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NHL 12: On-Ice Strategies

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NHL 12: On-Ice Strategies

While tweaks to your lineup and strategies can subtly improve your chances at NHL 12, nothing quite beats having a mastery of what to do while actuallyplaying the game. No set style or attack pattern is going to be effective against everybody, but there certainly are key concepts to apply and pitfalls to avoid when taking on NHL 12's reasonably challenging AI, as well as the wide spectrum of online competitors.

Read More - NHL 12: On-Ice Strategies
Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3

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Nice article.
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Re: NHL 12: On-Ice Strategies

Interesting read, I do agree the most with the dump & chase low usage.
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Re: NHL 12: On-Ice Strategies

lol i wouldn't dump and chase with cpu cause they get smarter
then they will start to dump and chase i always just carry it in then look for one-timer in slot cause that right side of net is always open or one my players will go in to middle area front of net center area and one-timer shot and goal

or i pass it to the guy on boards i deke the goalie out o.o left side of net is always open and goalie cant stop it , or i wind up for wrist shot and aim for lower right side of net near post while am glinding down middle i let it go and its goal and one thing you have to becareful is long stretch pass down middle or down boards

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Thank's for the article. Very helpful.
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Re: NHL 12: On-Ice Strategies

Thanks for the article MMChrisS, it was a good read. I love these kind of reads.
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I dump and chase all the time vs. CPU and humans online. You just have to make sure the opposite winger is wide and still skating up ice with you, and that he hasn't come to a stop on the blue line while waiting for you to get up ice. This way he has a head of steam and will pretty much always beat the defender to the puck as it rings around the boards. Also, it's best if you let it fly right as you are crossing the red line, since many defenders will have pulled up or slowed down in order to play you at their blue line should you try to carry it in. Do this and not only will your opposite winger (who will be getting the puck) have a full head of steam, but the defenders will be facing the wrong way and likely stopped or at least moving laterally.

Instead of ringing it around the boards, you can also shoot it diagonally across the ice in front of the goal(hold down R2, aim up left with the LStick, and slap shot it with the RStick). The ricochet will usually send it right to your winger. Basically a bank pass, and sometimes you can get a quick break on goal for a 1v1 vs. the goalie. This doesn't work nearly as often as sending it around the boards, but do it 2-3 times a game and you'll get at least really good 1 scoring chance out of it.
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