FIFA 14 Videos - Off-Camera Gameplay (Xbox One, PS4)

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Re: FIFA 14 - X1/PS4 Off-Camera Gameplay

Originally Posted by msuhockeycj
Might just be me but I liked how the computer version of Barcelona was making quicker passing decisions and at times pinging the ball around. Not perfect, still noticed to many 7 touch possessions from fullbacks going one on one but it seemed better than what we are getting now on current gen.
I agree it did seem a bit better. But its hard to accept that with the new processing power ramp up they are hyping that all we get out of that is two or three back passes. Still noticed far too many times the CPU tried to jam the ball down the wings or went full bore straight into a defender rather than taking an angle and getting him on his shoulder.

Did notice a nice play where the CPU held the ball up in the center just outside the box and the chipped through ball to the chipped volley was nice.
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Re: FIFA 14 - X1/PS4 Off-Camera Gameplay

Originally Posted by Dogslax41
Hard to tell from the distance, but it looks cleaner. Not immediately noticable compared to current gen but it looks like all the edges have been cleaned up.

I wasn't expecting a graphical revolution, but was expecting much more from them in the player movement, foot plant and momentum aspects. Based on these videos I am going to switch my pre-order over to AC4 and wait a bit after release to see how the game plays out because right now it looks too much like current gen. Definately not a day one buy for me anymore and has me rethinking Madden as well if FIFA was the peg that EA was hanging their next gen hat on at launch.
For those of us buying current gen FIFA, upgrading to next-gen FIFA will be $10 on Amazon so it isn't too costly an upgrade. As long as it's feature complete, I'm there.
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Re: FIFA 14 - X1/PS4 Off-Camera Gameplay

I just thought of something. If you pre-order the NG version do you also get the 24 or whatever it is weeks of a free UT pack? If so couldn't you technically pre-order both versions to get double the free packs? Even if for some reason you get cut-off when you jump to NG you'd still have about 7 weeks of free packs. I don't play UT but, hmmmm...
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Pretty much what I was expecting. Slightly better graphics, but gameplay hasn't changed much. People who expect NG to suddenly improve gameplay by leaps and bounds are in for a rude awakening. Gameplay engine is takes years to fine tune and master.
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I play FIFA on PC with maxed out setting and a few graphic mods and IMO the PC version looks better than Xbox One from these videos.

It really makes me bummed knowing Madden probably won't be much better
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Re: FIFA 14 Videos - Off-Camera Gameplay (Xbox One, PS4)

Knowing that the next-gen FIFA 14 was going to be really similar, almost identical, to the current-gen version wasn't new since the E3 gameplay videos. I just hope there is a big(ger) jump for their World Cup game (if there's one) in gameplay, AI, graphics and presentation.
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