How to STREAM custom music step by step

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How to STREAM custom music step by step

Hey folks.. I wrote this up over at gfaqs, but I thought I would post it here as well.. I'm just going to C&P it from there. This will work for 360 or ps3

I am going to give you a step by step way to stream these from your PC (your pc/360 must be on the same network) to your 360 so you dont have to use CD's. Keep in mind, this is a bit time consuming, so expect to put about 3 or so hours into it to set it up. Once you are done, it is entirely worth it and makes the game a LOT better.

FIRST.. here is the site to get the files.


It is the first thread there..NHL11 HMP sound pack. You need to sign up, but it's worth the 5 seconds it takes.

ALL CREDIT FOR SOUND FILES GO TO "Hockeymediaplus" I did not do any of that. I am just telling you how to use them without using cd's.


- Official Goal Horns/Songs for every CHL/AHL/NHL team
- Generic Powerplay Songs
- Generic Penalty Kill Songs
- Generic Break in Play songs (over 500)
- National Anthem Pack for National team intros
- Generic Organ sounds pack
- Generic Away Goal pack
- Official NHL Home Win pack for every team
- Generic Intermission song pack (over 500)
- Official Intro Song pack for every CHL/NHL team

To use these, DONT burn them to a CD. I use a program called TVersity. It's a free download. I set up the playlists with winamp. Everything labeled Generic is easy to set up.

- First create a root directory named NHLMUSIC or something. Unzip all of these files into that so you have seperate directories in the NHLMUSIC directory with the sound clips.

- Open Winamp and the playlist box. Make sure the playlist box is empty to start. Click Add (bottom left), then Add FILE. Highlight all of the files in ONE directory (Ex. every file in the Generic Break in Play directory). Click Open.


- In the playlist box choose List Options at the bottom right, save list and name it so you know what the playlist is in the game (ex. generic BIP.m3u)

- Click SEL ALL at the bottom, then press delete to clear the playlist. Make sure you do this every time you create a playlist.

Repeat this process for: Powerplay Songs, Penalty Kill Songs, BIP Songs (what we just did), Away Goal Songs and Intermission Songs.

IN THE GAME: Choose the appropriate playlist for the situation. Eg, BIP.m3u for the break in play section. Then choose Appy to All Teams in League. You need to do this for every league.

The Official ones can be a bit tedious, but worth it. For example, the Intro pack has 200 clips, but some teams have 5 different clips. You cant just make the whole directory one playlist because you would have other teams intro songs for your team. What you have to do is:

Same basic steps.. open winamp, open playlist box.. make sure the playlist box is empty. We will use the Official Intro Clips for the example.

- Click Open File in the playlist box. In the Intro clips directory you will see that there are numerous clips per team. Anaheim has 6, as an example. Open ONLY the 6 Anaheim clips in the playlist box.

- Click List Options, save list and name it Anaheim Intro.m3u Make sure you descrive what it is in the filename so you know what the playlist is in the game when you are assigning them.

- Clear the playlist. Repeat for all the teams.

Do this for the Intro Clips (including the national anthems so you can assign them to the national teams), Goalhorns/songs, and Home Win packs.

NOTE: For the Goal Horn/Songs, I recommend using the clips that have both in one file on that site. If you do this, make SURE you choose NO MUSIC for the goal horn. If you dont, it'll play the generic horn plus the sound clip you are streaming.

OK, so how do we get the game to recognize it? TVersity. Once you have all of your playlists ready, what you want to do is open TVersity.

- Click Library
- Click the PLUS sign at the top

Now. Here's where I am hoping I can be clear. If you add ALL of the playlists at once, it is going to be DREADFULLY slow scrolling through the playlists in the game to assign them. Heres what I did.

- Create a TEMP directory on your HD.
- MOVE (as in cut/paste) one whole directory (not just the files in it) into the temp directory. Lets use the BIP directory as an example.
-You now have C:/TEMP/BIP
- Click the PLUS sign in TVersity, click BROWSE and add the TEMP (NOT the BIP directory by itself) directory
-Go into NHL11's media hub and assign the BIP playlist as stated above. It is streaming from your HD through TVersity. Congrats.. you just saved a crapload of CD's! Pretty cool, huh?
-Once that is done for all of the leagues (shouldnt take that long at all), MOVE (cut/paste) the BIP directory back into the NHLMUSIC directory, then MOVE the next category you want to do into the TEMP directory.


Go back into TVersity, highlight the directory in the Library and click REFRESH.
Now go back into NHL (you need to back out of the music section and go back in to refresh the game) and the apply the new playlists to the new categories.

-----------------------************************************************** *---------------------------------
ALSO.. DO NOT PANIC. You will notice the old playlists are GONE. They are ****NOT GONE*****. Once you re-stream the playlists when you are done they WILL show back up.
-----------------------************************************************** *---------------------------------

-REPEAT for all categories. Just remember to only do 1 directory at a time as it will go MUCH FASTER in the long run.

The tedious part comes with assigning the individual teams as scrolling through the playlists is pretty slow when you skip to the next page in the game..

-Once everything is done, and everything is BACK in the NHLMUSIC directory, click the PLUS sign in TVersity and stream the whole NHLMUSIC directory. (Just NHLMUSIC, it reads all of the subdirectories.) You can then delete the TEMP directory from tversity.

Well I hope this helps! it sure makes the experience a lot better and you dont waste a bunch of cds!

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Re: How to STREAM custom music step by step

I find this really confusing. I tried putting them on the Xbox 360 and it didn't work.
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