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FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

This year in FIFA 20, Career Mode allows players to shape the future of their club...

Written By: Steve Noah

Click here to view the article.
Steve Noah
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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

I like the changes some might say they didn't go far enough but based on the previous "changes" I'd say these are very good. It's a good start to build on and if they continue to acknowledge CM in the coming years. The community shouldn't let up though and should continue to express the need for further changes.

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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

Sure, they left out a lot of stuff that I'd like to see, but I'm really happy with some of the changes. The CPU finally fielding their best 11 is HUGE for me. It's been so annoying having to do a ton of editing before starting a Career Mode so that I can get teams to use their real lineups. Hopefully, that will be unnecessary, this year, or at least not AS necessary. Love being able to turn off those stupid International job offers, too.
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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

Still not great, but I'm content with this. If they've finally fixed the starting lineups thing, that alone will be huge.
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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

I really like what has been added. I give the info a B+. I'd give it an A+, if they mention more countries to send youth scouts. I've waited years to send a scout to Wales, Iceland and other places.

I will be satisfied with what they added, but disappointed if it doesn't work as advertised. Sad to have an outlook like that, but I've been burned by "EA pre release hype talk," in years past.
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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

Alright... I like it. A lot.

Added an option to disable International Management job offers at the start of a new career.
Sweet, but can you PLEASE add an option to disable coach firings? Like you can in every other EA Sports game? Please? Pretty please?
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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

I hope thereīs a point of buying older than 30 year old players ,not that at the age of 32 your player declines -10 on all physical stats in one year..ridiculous.Im pretty sure they havenīt touched the sim engine for ages,same scorelines all the time,so predictable,going 2:0 you know you will never loose the game etc.

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Re: FIFA 20 Career Mode Details

Not bad changes imo. However, I still don't understand why the cpu team can't adopt their line up i.e. if they buy a second world class striker and they played 4-2-3-1 before they will still play the same formation afterwards instead of a 4-4-2.
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