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Re: Anyone have pro sliders

Id love some realistic pro sliders until I come to grips. Every game is insanely high scoring. Afraid to take the jump to the next level because im horrid at D
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Re: Anyone have pro sliders

Here's some pro sliders I used a bit. should be a decent start point! Tweak as needed.

* Be Aware that I have it HUM / CPU*

Period10 Mins
IcingHybrid Icing
Tie Break5 Min (4 on 4) then Shootout
Post WhistleAuthentic
Penalty Scaling3
GameplayHUM / CPU
Skill LevelPro
Game StyleHardcore
Tuner SetLatest

Broken Stick2
Game Speed1
Attribute Effects3
Fatigue Effect5/5
Fatigue Recovery4/4
Injury Occurrence4/4
Puck Control1/3
Player Acceleration1/3

AI Learning0
CPU Difficulty Adjustment1
CPU Strategy Adjustment3
Be A Pro Strategy Adjustment0
Human Strategy Adjustment0
CPU Faceoff Difficulty4
Fight Difficulty2
CPU Penalties6 (FULL)
CPU Teammate Penalties5

Manual PassON
Pass Assist 2
Pass Speed
Saucer Pass Speed3
Pass Accuracy2/3
Pass Reception Ease1/1
Pass Interceptions5/5
Shot Accuracy1/1
Shot Power2/2
Slap Shot Accuracy1/1
Slap Shot Power2/2
One-Timer Accuracy1/1
Hitting Assistance3
Hitting Power3/3
Stick Lift Effectiveness3/3
Poke Effectiveness1/1
Goalie Pass2
Goalie Cover Puck FrequencyFULL
Goalie Screen Effect3/3
Goalie Reaction Speed2/2

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