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Re: Scoring Bias

Originally Posted by Papadoc60
Basically I feel like the scoring should be more complex with grappling in mind. If half the round is grappling and I dominated it and then he gets up and outstrikes me ( by let's say a 30% margin, likely resulting in him doing more damage given how hard it can be to land postured strikes on the ground ) then the round shouldn't go to him. I feel like if you are landing 3-4 takedowns in a round and control half of the round it should count for something as well instead of literally nothing.

Although, I'm not sure exactly how complex the scoring system actually is. This is a problem with not educating the player base on the nuances of the game's scoring though.
Rounds like this are toss ups in real life too

Def a tough one
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Re: Scoring Bias

There should be 10-8 grappling rounds or control time and takedowns should count towards scoring.

If you wanna say the new scoring rules means takedowns and control time don't matter, then you have to agree that 10-8 grappling rounds should be possible under the games scoring rules.

If you don't want 10-8 grappling rounds, give more scoring significance to takedowns and control time. Just look at Cejudo vs Johnson.
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Re: Scoring Bias

Yes I think this is also a huge issue as far as striking being overpowered too. The fact a couple good shots on the feet can negate 3 minutes of control time in a round is asinine.

Especially since we canít rock on the ground or tko anyone with body shots on the ground. If rocks were available on the ground it would open things up I think.

While rocked you would almost have to predeny normal transitions all the while having to make sure you didnít keep getting tagged while rocked. You would be most vulnerable to rocks while transitioning (peak vulnerability).

Subs would be defendable on reaction but if locked in the sub while rocked it should auto takeaway a gate or maybe even two if severe enough a rock.

So many things could be done but these are just a few ideas that would help even things out a little more for scoring as the rocks would count as the same as a rock on the feet.
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Re: Scoring Bias

Originally Posted by MacGowan
How about making TDs easier, and making grappling strikes do more damage.
From your keyboard to the developers ears
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