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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

I have to comment here as I'm seeing alot of players complaining about being "challenged'" against the cpu.

Ultimately sports games are NOT bullet hell games.

The idea of a game not being challenging enough and making the slider set based off that is kinda of a backwards way of thinking.

Player Skill should never be associated with a slider set because its about the flow of the game first.

Matt10 addresses game flow issues. A player not running right towards a ball. maybe a shot looking too fast. players not defending when they should. I dont think hes addressing issues like "I cant score" and "i scored that goal to easily because in fifa 13 i used to be always able to shoot a long ball into the corner of the net".......

be understanding...dont look at stats and play the game a little less offensively maybe?
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders


I have played two seasons. Half a season on default (too easy). Half a season with your set No2 (too easy). And a full season with my own settings (still easy but better). I have a few things to share (no, I won't be complaining about how easy the game is )

- For the first season, NOTHING would fix bursting. After I became comfortable with the game, I realised what you were saying about how big a problem this is. I even played with 50/51 speed and 50/52 acceleration and could still burst. (However, I could win easily even when I deliberately avoided bursting)

- While trying to fix bursting, I tried these values:
Height: 100
Length: 40
Width: 0
CPU Marking: 78
Speed 47/48
Acceleration 50/50
Full back positioning: 1/1

With these, it created a very solid midfield and it was impossible to burst, or more like I could burst a little bit but didn't actually create any space or a chance. UNTIL I could eventually manage to get to the end of the pitch. When I reach the opponents end from the wings, the CPU stops marking me and let's me cut inside (without bursting). I found that very odd, so I tried with your settings and with all on default but it looks like this happens regardless. This is a separate issue to bursting. So, these settings helped A LOT to block me from bursting in midfield but didn't fix the issue of the game being easy. (PS. The 100/40/0 H/L/W values are really fun, I recommend them for anyone who likes a compact midfield)

- So, after giving up on fixing bursting, I finished the last games of the first season and moved on to the next (I finished first in the Dutch League and won the Europa League in the first season). So, I decided the game is too easy and changed loads of settings in favour of the CPU (I won't list them as this isn't the point). However, the weirdest thing happened. I can no longer burst! The game just like it had done in FIFA 16 (I had forgotten about it) increased the difficulty of the CPU, probably because of my results. Bear in mind that my team was much stronger in the second season, yet the game is much much more difficult now (I still have many values in favour of the CPU but I can't burst any more) The AI marks tightly and if I am about to burst away, it will tackle. If I manage to get to the end of the wing, it won't let me get passed as easily. It is actually quite difficult to do so. (Unless I play with a much much weaker side)

- In the second season, the CPU could also burst passed me, which I found hilarious (With same pace settings)

Has anyone else managed to play a full season (or more?) to report back if the game plays differently?

(PS. If anyone else finds Legendary too easy, I am happy to share some thoughts/values)
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Originally Posted by EvertonianSteeler
I tried a women's match the other day and in some ways it felt better than the mens game. Can't put my finger on what exactly but there was just something different about it (in a good way). Don't know if maybe it is coded differently but it is worth trying.
Yeah I think they made completely different player models which move very differently, and just feel very different to the men. You can really feel how comparatively light the women are, which is a nice touch. I actually agree with Matt's comment about the women's football feeling more like PES, but I don't think the men's football should be changed - the men's football on Fifa feels like men's football - much heavier faster players, more physical - and the women's feels like women's - light, agile players and slow tactical build up play. The reason I think PES feels more like women's football on Fifa is because PES really doesn't deal with player weight very well - EVERY player feels pretty light and agile, which is very unrealistic. That's what I think anyway.

Annoyingly, only two new women's teams were added this year, bringing the total to just 14. Kind of makes me wonder why they went to the trouble of getting the physics right if they weren't planning to do anything with it..
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Originally Posted by p33t0
Hi Matt,

Excellent work with the sliders. As an ex-footballer, you have definitely captured a level of realism with set 2 - midfield battles are competitive, player positioning/marking is the best i've experienced thus far, and every mistake goes punished.

My suggestions are:

1. To increase pass speed as it feels too pedestrian. In real life, competing against teams from higher divisions you notice how quickly they move ball and how well they receive the ball on their first touch. With the current slider set I feel as though i'm playing 5-aside with a few mates who are hungover and playing a lot of hospital passes. I'm currently watching the Man Utd vs Stoke game and the pace of passing is immense - try and catch it on MOTD if you can.

2. To increase players movement on the ball - as they feel too rigid and not fluid enough.
45 seems perfect for pass speed to me. A good variety. Football always seems much faster when you are playing than when you see it on TV, or watch a video of your match
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Really liking the sliders on legendary, a nice challenge
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Originally Posted by Matt10
You could do a acceleration discrepancy 49/50, and lower their pass error. See how that goes.

Watching your stream from Friday prompted me to look at these values, so kudos for sure. In previous FIFA's, a significant line height always balanced out the play, but the defenders never got engaged to the attackers the way they should. 17's physicality is the core of the gameplay now, and it's welcomed.

Sprint is always personal preference, some don't mind the jogging animation, and some hate it with a fiery passion - myself included .

Simply put, the ball is bigger. Correction, the ball looks bigger to their calves and feet. This is why PES feel is better. The ball is bigger.

FIFA would benefit greatly from a slight increase in ball size, just slight - and it would make all the difference in the world.

Fantastic, another ex-footballer myself, except for the occasional Sunday co-ed league (sigh).

1. So t0tten had pass speed at 48 and while it played well for lower division clubs, the top clubs over-used the driven pass. That is the problem with FIFA, there are always thresholds in which things start to fall apart, and the idiotic feature of driven pass remains in 17. I too would love more crispness of the passes, but going too high - and you get those kind of passes as option #1 for the CPU. If we watch real football, they do move the ball at pace, but if you were to put a gauge on the pass speed (I usually will count in seconds of how long the ball takes to reach the player) the highest speed the ball will go to a player, is about 2 seconds. In FIFA, a driven pass goes about .5 seconds.

2. So velocityy and I messed around on his stream last night with various settings. Basically we tested the threshold of certain values, without everything falling apart. FIFA 17 is very sensitive, especially because of the bursting issue, so any adjustments to run frequency, pass speed, marking, etc - they can easily break this thing wide open. We tried run frequency from 10 to 6, and right away, the "pass and move, pass and move" concept was back. There was no more midfield, and it was 1 or 2 passes to release a player to face up the defenders.

One area that could get attention would be FB positioning raised. I advise this cautiously though as the FB will get caught out of position much more often, and the CPU will go route one more that way instead of trying to build up. Again, this still needs testing, but it is a way to get the player movements off the ball in particular.

As always, every value is looked at, and I always test the thresholds. So far, from the amount of testing last night, the Set 2 values are still intact and validated.

As mentioned above, increase CPU accel from 49 to 50 and see how that goes. Fast players will get more freedom in tight spaces, but it's all relevant to what caused them to have those chances. I look right away at the defending players, and the animations that they display.

For this kind of feedback, I need to know what the defenders are doing. Are they not attempting to tackle? Are they taking a terrible animation (DAA, see OP), what?

What have you tried as well? Increase accel 49/50? What about Sprint 50/51?

Anytime something feels easy, create a discrepancy somewhere in favor of the CPU, then balance from there.

FWIW, I'm also testing these thresholds. The very key is not adjusting so much that the bursting returns as much as it did before.

This is your problem, Intro. You take things with concepts, yet in execution, you fail to grasp how it impacts the community - and their overall thoughts. My slider sets are based on feedback from the community, the one that you constantly demean and act like you are better than 90% of them.

You also assume the certain values that create those moments of "masterful play" haven't been tested. Again, you fail to grasp that in a video game there are exploits, and priority #1 is to lessen the chance of those exploits appearing. You don't seem to understand that thresholds are tested to make sure those exploitable animations are lessened even further. Instead, you take the product and blast it without understanding the purpose of the values.

That's what offends me. I could care less how you think I play. I think that goes for just about anyone on here, they could care less how other people play. If the core of the game doesn't play the right way, then that's what sliders are for, and are intended to create a sense of a challenge and a sense of realism. That is not a very easy thing to do - at all - and the fact that you literally never provide any constructive feedback RELATIVE TO THE SET, is also offending.

Your belittling posts and lack of sportsmanship to your fellow OS brothers continues to baffle me. You have no sense of understanding what a community, let alone a community of slider creators, is created for. Honestly, you had one good post in last year's thread and it was the first time I interacted with you. Actually it was the 2nd post, because your first one was the most belittling and offensive of them all.

I suggest changing your attitiude, lower your pride, and help us the %^&* out for a change.
I don't think ball size should be changed by default - it's only natural the ball appears bigger in women's matches, because the players are shorter on average. If PES chooses to use an unrealistic large ball to make gameplay more fun so be it

I do think though that having the option to use different sizes and types of balls (including beach balls, cheap floaters, and old leather balls) in matches, each with it's own physics, would be really great. Normal size 5 balls should still be the default though
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

I just finished my first match on Legendary, and it was great!

I held Man City to a 1-1 draw to start the season with Sunderland. I played a very defensive 4-5-1 (5-4-1 to close it out), and only really created one chance which Defoe buried. City hit the post in stoppage time, too.

I also tried the 45/85 injury setting, and we both had one player being forced off. I checked after the match, and Aguero will only be out for 16 days. Januzaj, on the other hand, is sidelined for up to three months.
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Re: FIFA 17 OS Community Sliders

Good sliders put together, but passing is so atrocious, I need to figure out a good slider spot.
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