How's Your GM Mode Going?

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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

Currently 4-1 in my Flyers franchise. Trying to figure out if I should play on all star or pro. Currently on pro using the average Joe's sliders.

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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

Bout to start an Oilers gm after the Eskimos game this afternoon. Not going to go too crazy trade wise, but would like to bring back Sam Gagner. Pretty excited for this years game!

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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

I started a test Gm mode with Bufalo to see what the sim engine is like this year.

as expected, we had a terrible first season, losing 50 of our games in regulation time. We used the first year to re-stock the shelves and get a few of the bad attitudes out of the locker room: we traded Evander Kane to Nashville in exchange for Ryan Ellis, Cody Franson and draft picks. Then we traded Zach Bogosian and got back David Perron and Cam Atkinson. Signed Alex Goligoski and Cody Hodgson in free agency, as well as Cam Talbot to put more pressure on Robin Lehner.

the Sabres turned it around big time in the second season. Jack Eichel put up 63 points including 37 goals (15 of them on the powerplay) to propel Buffalo to a 48-27-7 record, good enough for the 5th spot in the league in terms of points with 103.

Sam Reinhart finished with 40 assists and 57 points. the 3 defensemen I acquired: Ellis, Franson and Goligoski, combined to put up 14 goals and 92 assists on the year. Golgisoki even missed 11 games with an injury. David Perron was disappointing though, scoring only 14 goals and 25 points in 68 games played.

Our goalies put up basically identical numbers:

Talbot: 45 GP, 25-14-4, 2.33 GAA, .919%
Lehner: 40 GP, 23-13-2, 2.34 GAA, .917%

Lehner tore his hamstring in April resulting in Cam Talbot being designated as our starter for the playoffs. First round matchup against Montreal seemed to spell disaster, and sure enough we lost 2 out of the first 3 games, but wait: Carey Price sprains his ankle early in the fourth game! Craziness. Up to that point he had posted a .925% against us, but once Tokarski came into the series we started to light them up. Talbot wasn't performing very well for us but our offense overpowered theirs at the end of the day. Buffalo knocked out the Habs in 6 games, largely due to the Price injury. Tokarski only managed an .890 in relief of Price.

The second round was a different story. We met up with the Leafs (hmmm) in the Eastern Semi Finals and got absolutely shut down by Bernier. He came into the series after posting a .945% in round 1, and somehow posted even better numbers in the second round. We only managed to win 1 game, losing the series in 5 to Toronto. Van Riemsdyk was on fire and scored 2 OT winners.

Im hoping Season Number 3 can bring Buffalo to the Eastern Conference Finals or deeper.
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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

Hello guys

I love NHL 16, but i dont understand the Transfer System. We dont have this in Europe, especially in Soccer.

Do you have any links that explain this all very easy. I mean Waver, Draft etc.!
Why has every Team his own Cap Salary and not every Team maybe 70Mio.?

Thank you, Thank you for all your Input.
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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

Hi Guys new to the forum. I started Gm mode once again first day of release. I am playing the W. Jets. I play every game myself including the AHL.
Team doing a little too well IMO. Sorry don't have any stats in front of me.
Just some notes:
You have ppl on your AHL club you cannot move. Is this realistic? I have 3 contracts with kids that counts against me. This leaves me with 1 player on the AHL club under a real contract and only 2 on the NHL club. 49 contracts.
I play on Pro, I feel Im not a great player but if I improve I will just bump the AI slider up.
My sliders are decent as I try to keep the stats in line with the rest of the league. So far so good. Scoring a few more goals then I would like so I may bump the periods from 8 to 7. AI is at 1 so may have to bump that 1 more too. Looking for a challenge here and realism.
Traded Pavelek early on as he stinks. Got Ranta and doing fine. Can't wait until my young Goalies improve and move up.
B Little got hurt, kept him out until 100% now he is disengaged. Trouba got hurt and soon as he was available he was back in but on 3rd line. No morale effect. So lesson learned I suppose.
*I've made other slider changes but will only post if someone asks.
*If interested in any stats please let me know I will post. I am in mid Nov.
Overall I am having fun but disappointed in the skating of the game, lack of penalties. Penalties are the one stat that is not in line with the rest of the league. But at 8 min periods I suppose I can live with it. Goalie sliders are almost maxed by memory so I can only reduce the number of mins per period.
I think I will bump the AI up 1 also as I feel my club should be about .500-.600. By memory we are around .750. Anyone agree the Jets are more of a .600 club, esp with Ranta (83) as goalie. No other major changes.
Still dialing things in. Right now just keeping an eye on stats trying to keep it real.
Yes there are AHL stats to someone else's question. I think OT wins/losses are not counted correctly for goalies.
*Feel boxed in with players, no real tradable assets and with the kids counting against me just no room to make moves. Sitting on almost 18 million, by memory.
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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

Oilers franchise.

7-1 so far

Haven't played much nhl since early ps3 so its a learning curve. Was playing with hybrid controls until I realized you don't get 2/3 of the available techniques..so I expect some losses as I learn the skill stick.
Scoring has been pretty even throughout the line up. The bright spot was a hat trick from 4th liner Tyler Pitlick. ,
Traded for Sam Gagner, had to send klinkhammer to the minors to fit him in the lineup. Klinkhammer has been a pain since so I am going to get rid of him soon.
McDavid started the season as second line center.
Pouliot has been moved to the 4th line and is whining about ice time so he is also on the block. Signed Olivier Roy as a developmental goalie. Looking forward to the next season as Nurse, Draisaitl, should be ready to play.

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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

I've never posted my progress before. Please let me know how I could change things up. Normally I'd do a much smaller post focusing on just one year. But I'm already well into the campaign at year 5 so here's EVERYTHING. One thing I know I will do differently going forward is post my lineup. I would have done than from the start but I didn't know id be posting and now that I am I can't remember The final year in this post has my current lineup.


I must say I've never had more fun with a GM mode. I started as the leafs and got absolutely decimated. The team just could not put it together (no kidding). I sold off Phaneuf, Lupul, Bozak and Polak for picks in the 16 and 17 draft.

The high note for the organization was little Willy Nylander in the AHL He had a good year and grew to about an 82 by the end of the year. I had him playing #1 C in the AHL. It should be noted that I changed him from his default med top 6 potential to medium elite. He looks like he has good potential to be a top line player in the NHL in real life.

Not to be out done was Nylander's linemate Connor Brown. Who grew all the way to an 80 by the end of the year.

Valiev, Nielson and Marner also looked to be progressing nicely.


In the off season I noticed Andersen had not been picked up by ANH. I jumped at the opportunity to signed him to a massive 7 year deal. Sorry Bernier, you're now trade bait.

The next year went better than the previous. My team squeaked into the playoffs and made it to the second round.

I started the year with Nylander as the second line C behind Kadri but by the end of the year it was apparent that JVR and Kadri had no chemistry. With Nylander catching up to Kadri in ratings, I decided it was an easy move to swap the centers.

I also decided to promote Brown, who was an 82 now, to the big club and put him on the second line.


At the draft I packaged 2 of the first picks I had accumulated to trade for the second overall. I then used the player taken second, Kadri and other players to trade for Chychrun who went first overall.

Year 3 saw more growth. We were a legit playoff team this year.

JVR bitched and moaned all year no matter what I said to him or who I played him with so I traded him to Florida for Huberdeau. I also managed to acquire Ritchie from ANH to replace his size.

We made it to the playoffs but lost to Pitt in the conference finals.


In the offseason. I signed Shattenkirk to play along side Rielly and drop Gardiner to the second pairing. This was also the year Chychrun made the team on the bottom paring.

To start the next year Nylander grew to an 89 FRANCHISE C. And Brown grew to an 84 ELITE winger. Marner graduated to the big club and played 2nd C at 82. Needless to say I could tell I was in for a good year.

Right out of the gate my team steamrolled everyone. Nylander, Rielly and Shatty were right around ppg until the trade deadline. I was firmly in first place and Colorado kept offering me Barrie who was an 89 overall elite D set to be a free agent. I couldn't help myself and dealt away 2/3 of my third line, (both at 86) as well as a pick and high prospect to get him. My top 4 D was now an OP Rielly/Shatty and Gardiner/Barrie.

Barrie bitched about not being on the top pair. But that soon stopped when he hoisted the Cup on home Ice. Andersen was the Conn Smyth winner. My avg age was around 25. Can anyone say Dynasty?

By the end of the playoffs I had 4 players in the 90's: Nylander 91, Rielly 90, shattenkirk 90, Andersen 90


Needless to say I couldn't afford to sign Barrie in the offseason. A few players left in the off season including my longtime top 6 winger Grabner. I replaced him with Kerby Rychel. I have some decisions to make next offseason do I let Gardiner 86 or Huberdeau 87 walk? I will only be able to afford one of them, if any. It may be Gardiner as I have 2 rookies playing bottom pairing D this year and both should get upticks next year. That chychrun is starting the year at an 85 in his second full year.

Year 5 saw the my juggernaught of a team steamroll the league to win the conference with 1 more win than the previous year, 51. The only surprise was seeing Chychrun skyrocket to 90 overall by the time playoff's started.

I normally play a good chunk of the playoffs myself. We'll see if there's a repeat. I thought Marner would pass Nylander eventually as the teams top C. It doesn't look like

Lineup heading into the playoffs:

Brown 87 | Nylander 93 | Huberdeau 87
Ritchie 86 | Marner 87 | Rychel 85
Liepsic 84 | Gauthier 86 | Rupert 84
Everberg 83 | Holland 83 | Kapanen 81

Rielly 91 | Chychurn 90
Gardiner 86 | Shattenkirk 91
Valiev 83 | Dolak 82

Andersen 91 | Markstrom 82
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pissed, or parkinson's?
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Re: How's Your GM Mode Going?

Originally Posted by Slider79
Hello guys

I love NHL 16, but i dont understand the Transfer System. We dont have this in Europe, especially in Soccer.

Do you have any links that explain this all very easy. I mean Waver, Draft etc.!
Why has every Team his own Cap Salary and not every Team maybe 70Mio.?

Thank you, Thank you for all your Input.
You're like me when trying to manage a team in FIFA, having been so used to hockey and baseball.

The salary cap basically works like this: there is a minimum total salary amount and a maximum total salary amount (the specific amounts are specified at the beginning of the season, this year the bottom is roughly 53mil, top is 71.5). All teams must have a total team salary that is somewhere in that window. That's why you'll see some teams with 60 million in salaries, while others right at 71.

Waivers apply when sending a player back and forth between your NHL and AHL (minor league) team. If a player does not have to clear waivers, you can move them up and down as much as you'd like. If a player does have to clear waivers, it means the rest of the teams in the league have the opportunity to basically take the player and their contract from you. It's worth paying attention to as sometimes you may be hoping someone will take a contract off your books, while others you may want to think twice about who you're calling up and sending down (i.e. in my BaGM last night I had to call up a player due to multiple injuries, but opted for a lower rated guy because I didn't want to lose my higher rated option when I inevitably sent him back down).

The draft happens once per year, in June, and is where you have a chance to select the future of your team. It will all be 18 year old kids from the junior leagues in the game, and the work you do in the "scouting" section throughout the season comes in handy here as far as trying to figure out who's the best pick for you to make each round. Many times these players aren't ready to make the jump to the NHL the very next season, but you can try them out in preseason and make a decision from there.
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