FIFA 18 DanShin's "TRUE SOCCER" Sliders V2.0

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Re: FIFA 18 DanShin's "TRUE SOCCER" Sliders V2.0

Originally Posted by cutyhooni
FIFA 18 DanShin's "TRUE SOCCER" Sliders V2.0 Release.

I want fifa game more feel realistic. In FIFA game, different from real like.
Most different thing real soccer and real is HLW line.

The game has absolutely low defensive line. In real, Defenders are involved attack build up frequently. and It's hard to pass throught Arc line.

But in game, That's very easy to passing to Arc line. Because defense line is low.

The problem is AI has less ATTACK mind at final third. They Pass the ball each other meaningless. so, They lose their ball easily.

So, I adjusted FIFA sliders dut to my exprience.

KEY POINT of This Sliders
*Real like AI fluid attack & Threten AI attack&Cross.
*Passing lane play.
*More Fun.(Game is just Game.)
*Midfield battle & natural build up.
*Good balance of Speed.
*Player Sprint balance(*I always think default slow and 50/50 is slow. In counter attack, I do not feel the real explosive speed. So I rebanced it.)

*I think Marking value strong involved with Passing lane defense.
*Higher Height, AI more Intelligent and they do actually build-up play. not meaningless tiki-taka pass or front pass only play. tempo is just decent.
-Not enought Height value at 50-60 / It need more higher than 70. after that, you see how smart defenders and attackers stand at correct defenders lines.

Just try it and Feel the realistic and fun. Here are couple of play of my Sliders.

*USER(AT. Madrid) vs CPU(Real Madrid)
*look at Real madrid players and their build up.
*Midfield battle is very similar with real soccer.

*USER(Leverkusen) vs CPU(Dortmund)

Half Length : 8 minutes+
Difficulty Level : Legendary(Suggested)
Game Speed : Slow(Suggested)
Rules -> Handball Off -> On(Suggested)
Camera : Broadcast (Suggested)

Controller Setting
Pass : Semi(Suggested) or Assisted(having problem with pass control) / Through Ball : Assisted or Manual(Suggested both) / Lob Through pass : Assisted or Manual(Suggested Assisted. cause basic lob Through pass logic is
Cross : Semi(Suggested) or Assisted / Shoot : Semi(Suggested) or Assisted
Analog Sprint : On / Tactical Defending

55/55 Sprint Speed
54/53 Acceleration
51/51 Shot Error
58/58 Pass Error
51/51 Shot Speed
40/35 Pass Speed
40/40 Injury Frequency
35/35 Injury Severity
50/50 GK Ability
59/59 Marking
59/59 Run Frequency
72/72 Line Height
35/35 Line Length
52/52 Line Width
69/69 FB Positioning
53/53 FT Control

I guarantee you'll have a whole different feeling of the vs AI Play. Enjoy it!
After trying numerous version's of sliders, i thought i would give yours ago.

To my delight your sliders are exactly what i am looking for and in my opinion are the closest to the real thing i've found. What you've said they achieve. I find the midfield battle & build up play fantastic. I was unsure of some value's you had with some sliders but trusted what you put together and it BY FAR the best sliders i've used for 18. I have these locked in and will not be changing them. It's a great balance and like a whole new experience playing the AI. I used to get so frustrated with it because the game felt unbalanced but your sliders have made it hard but fair.

The whole match stats are great. I play WC, slow speed and 15mins.

I can't thank you enough for these sliders.

I had 4 main issue's with this game when adjusting sliders and you addressed them all. They were still to fast paced. High scorelines, high number of shots and loose marking. You addressed them all and i'm now one happy dude. Even after the most recent update it still plays amazing.

I am new here please be nice
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Re: FIFA 18 DanShin's "TRUE SOCCER" Sliders V2.0

Just trying these out on a career with Sporting Lisboa, I just played against Nápoli and it was the best game. Hard fought to the end. Insigne Made the difference in the end and lost 2-1. Amazing sliders... Thanks!

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