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FIFA Soccer 12 (360) Review

Slow and patient have never been words associated with the FIFA series. In fact, in previous releases the pace of gameplay was so helter-skelter they resembled sprint meets more than the sport of football itself. Well, no more. The nature of play in FIFA 12 has gone through an extensive overhaul, and the results, while far from perfect, are impressive.

Read More - FIFA Soccer 12 (360) Review
Platform: PS3 / Xbox 360
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I would say, fair review even though FIFA 11 got a 9?
AI teammates aren't the brightest, (fair and very true)

Gameplay can feel too familiar" (that's an ambiguous personal opinion)

It's the player's job to be creative just like in the real game.

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I know in another game that is out now there are graphic issues on a certain game system. Are there any graphical differences between the 360 version and the PS3 version??
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Re: FIFA Soccer 12 (360) Review

Very solid review.

In terms of customization, sliders and custom team tactics, there are two threads going (one for each) and the more people testing and tweaking the better.
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I watched that backpassing video, very discouraging stuff. Great job on the review.
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8.5? Kinda harsh. Career mode will never play like a Football Manager game, so we all have to suspend belief a bit. For what FIFA sets out to accomplish it achieves. Thefore IMO the game is a 9+.
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Hopefully not too many trick moves.. It seems like anyone can perform fancy foot tricks. Unrealistic.
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Very fair review, you hit all the points pretty much spot on. The fun factor is definitely there despite a few short comings.
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