If you could spend a day with NHL12...

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If you could spend a day with NHL12...

Hypothetical situation for all of you... let's say you could spend 8-10 hours playing an early version of NHL12. What improvements would you be hoping to see?

This is not a wishlist thread -- we have one of those and I've read every post in it -- so try to keep your response in line with the question...

You get to play an early version of NHL12 for a day... what are you looking for?
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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

I would look for any changes, additions they have made in Be a GM mode (since that is what I play most often), as well as any new features they added into the gameplay or presentation. Also, would check to make sure the split goalie animation save has been removed (since the chances of scoring when a goalie did that were 9/10 times).
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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

To me, the most important thing is gameplay. I hope there will be new features added regarding presentation and that other aspects of the game will be improved too, but I actually wouldn't mind having the exact same game with a better gameplay. I would prefer that instead of a game with some cool new features but with the same gameplay flaws. The three main improvements I would be hoping to see:

- Looser pucks (more loose pucks / more difficult puck handling / less glued pucks on sticks when deking, on pass receptions and pass interceptions / only best players should be able to deke while keeping the total control of the puck)

- Better overall AI (better goaltending on some situations like wrap-arounds and when playing the puck / more pressure on the puck carrier giving less free space and open ice / better positioning of the CPU skaters on offense and defense)

- More gameplay flexibility (more sliders and more values to choose from for each of them, a scale from 0 to 100 like 2K did would be perfect / changes to a specific slider should also make a real noticeable difference when playing, but without affecting other aspects of the game)

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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

I would look for 3 things:

1) I would pay particular attention to the AI in game. I want to see if they are more free flowing or still stcuk in the "NBA mode" where they don't think for themselves, they just go to positions. ie. I have the puck on the half boards on a PP and the far d-man just stays stationary on the far wall instead of trying to sneak back door for a pass.

2) I would did into more depth in BeaGM mode and see what has been improved. With what recently happened to SONY and PSN going down, all those people that play online have moved on to different games and might not come back, so NHL needs a solid 1 player mode to keep people playing their games.

3) I would look to see if roster sharing was back. I know many don't care, but we have some great people in the community that do amazing works on rosters and it's a shame that all of us can't take advantage of that. MLB the SHOW was able to add the ability to share franchise files and not have it affect trophies (which IMO are dumb anyway) so I am not sure why EA can't figure it out.

Those would be the 3 things I would look for if I were to get to play NHL for day.
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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

-I'd like to see less overall canned and scripted animations and more dynamic physics based movements and animations with more realistic puck to blade contact.

-I would like players to demonstrate a wider range of abilities and results on the ice based on a better relationship between the player's attributes/ratings and real physics (not basic dice roll formulas)

-I would hope to see more dynamic neutral zone play and scrappier puck work all around

-I would like to see better follow thru with players as they drive the net to try and score and sometimes see some wipeouts and collisions into the goalie based on momentum and physics rather than scripted canned mocaps

-I'd like to see Goalie animations, physics and reactions on par with the amazing goalie play of NHL 2K8

-I'd like to see improved puck, shooting, wrister, snap, slap and puck to stick physics

-I'd like to see more variety in the overall animations that have players really digging in and hustling during key up tempo times like playoffs, key games and critical situations

-I'd also like to see more scrumming and fighting for the puck in the trenches in front of the net

-I would look for the ability to be able to play more of a sandbox/customizeable Franchise Mode that would allow me to pick and choose which games from around the league I'd like to play during the course of the season and the playoffs. Not just my own team but I'd like to be able to play any team's matchup if I choose.

I guess most of my theme revolves around wishing to see more of a dynamic physics driven game that could result in a much wider variety of gameplay rather than the scripted canned mocaps that EA has notoriously over abused over the years. (examples... Goalie helicopter stick spin save and the goalie flat on back bobsled protect puck save) This stuff becomes overused and starts to feel triggered and unnaturally canned rather than dynamic.
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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

I would simulate 3-5 seasons and make sure that progression and stats and FA had been fixed.

I would create a team to make sure that you can use names like Whalers and Nordiques instead of just their logos.

I would play a couple of exhibitions to see if defense had been tightened at goalie AI and animations had been fixed.

i would take a nap.
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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

2 things.

Improved AI from both the opposing CPU AI and teammate AI - I wouldn't want to see players being scared of the blueline any more when entering the offensive zone. I'd be looking for better player movement in the neutral zone because right now it seems the AI is always hesitating on what to do in there. There should be better puck support on both sides, especially when there is board play being used. Also the CPU AI should be much stingier when you're trying to enter the offensive zone or when you're behind their goal line and trying to skate the puck out in front. And finally I'd be looking to see that the AI is just more aggressive in general (going after the puck, pressuring, getting pucks on net, etc).

Be A GM improvements - Here I'd be looking for an improvement to the sim engine when it comes to stats at the end of the year, better logic when it comes to awards (mainly the Hart trophy), make sure the RFA/FA issues from the past few years are gone, check to see if we are able to view box scores from around the league and if we have the ability to play any game, and the biggest thing I'd be looking for is just a better sense of the fact you're in a 30 team league. Right now Be A GM feels like it's just you and your team with not much else going on. I'd hope there's an actual atmosphere around the league now, like something similar to NBA 2K's Association Mode.
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Re: If you could spend a day with NHL12...

As a CD guy for NCAA 12, I have spent about 40-60 hours playing that upcoming title between two visits to Tiburon (one in January, and one last month), so I know how overwhelming it can be to try to get a look at everything you want to see.

With NHL, I'd look at BAGM to see what changes have been made, specifically any integration of the CHL and/or other leagues has been made. I'd also check to see if the OTL bug has been fixed in Season Mode. Next, I'd be looking for gameplay/physics improvements. Those would be at the top of my list.
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