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NHL 21 What Schedule is included?

Hello, still deciding whether to purchase or not, but had a couple questions about the schedule.

1) Since they usually include the upcoming season schedule, what is the schedule within the season/franchise mode since 20-21 real life schedule not known yet?

2) Has EA committed to "patching" the game with the actual schedule once that is determined by the NHL?

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Re: NHL 21 What Schedule is included?

Just checked this last night. It's the 2018-19 schedule.

Also noticed that the season calendar goes all the way to October 2021, so it looks like they're giving room for the actual 2020-21 schedule to be patched in if/when announced.
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Re: NHL 21 What Schedule is included?

I don't anticipate them ever patching in the schedule for 20-21. It would likely require quite a bit of coding and they would have to anticipate how it affects future years and the transition back to normal scheduling. For those of us that sim years into the future I don't want to know the type of havoc this would cause on future years and I don't want to see it either.

I am personally ok with a schedule a few years older than anything in any sports game resembling our world circumstances right now. Sports games should be an escape and why would I play a sports game to play what is happening in 2020 right now when I can go into my own universe and escape it for a few hours.

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Re: NHL 21 What Schedule is included?

Great question, I am really hoping they patch this in, I don't want to play an off-kilter scheduled since I like to make transactions as they actually happen. Then I can save my money and ask for it for Christmas, cause EA isn't getting my money until 32 team control/roster sharing is implemented
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