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Re: Thoughts on the jab feint- body cross

Its even faster to feint the jab moving backwards then do the straight moving forwards. Its more than this one combo
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Re: Thoughts on the jab feint- body cross

Originally Posted by SUGATA
Tested now.

You are right partially.


The best tool is FWD Moving Body Jab FEINT - it has >= Range and less ST Stamina cost than other variants of Feints (FWD Moving Jab/Straight/body Straight).

Lets compare FWD Moving Body Jab feint VS (not blocking) FWD Lunge
(Blocking Lunge is worse b/c shorter range and 8frames delay penalty before launching strike from it):

+ bit longer range

+ twice less ST Stamina cost (paradox! need fixing!)

= the same follow up strike startup (no delay before it starts) but ONLY IF follow up strike IS a part of Hard Combo (example, 1-2)

= almost has no evasive properties b/c i am sure body punch has it on 2nd half of its startup (not cancellable).

- can not to Blocking during it

- has increased Vulnerability, more risky

P.S. FWD Lunge range is scaling depends on the distance to the opponent (closer to the opponent = has more range) - btw this is WRONG too! b/c is unrealistic and makes difficult for zoning by Lunges.

RESUME: i agree, that it needs to be fixed (by buffering and fixing FWD Lunge and some tuning FWD Jab/straight feints too).
Practice mode doesn't allow for the AI to utilize get, which affects testing how it ignores the range reduction when backing up from a jab body Straight. When you back up from a jab body straight, combo or not, it will not track, when you use the feint with proper timing, it literally slides you much further than the intended distance.
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Re: Thoughts on the jab feint- body cross

Like it was said in the thread, block the cross and fire back a straight shot.
now deel the cross will be a mind game affair.
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