Looking Back at FIFA '98's Indoor Soccer Mode

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Looking Back at FIFA '98's Indoor Soccer Mode

I can still remember the moment I first laid eyes on a copy of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 as a kid. I was just beginning to discover my affection for video games at the time, but I was instantly captivated by its addictive gameplay, and it'd go on to dominate my spare time over the next year.

I don't know where the last 20 years have gone, but my love for that game remains strong. I still fondly recall many of its unique features, such as its famous intro sequence with the sound of Blur's "Song 2" providing the perfect background. I even put The Crystal Method's "Busy Child" on my local bar's jukebox recently, purely to reminisce about FIFA 98's fantastic soundtrack. I was the only one in there that seemed to know it.

If you ask many fans who can remember back that far, they'll tell you that indoor mode was one of FIFA 98's most memorable qualities. Amazingly, we've yet to experience another iteration of the mode in EA's main FIFA series over the past 20 years, so let's take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of this classic feature.

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I love how the people at EA love to tell the gamers what they do and don't enjoy. I miss the days that replicating real world games and not a gambling card/pokeman game was the focus.
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I would kill for an MASL style indoor experience in next years game. The indoor game is so unique it would provide many more hours of fun than just trying to collect cards.
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I would love to see a new indoor soccer mode. Ive tried FIFA STREET, and it doenst do enough for the indoor game.
Ive searched on line for oher dvelopers that have indoor soccer games also.

I personally think an indoor soccer legacy mode would be a benefit.
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That was a superb game. The indoor mode was amazing and like others have said far better than the stand alone street games which always seemed to miss the point and have poor single player.

I had this on n64 and is one of the reasons it's the best consoles there has been. I loved the n64.
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maybe they can implement an old school MISL or MASL mode including some of the teams from that league. that way using real teams and players to make it more realistic. i played FIFA street and like the diversion from outdoor soccer. the indoor game is better suited for video games. i can't imagine getting that license would be much of an issue since they get so many other leagues without a problem. i mean, if they can make a whole other game with the indoor game being a major mode, why not just add it to the FIFA game?
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I remember FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup and Indoor Mode. Indoor mode was fast and fun, wish there was online play back then. I remember trying to take very small countries and qualify for the World Cup, and they had all the tiebreakers and regions in the manual. It was great. I think I lost out with Haiti by a tiebreaker on total away goals. The game had the World Cup if you qualified, but I remember reading somewhere that there was supposed to be a World Cup game that you would have to buy and use your saved data from Road to the World Cup if you wanted to play the World Cup, but this game had it all.
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Old 02-15-2017, 09:23 AM   #8
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I am not a fan of actual soccer, as I do not enjoy the pace of play. For the same reason, I am not very intrigued by videogames that try to mimic the real thing. An indoor mode? Faster pace? That might be something I would be interested in (though I seem to have missed that back then - must have been the multiple choices I had back then with baseball, football and hockey, unlike the desperate times we now face )
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