about this year, are you going to cut anyone?

Coach Johnson: Of Course Not!

Kit: What about starting lineup?

Coach Johnson: I have that made out and I will not release it until the 10 o'clock news tonight.

Kit: So what you are saying is tonight on KDTV at 10 PM you are going to release details to us to prepare for the 2006-07 Season?

Coach Johnson: Yep

Kit: Thanks Coach and we will see you tonight.

"Well listeners tune into KDTV 10PM News to get all the information you have been wanting to know!"
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Re: Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)

KDTV Hometown News at 10

Kathy Smith: Top story tonight is a Hit and Run accident occured late last night infront of a Toys R' Us.

Josh McCormick: Also, your weather looks very good for the next week or so. We will have more in your full forecast.

Kathy Smith: But, right now we have Coach Johnson who was hired as the UNI Panthers' Basketball Coach last week here tonight to share some details about the Schedule and the Starting lineup for the panthers. Coach how are you tonight.

Coach Johnson: Very good, let me get right down to business. I'm just here to give you the Starting lineup and Schedule for our 2006-07 Basketball season.

Starting Lineup

#23 PG Israel Finn
#30 SF Shawn Adleman
#32 PF Lucious Bigelow
#2 C Maynard Rowell
#25 SG Armondo Penigar

Bench Players

#21 SG Tom Sinville
#53 C Damien Roy
#34 PF Amien Sterley
#13 SG Shammond Bishop
#22 SG RouSean Bailey
#11 PG J.C. Merritt
#5 PG Hosea Rid****
#14 PG Mading Clark
#33 SF Omari Barrett
#41 PF Stephan Rice
#4 PF Barry Bronson
#10 PG Shaq Brower

2006-07 Basketball Season Schedule
Midnight Crazy Hoops (Preseason Scrimmage)
vs Nicholls State
@ Pepperdine
@ Washington
vs UW-Milwaukee
vs San Diego State
@ Iowa State
@ Bucknell
@ Iowa
@ Loyola(IL)
vs Bradley*
@ Wichita State*
vs Evansville*
vs Southern Illinois*
@ Illinois State*
vs Creighton*
@ Missouri State*
vs Indiana State*
@ Southern Illinois*
@ Drake*
vs Wichita State*
@ Evansville*
@ Indiana State*
vs Drake*
vs Missouri State*
@ Creighton*
@ Bradley*
vs Illinois State*

* : Denotes Conference Game

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Re: Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)

Gainsville, Florida - Joakim Noah of the Florida Gators will miss half of the season due to a broken arm he suffered at their Scrimmage game in October. Noah was one of the players that led the Florida gators to a NCAA National Championship last year.

Will Miss Half The Season Due To Broken Arm

Coach Donovan was shocked when he heard this in Orlando. He rushed to Gainsville hospital to visit Noah. Joakim Noah will undergo surgery in a few days to repair the arm. If a miracle happens Noah might only miss 12 Games.
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Re: Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)


Cedar Falls, Iowa: Well it is time for the Purple/Gold Scrimmage Game. Welcome to KDTV and this is Live Coverage of the Midnight Crazy Hoops Game. PGA Golf was on during the first half of the game, so it is now halftime. The score is 46-7 Purple in the lead. Gold did terrible during the first half, giving up steals and kept getting blocked by the tall Shawn Adleman. Coach Johnson was very dissapointed in the Gold team that they are scoring lowly and they keep giving up steals. Well it is about time for the second half of the ball game, so let's head down to courtside to Bonnie Bernstine, she is with Coach Johnson.

Bonnie: Coach what did you ask your Gold Team players about their peformance?

Coach Johnson: No Comment

Bonnie: Okay, back to you guys

1st Half Highlights
Shawn Adleman -- 2 Blks, 3 Steals
Maynard Rowell -- 5 Steals, 5 Rebounds

The Second Half has began with Gold getting possession. Let's see if the Gold Team can pull off a huge comeback and get out of this big defecit. The Gold didn't manage to win the game, but they did manage to bring a great fight towards it. The Purple would go on to win it 87-34. The Player of the Game is Shawn Adleman.

Shawn Adleman: 32 PTS, 3 REBS, 1 AST, 3 STLS, 2 BLKS

Coach Johnson told our crew to back away from the locker rooms, as he did not want any of his players to gloat about their peformance. He told them to wait until the regular season, this was just a scrimmage. We will be back Sunday with the Season Preview show, until then have fun and think about the UNI Basketball team.
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Re: Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)



1 Kansas Jawhawks
2 North Carolina Tar Heels
3 Florida Gators
4 Syracuse Orange
5 Arizona Wildcats
6 LSU Tigers
7 UNI Panthers
8 Duke Blue Devils
9 Alabama Crimson Tide
10 Ohio State Buckeyes
11 Pittsburgh Panthers
12 Tennessee Volunteers
13 UCLA Bruins
14 Wisconsin Badgers
15 Connecticut Huskies
16 Memphis Tigers
17 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
18 Nevada Wolf Pack
19 Michigan Wolverines
20 Villanova Wildcats
21 Kentucky Wildcats
22 Georgetown Hoyas
23 Boston College Eagles
24 Maryland Terrapins
25 Texas A&M Aggies

Coach Johnson was very excited to see his Northern Iowa Panthers at the #7 spot. They told him due to his recruiting before season, it earned him a high seed in the Top 25. They get to defend their title as #7 against Nicholls State in a couple of days!
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Old 06-04-2007, 12:48 AM   #7
Re: Coaching Career of Johnathan Johnson (CH2K7-Xbox)

Nicholls State(0-1) @ #7 Northern Iowa(0-0)

Cedar Falls, Iowa: Well this game was closer than expected from a #7 Ranked team like UNI. Nicholls State had a huge lead at halftime, but something fueled UNI's players and they rallied back and defeated Nicholls State 78-60. Coach Johnson rushed his players to the locker room and kept our camera crew and analysts out of the locker rooms. Coach Johnson will not comment on his player's peformance until a big game comes up. He is afraid the publicity will distract his players from focusing on next game.

"I do not want any person from KDTV to talk to my players while I am around. When they are alone and walking around, please do not talk to them about any of the Basketball games. When the time comes we will brag, but not now!"


Nicholls State 60 @ Northern Iowa 78

Player of the Game: Maynard Rowell

Key Injuries: Shawn Adleman(Foot) out for 2 games
Key Players: Maynard Rowell

Northern Iowa is now 1-0 and Nicholls State is now 0-2
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