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Full SIM Twitch broadcasts?????

So... Iíve seen people playing their HUT, or franchise, or seasons. Iíve even seen tournaments and 8 team seasons, but would anybody but me be interested in a full SIM (cpu vs. cpu, or coach mode)?

Iím playing a season, but Iíve made trades that didnít happen IRL, so Iíd have to start over. Doing that means Iím gonna have to sim most of the season just to catch up, and even then I canít broadcast every game. I use Cycloniacís sliders, so each game will run at least an hour and a half, which means I can do maybe 4-5 games a day once everything is set up. I didnít plan on editing players, and being on Xbox which no NHLVEIW or roster sharing, I donít think I will because it would take at least a week just to update the NHL.

I purpose I start a 31 team season, with opening day rosters. Turn off cpu trades and injuries. Make all the IRL transactions from that day and SIM one game, and move to the next day until Iím caught up. Then play 3-4 games of the best matchups, playoff races and rivalries, from that day. Iíd broadcast on Twitch, but I can easily clip videos from that and post them on YouTube.

Would anybody watch, or am I boring you?
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