NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

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Old 10-02-2014, 03:27 PM   #33
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Re: NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

Originally Posted by GrandMaster B
Still no goal total for season after scoring?
Smh!!! What the hell, what is it with sports games (mind you stats are huge in most sports) that half half *** stat tracking??
For gods sake! I'm done with the stupid ****!!
Won't even bother purchasing another sports title until it's verified for myself that stats are damn near complete and tracked properly and from year to year also!!!!
So the announcer can get it right but the overlays and stat tracking doesn't?... Wtf
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Re: NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

Originally Posted by bowld
Any word on when they will update the Blues uniforms and the new 3rd jerseys from Pitt, Phil and Tampa?
Philly won't need to be updated. They are using their Winter Classic jersey as the 3rd.


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Re: NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

agreed that is really annoying not posting goal totals. Anyway has anyone actually played since the patch and can pass along some notes?
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NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

Calm down, man. Sheesh. lol

Happy to see EA continue tot patch the game. Admittedly I haven't played a single minute since release week. That should change once the NHL regular season begins. Continued patches is encouraging. Gives me something to look forward to once I eventually dive back in.
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Originally Posted by Devilsfan3026
Listen to the PA announcer carefully, he says what # goal it was on the season in his announcement. It's not the same as seeing it, but it's something.
He only says that for the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. goal. Not for like the 12th goal. Besides, I want to see it on the screen. The scoring summary after the game even has it wrong for one team.
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Re: NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

I've noticed the gameplay more challenging with the patch. Harder to pass now. Goalies seem better which is good. Massively frustrated with the presentation on this game, sure it all looks nice but no season goals total when someone scores and no stat banners in games really kill the point of gm mode for me. Feels like I'm playing exhibition games. I've seen a banner that came up once when one of my players was on a 5 game goal streak, that's the only one I've seen. Why not more!?
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This is great that they are improving the gamePLAY. I think some of the issues over modes has been blown out of proportion but there are still very significant issues with game modes. Outside of when OTP is coming, the number one thing I have seen, and I agree with is WHEN/IS there going to be simming to next shift in BAP? The game mode is broken and unplayable without this feature. The addition of "coaches comments" was nice but I would gladly sacrifice that for the ability to not have to sit and watch the game from the bench. I realize the troubles that the dev team had to cope with and decisions had to be made but the exclusion of this feature makes me think that nobody actually PLAYED BAP before release because nobody likes to just sit and watch the game from the bend. It's a lifeblood feature of the gamemode. How is it left out?
The gameplay this season is much improved, as are the visuals. But there has to be legitimate reasons to play the game. Single games and abbreviated GM mode are not one of them. They stripped out the offline tournaments in HUT which makes that mode almost pointless too. I don't play online much so my focus is on the offline features.
It's so frustrating because I have played every game in the NHL series all the way back to the beginning. I got an xbox one for multiple reasons but the primary drive in terms of the timing that I got it was to be ready for NHL 15. It wasn't released on next gen last year while other EA sports games were. As hockey fans, we accepted that and said "okay, but we expect great things next year." Outside of a few small tweaks in gameplay (VERY small), the last gen versions of NHL 15 are carbon copies, living up to a term that I have fought against for year, the "yearly roster update." I have defended this series (and others that EA has made) from that term countless times. This year I just can't. The "old" gen versions appear to have so little improvement in them that it makes me wonder where all the dev time went? If it wasn't put into making massive improvements in the last gen, and it wasn't put into implementing game modes that we, as fans, have come to love over the years, in the next gen versions, where did it go?
I'm not going to attack EA blindly and call them names because that's pointless and juvenile. I just have to ask the questions that everyone else is asking. WHERE is everything and WHY wasn't it implemented? Please EA, tell us why you have, by all appearances, forsaken the NHL franchise that a group of fiercely loyal fans have defended and loved for so many years.
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Re: NHL 15 Patch 1.03 Available Now, Details Included

Quick's mask looks amazing now. Shows how important having actual equipment in the game is. Hopefully they can get more approval in using other masks in moving forward, or allow us to edit our own files from a computer into the game so we can have them all updated for our own personal use!

Played one game online; not sure if it is just a placebo effect or what, but noticed a ton more hitting in that one game. Any contact was simply more powerful than I had noticed before. People were getting slammed all over the ice. It was really overdone. Hopefully was just farce and a one game thing and not patch related.
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