NHL '19 Threes vs NHL '20 Threes (online comparison)

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NHL '19 Threes vs NHL '20 Threes (online comparison)

So, just for fun, after not being able to put 3 wins in a row together, in NHL '20 Threes (which is ridiculous due to the chaos of the mode, and it doesn't take much to score/win), I decided to play NHL '19 Threes. And, well, what a huge difference in gameplay.

It was more enjoyable and less of an arduous task to play. Straight line hitting, better goaltending (ha, even for Threes), not so much of the "bubble" around players, I didn't notice any of the current clunky and wonky animations, nowhere near as many pass interceptions or errant passes, no stupid dance intros and time consuming end of period/game replay(s), etc. Of course, it's just Threes, but that's from 6-straight games (5-1 record) of online play. Then, back to the dreaded NHL '20 Threes, to see all of the above positive go back to the infuriating/why in the blue hell do I still keep playing this crap beg the question: how in the entire frick does a game go completely backwards, especially being a year newer? This current game is NOT in a good place, regardless of what EA's developers think.

Anyway, I ended up with a 5-4 record, along with finally winning the Threes Eliminator. Needless to point out, it was incredibly frustrating and annoying to get to that point, as well as maintaining my sanity to keep playing through this supposed "hockey simulator".
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