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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Did the EA access version get the day 1 patch?

If no, hopefully some of these issues will be alleviated via the patch, hopefully without the unintended consequences of something else getting messed up.

Keep hope alive folks.
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

I guess we will all find out this coming week. My trial time is over
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Prefer Pro Evo, but keep buying FIFA aswell every year ONLY due to your sliders. They certainly make a huge difference mate, so thank you for making FIFA playable

Disappointing to see that animations have not been worked on and I can see lots of FIFA 16 coding, which doesn't surprise me though. Hoping for FIFA 18 to have improved animations. Gameplay looks clunky and seems like ping pong compared to that of Pro Evo.

But can't wait until your sliders are released so I can start a career with Crewe Alexandra. Cheers Matt. Legend.
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Originally Posted by TeleTex82
Most FIFAs have been good through a few games, maybe even 1 season of career mode, but beyond that? Do you think this one will hold ub for 3+ seasons? What was the date of the final slider set for last year?

I truly believe FIFA is, by design, meant to be enjoyed in small helpings and against another human. The offline modes are just a vestigial remnant of its origins, they are there and at first glance seem to be a crucial component, but the deeper you dig the more apparent the lack of attention to detail is.
I disagree. Lack of detail aside, I played over 700 games of FIFA 16 offline in various career modes, most of them going 5-8 seasons. Is it perfect? No, that's why we have a thread like this to get it somewhere it's enjoyable.

That said, I don't see how if FIFA 17 is like FIFA 16, I personally haven't played many games with my EA Access copy, that it wouldn't hold up the same way.

Anywho, I'm looking forward to the community's slider set.
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders


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Old 09-25-2016, 07:08 PM   #86
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Guys, yesterday I got the full game here in Sulaimaniya City, Iraq and I have paid $80 for this beautiful FIFA. I was the first one in my city lol. Thanks God that sliders are here. On the DVD cover there are 3 flags: Norway, Sweden and Denmark so it confirms that FIFA 17 was released September 23 in those countries and they shipped the game to Dubai, United Arab Emirates then to Baghdad, Iraq then to my City Sulaimaniya... Last year I got FIFA 16 ten days before US release.

@Matt10 Bro, Thank you very much for opening another sliders thread. Last year was amazing and you did a wonderful job. Much appreciated.

Guys, I just inserted the DVD into my Xbox One and adjusted all settings then I went to KICK Off and chose Juventus against Napoli. My settings was: Professional, Normal Speed, 15 min, Air Balls, Low, Passing Semi, Through Ball Manual, Analog Sprint ON, Legacy Defending, Camera Height 20, Zoom 0... OMG, What an amazing FIFA game I've played Pjanic in the medfield was getting forward alot but using Krebstar's Custom Tactics for FIFA 15 I could successfully made Pjanic stay in the Medfield and not getting forward, Thanks God...

I just changed Passing and Shooting in Chance Creation for my team Juventus from 61 Default to 10 based on Krebstar's CT. I don't know what else to say I am really really happy to see Krebstar's CT for FIFA 15 is still working very good for FIFA 17 as well

I am a die hard FIFA player, I am Sim player and really hate Ultimate Team mode. I am sliders fan and I am adjusting my sliders and I want a realistic presentation of Football game on my TV... Matt10 is the real Man for us. I just want to let you know guys that User tackling is very effective and helpful this year but also so realistic. CPU's 360 degree shielding is much much much better than the Demo. CPU players is reacting slow when they are shielding the and protecting the ball just like real life Football OMG. Penalty is heaven and CPU could easily made fouls. Now I just paused my game at 1st half and in the last 15 min I've played then both of me and CPU has one foul.Total is 2 fouls only in 15 min of the first half.

Fortunately, at Professional and till this minute CPUs possession is only 46%. I haven't adjusted sliders yet but this game is really really amazing and realistic at the same time. I wonder to know why people is still prefer PES 2017 this year when compared to FIFA 17 is nothing.

I will be back to finish my game and sure everyone could ask me any questions or explanation. Not to forget that this graphics on my Samsung TV 46 screen size is really really wonderful and its like a live real football match on my TV. OMG dribbling is much better this year and so realistic and not like a robotic movement of PES 2017. I have played both FIFA 17 and PES 2017 demos and that's why I can describe my feeling.

Last thing, players movement and position is so so realistic this year which I cannot describe how happy I am right now and I have never ever was happy like I am with any FIFA games in the past.

This year Professional is Heaven and much much better than last year and CPU is really playing, acting just like real life teams and this is something we called for along time ago. I can clearly say that Matt10 by adjusting sliders for CPU could bring this FIFA 17 to a level which PES 2017, 2018,2019 and 2020 would have never ever could dream of it

@Matt10 bro, I am here if you have any questions or anything from me. Just let me know

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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

I like the positivity Rebsat.
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Originally Posted by Jalisi
I like the positivity Rebsat.
Like looking directly at the sun!
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