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NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

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NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

Version 3.3 has now been released.

As we stand right now, here is the summation of the project:

  • We have gone through and created one of the most in depth spreadsheets covering each player in the league any of us have ever seen. The spreadsheet covers transactions from June 1st to October 1st, Has a player bio attached to each player from at least one of these three sites- thehockeynews.com, eliteprospects.com, or hockeysfuture.com. It contains the depth chart for each team in the league, from their first liners, to their unsigned prospects, ranked by estimated ability and value in the depth chart. The spreadsheet also shows where each player is playing, as we are in the process of color coding each player to either the NHL, AHL, CHL, or Euro League. This helps us keep track of how many players will count against the contract limit, and who, if anyone, we need to cut from the depth chart for the project. The guidelines we are using for our edits are listed in the image below. The spreadsheet is also available for anyone to review via the link below.
  • All transactions are done for the NHL, AHL, Elitserien, SM-Liiga, DEL, and National League. They are reflected through October 1st, 2012. Transactions for the CHL will come later, as our focus is to get the rosters BEaGM ready as soon as possible, and since the CHL rosters don't actually show or impact player ownership, it is getting put on the back burner. The Extraliga is the league we have been dumping players to for anyone that has retired, or gone over to the KHL. (Neglecting of course the exodus of the majority of players to Europe temporarily, they will still be on their NHL team roster/depth chart.)
  • Every NHL player has been edited to better reflect their particular skill set and abilities- for example someone like Matt D'agostini, while only amounting to a 73 OVR, will now reflect that he has a great wrist shot, and is a quick skater but that he is also lacking in physicality, defensive awareness, and other deficiencies.

All right then. Here is what you all have actually come here for:

The download links:


NTSC V3.0 Opening Day

NTSC V4.0 April 15 Updated

NTSC V4.1 April 25 Update

PAL V2.0

The PAL version of these rosters has been graciously provided to us by AussieGiantsFan, and so all work and credit for that version belongs to him!


Version 2.0

Here is the link to view the spreadsheet-


Also, we have gone ahead and posted our recommended sliders in the Sliders forum, under the name NHL Sliders Revamped. The final sliders are a modified version of AL_Tito's, and so we want to make sure that credit is given where it is due as well. His sliders come HIGHLY recommended.

One final thing, feel free to utilize our spreadsheet for your own roster adjustments, BUT please be courteous and mindful of the hundreds of hours that have been put into this project by both Simple Math and I, along with all other editors we have worked with, and please give credit where it is due.

Thanks again for all of the support everyone, we are nearing the homestretch!

Instructions for installing the Rosters:

PS3 Edition
You have to unzip (extract) the file first before putting it on to your PS3. To do that, follow the following steps:

1. Download WinRAR
2. Go to the location you saved the roster file to (for example- My Documents)
3. Right click on the roster file and click on "Extract files..."
4. Click "Okay" on the message box that pops up
5. A new folder named "PS3" will be created in the same location (if using the above example- My Documents).

6. Click on the new "PS3" folder. Inside this folder you should find another folder named "PS3". Copy and paste this PS3 folder onto a flash drive.

7. In order for the PS3 to read the roster file, you must have the folders on your flashdrive go in the following order:
  • "PS3" folder
  • When you click on the "PS3" folder, the next folder should be "SAVEDATA"
  • When you click on the "SAVEDATA" folder, the next file should be "BLUS (and then a bunch of numbers)"
To put the UNZIPPED (EXTRACTED) roster file on your PS3, follow the following steps:
1. Plug your flash drive into your PS3
2. Go to "Saved Data Utility (PS3)"
3. Go to "USB Device (USB Flash Memory)"
4. You should see a file called "NHL 13 Revamped2"
5. Press triangle and select "copy"
6. Start up NHL 13, load the "Revamped2" roster file, and you're good to go

XBOX Edition

1-First you need to format USB to XBOX...........just plug it in.

2-You will need these 2 Programs.....USBXTAFGUI-v44 and MODIO

Then follow the steps in this thread. Even though it is for Madden the process is exactly the same.


The NHL Revamped Team:

Puckhead73, Simple Mathematics, Porky 14, AussieGiantsFan

There are numerous other people who have assisted on this project in one way or another, and they deserve credit for their assistance as well: 83alx, Adaptation01, Afacini, blackthorne, Brobobo, Danosoprano, Deanw270, guko84, Howler718, Jilluck, Johndelfino, kamosko99, LAKingsGeek, lonewolfcommando, Max-Fischer, Memejob, Mikeywicky, nicoscope, Rockerlkj, saxman129, sderrickson, Shagomir, Teratic, thehus80, troggie81, VasiliiZaytsev, Weezius, Xplosivo.

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Re: NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

I'll help the best I can. I'm going back to school soon and it might take up a lot of my time. But I will do my best! I'll take the Flyers. Hopefully I can do more teams.

What is the rating scale you want to go by for players' overalls? I think we should break it down into the following categories:

Superstar NHLers
1st line NHLers
2nd line NHLers
3rd line NHLers
4th line NHLers
Good AHLers
Average AHLers
Euro League players (if we decide to do it)

My suggestion would be something like this, let me know what you think:

Superstar NHLers: 88+
1st line NHLers: 81-87
2nd line NHLers: 74-80
3rd line NHLers: 68-73
4th line NHLers: 62-67
Good AHLers: 58-61
Average AHLers: 47-57
Euro League players (if we decide to do it): 40-61
CHLers: 40-65

Of course, we'll have to perform tests to see how the progression system works in BaGM/GM Connected this year. It will give us a better idea of how to rate players' potential and how low of an overall we can give players who are not that good currently, but will be a future stars.

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My friend, it appears that we have precisely the same thought on the scale to operate on. You hit it right on the head. I have wondered what the point of a scale system was, when you only use the top 20-30 points.

Any help provided would be awesome. I have the ratings that were compiled for NHL 12 that we can use as a building block as well. Help speed the process up and what not.

Edit: I just went through and combined my scale of ratings with yours, what do you think?


88+ Superstars
81-87+ 1st Liners
74-80 2nd Liners
68-73 3rd Line, Top AHL, Top 5 Draft Picks,
62-67 4th Liners, Good AHL, High Ranked Draft Picks
55-61 Fringe NHL, AVG AHL players, Prospects projected to crack NHL Lineup
47-55 Average AHL'er, Good prospects
40-50 Bad AHL'ers and average prospects
39 and lower- Prospects who are never going to see NHL or AHL


90+ Top 3 Goaltenders
83-90 Top 10 Goaltenders
75-83 Undisputed Starter
70-75 Part Time Starter
65-70 Backups, Top AHL, Top 5 Prospect
60-65 AHL Starter, Highly Touted Prospect
50-60 AHL Backup, Avg. Prospect
Lower then 50- Everyone else.
NHL14 - http://goo.gl/rtEVLy
NHL13 - http://goo.gl/Gmb9sf

CYCLONIAC'S MUSIC PACK - http://goo.gl/oPQtZt

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Re: NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

I like it!
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Re: NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

Glad to hear it. I am going to try and set up a template via googledocs to post our ratings in. Obviously right now we don't have the ability to make any real changes, but I figure we can at least lay some groundwork to hopefully get this done quicker. I figure we can at least throw together a very rough basic OVR estimate for each player before release, hopefully that will speed up the process.
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Re: NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

I can take on the Kings. I know the organization from top to bottom and won't overrate based on their recent cup run.

Wow still sounds weird saying that..
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Re: NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

Dude Simple, why didn't you tell me that you helped me last year!? You were a great help on starting NHL12's!
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Re: NHL 13 Ratings Revamped

I know you've already got last years rosters to base things on but I was curious if you did any kind of tests to see how ratings panned out over entire simmed seasons as well as in human controlled games.

For example, did you sim entire seasons to see how many goals on average a guy with a 85 rated wrist shot scored? Or found a guy with ratings of 85 over most of the big offensive categoires (wrist/slap shot, off awareness, puck handling, stuff like that) and see what kind of offensive numbers he put up?

I think it would be helpful, if you haven't done so already, to browse through the current rosters (once we have the game in hand) and find a player that you know very well and who you think EA actually did a good job on in creating ratings. Then sim a few season and play a handful of games to confirm if those ratings are as good as they look. Once you believe that the ratings are legit you can start basing other player ratings on that benchmark.

Maybe we could get a handful of top end players with accurate ratings and a handful of low end players with accurate ratings and base everyone else on those. I may not be articulating this very well but I guess all i'm saying is you have to create the benchmarks on a scale from the low to the high and work from there.
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