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How Sliders Should Be Done

To say that they don't have the time, funds or technology is like hearing a broken record. For 1 they didn't put out a game on PS4 or XBOX One last year. Secondly I'm about to post sliders from NHL 2k5 that I used. The ability to change so many things that would make this game a masterpiece. The only thing that 2k didn't have was graphics and presentation, EA has always dominated in that area. But I played 2k 75% more than EA when it was out because I am more committed to gameplay than wether the guy has the proper face or the arenas look like the real life counterparts. The 2k football series was the same way.

So if any developers or people that have a say in this series happen to read this, this is what 2k was doing 10 YEARS AGO.

Last but not lease. The madden team uses a slider base from 0-100. Can we not do that in NHL so that we can actually see a difference when a slider is adjusted. We get 0-4 or 0-6 and very little difference from a slider at 0 and a slider maxed out.

Game Speed: 2
Period Length: 10 Minutes
Penalties: On
Fighting: 1
Speed Burst After Fight Win: Off
Puck Friction: Full
Ice Friction: 0
Freeze Puck Time: 4
Goalie Freeze: 0
Glass Break: 0
Net off Moorings: On
Pinning: On
Offsides: On
Icing: Auto
2 Line Passing: Off


Referee: All
OT: 10 min OT, 5 on 5 SO
Clock: Accelerated
Clock Type: Auto
Last Minute Real Time: On
Penalty Time: OFF
Roughing: Full
Elbowing: Full
Cross Checking: Full
Boarding: Full
Charging: 25
Interference: Full
Slashing: Full
Hooking: Full
Tripping: Full
Spearing: 17
Penalty Shots: Full


Goalie: 1/1
Offense: 6/4
Defense: 6/4
Speed Burst Effect: 1/2
Speed Burst Time: 4/5
Speed Burst Recovery: 14/12
Fatigue Effect: Full/Full
Fatigue Recovery: 6/6
Fatigue Time: Full/Full
Hitting Power: 5/3
Shot Accuracy: 5/5
Pass Accuracy: 0/8
Pass Speed: 5/5
Pass Interceptions: 5/5
Rebound Distance: 5/5
Shot Blocking: 6/6
Puck Retention: 0/0
Puck Control: Full/0
Goalie Anticipation: 0/0
Goalie Cover Depth: 5/5
Goalie Saves: 0/0
Goalie Wraparound: Full/Full

Audio Presentation:

Menu Music Volume: Full
Menu SFX Volume: 30
Commentator Volume: Full
Announcer Volume: 30
Crowd Volume: 21
Chants Volume: Full
Arena Music Volume: 24
Arena SFX Volume: Full
Arena Horn Volume

THATS WHAT YOU GIVE YOUR LOYAL FANBASE THATS BEEN WITH YOU SINCE 92, not the half assed crap they give us now.
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Re: How Sliders Should Be Done

Totally agree with having a better playing game than the faces and arenas looking right. Quality over quantity.
Besides, during game play with the camera angle I use I couldn't tell if the players had the right face or not. During replays and cut scenes yeah, but I would rather have the game play better.
And I believe this is the only EASportsgame that doesn't use a 0-100 sider scale. Makes no sense to me.
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