DAA Directional Difficulty in Franchise and in Be A Pro

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DAA Directional Difficulty in Franchise and in Be A Pro

So... I just found out just now, NHL 22 has DAA Directional Difficulty in Franchise and in Be A Pro, this is what I thought In be a pro goalie why it's so bad, meaning... it renders your movement absolute garbage turning and AI CPU reads that whatever u move left and right stick, the AI CPU will maul you.

now in Goalie Mode In be a pro seems to be issue, cause I Moved my goalie to the top of the crease, and my forwards will move out and breaks out, but the problem is if you move down lower on the left stick, it'll cause AI Human CPU to play too defensive.

yes AI CPU reads your left stick and as always and which somehow AI CPU interprets it and scores 5 goals on your goalie, cause of DAA Directional Difficulty added.

your team's AI has trouble scoring goals, the cause of this, cause at the other end AI CPU is so overpowered and defensive and creative, your AI will just shoot at the goalie and not deke goalie out or do stretch passes.

again yet again this year Pylon Defense and Pylon Offense is hindering good gameplay, so many times, AI CPU is allowed to waltz into the zone and your AI will not attack him.

in real Hockey, Defense has sticks out and takes out the man on the sideboards and pins him and they screen the goalie to prevent shots from going in and actually clear the net and stuff.

now deception shot is alive in well, AI CPU will do a fake shot at forward and it bounces off the forward and back on his stick, while he does this, it's 100 percent goal, but while he does this your goalie is stuck over-reacting to shot and its wide-open net.

now I've personally seen the deception shot in real life, there's a weird thing that players do to prevent the deception shot, cause this shot is mostly 97 percent stopped in the real hockey game.

I said It over hundred times, the NHL series needs a new goalie system am maybe mimic the Goalie animations of real and present, none of these weird wonky animations, maybe go back to anticipation saves.

they need to bring in a real NHL goalie and actually get him to do a lot of moves and EA Sports needs to take a video of it and copy it and put it into NHL series, mimic and burrow from real NHL.

are puck physics broken, cause so many shots, the puck bounces downwards into the net, which I did the test of it, in real life, the puck bounced everywhere else but not downwards like in the NHL series, so puck physics does seem manipulated. not all bounces will magically end up on AI's stick.

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