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What I love about Fifa 21

I really like that in every game I've played so far, I felt like there was a possibility I could score. That hasn't been the case the past few years. There were too many games I felt I had a better chance of winning a lottery than scoring a goal.

And it doesn't feel at all out of place or unrealistic.
However, after my first 2 games, I wasn't quite sure and thought maybe I should up the difficulty level?
Because scoring 2 goals in one game and 3 in the other is something I forgot about! Then I got shutout by New Zealand! Lol

Also, last night I scored on a cross AND a corner and even better.... The CPU also scored on corner!

Last year, I must have play around 50 to 75 games and not once was I able to score on a cross or a clean corner.
More troubling than that is the CPU also did not score on any crosses or corners. To me that was enough to put the game down and not want to play anymore.

But this year baby... I can kick crosses and take corners and know that thou small, I still have a chance to score and so does the CPU. Last year when the CPU took a corner shot, I never had to worry about it because I felt like unless I accidentally owm goal it - My players will always head it out and clear... Or the CPU will miss high.

50 GAMES and not 1 cross or corner made on either side. That's a defunct game and not even close to realistic

That's why I love that this year, I CAN SCORE AGAIN!!!

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Re: What I love about Fifa 21

Gotta agree on this one, man! One thing I also think is, no one really paid attention to FIFA 21 since next-gen is supposed to come out. Everyone focused on that.

I feel that this year, actually there's a lot of improvements. Minor and major!
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Re: What I love about Fifa 21

to be honest i haven't felt any major difference yet
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