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Smile Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

I thought about that a few days ago. I think that's a good Idea.
So, in BAP you always start your career as a Medium/High Franchise potential. Right?
But I think you should be able to build you potential.You could finish in the NHL as a bottom 6 forward for example.
You start by playing a few games in like PEE-WEE. Example, you go trough the PEE-WEE tournament of Quebec. Depending of you performances, you can build a better potential. After that, you can go to an higher league. You could play like a game in College. And so on until you reach the LHJMQ, the OHL or the WHL. When you're there, you've pretty much builded your potential.

Another idea is that your salary actually MEAN something. In NHL 16, the salary doesn't mean much. But, if it could mean something. Like you could buy a house, a car...
And, you could do some live training like in NBA.

That'll be also cool if you could refuse an entry draft contract, ask for the salary you want and the numbers of years you want. If you could demand a trade.

I hope that some of the things that I mentioned before will be took in consideration by EA.
I hope that it will be all of them, mostly the potential building. Anyway... good bye!
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Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

I hope, that EA focus now making roster players more realistic. I just checked few players and saw mistakes from their equipment. I think there is more mistakes. Little things, but need fix those.

Also I hope more real faces of players.
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Old 03-22-2016, 10:18 AM   #75
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Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

- faster menus
- new goalies from ground up
- gameplay improvements, harder ai
- online seasons for online-vs play
- some new lines from Doc and Eddie
- Line management was improved but give us an option to set the PP1 and PP2 lines to be the same players as our 1st and 2nd lines. I want to edit them afterwards ofcourse but to set them initially
- more than two players celebrating

and very minor:

- EA Trax. I can't hear the same menu music for a 3rd year in a row
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Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

I am sorry if this has been addressed or mentioned before but MLB the Show 16 has introduced Sounds of the Show back into it's game. I believe it would make a huge difference in the NHL series to get this feature back.
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Old 03-28-2016, 08:05 AM   #77
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Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

As some have noted, player equipment could really use a touch-up. That's why I hope EA puts in a way to share rosters and edited players (which itself could use a complete overhaul). With the NHL there are just so many players to keep up with. Guys might switch pads or the way they wear their visor in the course of a season, and understandably, that's a lot to track. That said, there are fans of the game who are more than happy to create their favorite players, edit their faces, and get all of the team's equipment 100% accurate. If you've got a fan-base willing to do the work for free, why not give them the means?

Another thing I think would be helpful is the ability to send guys out ahead of you. EA's FIFA series has something similar. I believe hitting the Right Bumper would send the guy ahead of you running forward, so you could pass the ball to them. It was great for getting the ball up through coverage, because if timed right you could have them push between defenders and make a clean pass ahead of them. In EA's NHL, too often guys are just standing and waiting. Sure, I can pass to the winger standing near their blue line...but he's just going to get swarmed, because he's not moving.
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Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

I would like that they make EASHL more authentic network career with your own franchise. It wouldn't even take too much. For example at the beginning your team would have to play 30-50 games long evalution period which will result your starting division. After that the first season begins. There would be standings for each season with a fair amount of teams. Still you would play against teams outside your own league but you compete against those teams in your standings chart. Promotion isn't automatic with certain amount of points, you would have to win your league(goal difference with same points and so on)

Also to make it work like a charm with excitement the seasons should feel like a season. So they could be at least 30 games long.

What comes to your own eashl character this could create real career statistics where you can see your personal records from each season with the totals at the bottom.

Division 4 - season 3 25gp 13+10=23 -5 32min
Division 3 - season 4 13gp 24+8=32 +6 8min
Career stats 38gp 37+18=55 +1 40min

There could also been some awards for each vital category winners in player stats and so on.

What comes to player development itself. I think there could be something you can gain. For example after you hit the prestige level or gain some major success in the league season, you would get some boost points. Let's say 5-10 for the role you have played the most. So it wouldn't really affect too much but still there is something to chase for.
That's about it.

Have a great summer!
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Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

One idea I've always thought would be cool would be when you won the Stanley Cup, the celebration was realistic looking and they gave you a chance to skate with the Cup with some (or all) of your best players and press different buttons to celebrate like how it is after you score a goal.

Thought that would make it feel a bit more "worth it" to play like 100+ games to win the Cup.
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Smile Re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Study NBA 2K16. Include an Owner, with goals. Ability to hire/fire coaches, scouts, trainers. And have those folks add or subtract attributes based on their strengths weaknesses. Add to the social media with something similar to what Madden has, the story central with a pic of a player or prospect and headlines for big games, milestones, contract issues, playing time - like what one would see on NHL.com or ESPN. Show season goal totals when someone scores - like I have in NHL 14.

Have trading be like NBA 2K's Allow multi-team trades. Make the draft more like NBA also. Have some animation with the commissioner and the owners/mgt. and the drafted players putting on their jersey and taking a pic - just for your BAP or your team's top picks in BAGM.

Improve stat tracking. Hot and Cold streaks. Show team leaders, like what NHL.com does for GF, GF, GA, PK, PPG, etc. Provide team rankings. Have team scouting reports that can be reviewed prior games. How the opponent is doing offensively, defensively. Their last opponent and the result. Any streaks. Anyone hot or cold. Injuries.

Have injuries be more like NBA 2K's system. Different body parts that can be susceptible to injury. Have cumulative wear and tear and fatigue that can lead to injury. Have a screen that shows fatigue/health levels visually so as a coach, we can make a decision. Include IR process.

Include owner mode stuff. Ticket prices, concessions, parking, travel expenses, stadium and staff expenses. Marketing revenue opps through advertising and TV money (shared revenue).

For career stats, add in the teams players were on. For goalies, track w-l-OTL, along with SOW/SOLs and show it.

I think creatively 2K does so much right with their NBA product. If Madden and NHL adopted some of those RPG type elements, the immersion potential would be much greater and hopefully would translate into more units sold.
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