Illogical occurences (and how to fix them)

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Icon4 Illogical occurences (and how to fix them)

While I love this game and wait eagerly for its sequel, there are some situations in-game that make no sense at all.

• Whip (from Single-collar tie)

Problem : Puts you in a position where the only choice the DOM fighter has is to knee (high or low) the opponent. However, if the SUB blocks low, he'll stop the high knee or the low knee, rendering the position useless against any decent opponent.
Solution :
- Modify the block controls so High block stops knees, punches and elbows to the head and Low block stops knees and punches to the body / Legs. Would need to create two different animations for knees to the head and body.
- Give ability for DOM to punch or elbow the opponent in addition to knees.
- Give ability for DOM to move / push SUB fighter.

• Thai Clinch Knees

Problem : A Low block stops 3 different strikes (Knee low, knee high, punch to the body) and High block stops only one (punches / elbow to the head).
Solution : Same as for the Single-collar whip, modify the block controls so that Low block only blocks Knees to the leg/body and High block blocks high knees, punches and elbows. Would also necessitate new animations for high knee and knee to the body.

• Single-leg TD (from Side Control SUB)

Problem : Lets you get up and attempt a TD, but only two options for the DOM : Release or attempt the TD. A TD denial from the SUB will release the position, meaning that any decent player will always deny the takedown from this position, rendering it useless (except for getting up).
Solutions :
- DOM fighter can move / hop / push the SUB fighter to throw off the timing
- Instead of releasing the position with a TD denial, defender has a regular Getup transition with RS + Up, that can be denied (can even have another one with L2, like in back clinch SUB). A TD denial serves only to deny an attempted TD by the DOM fighter.
- Turn this position into a full position giving DOM and SUB more options : SUB can hit the DOM (punches, elbows or even a flying knee for certain fighters like Pettis, Tim Means...) ; give several takedown options - Leg sweep or single leg-for the DOM that are denied differently (like the TDs against the cage).
- DOM or SUB can transition into a clinch from this position

• Arm traps

Problem : Once the DOM arm is caught, both players only have one option : transition as fast as possible (BJJ players can also try a sub). Very few options, skill doesn't apply here.
Solution :
Instead of a race to transition first, turn this trapped arm into a full position with a lot of options available to both DOM and SUB.
- Possibility to hit / pummel each other, at a risk ; DOM can deliver elbows or punches with high bleedthrough damage (harder to defend with one hand) but can be caught faster in a sub and transitions slower (as SUB has leverage). SUB can transition faster if he blocks DOM strikes, and can submit him or transition faster.
- A new set of subs and transitions for DOM and SUB, each one deniable, opening new positions.

• Stacked guard Submissions

Problem : Very easy to pull off, high reward but low risk for the SUB fighter. Contrary to arm traps, you don't need to guess the correct side to initiate the sub.
Solutions :
- Make these subs work like regular arm traps : SUB has to counter (L2 + flick) by flicking the correct direction, which then gives him the ability to attempt different subs (like the arm trap from Full guard).
- Allow strike feints from DOM Stacked to throw off SUB's timing. Additionally, create an animation for a failed arm trap and give DOM a counter window off of a failed arm trap in Stacked.

• Blocking on the ground

Problem : Not consistent, impossible to block any strike when in DOM position (postured up or down) and inability to block as SUB on certain positions (side control). Additionally, inability to block the body in certains positions (SUB), which is not realistic.
Solutions :
- Allow SUB and DOM to block High and Low in every position. To balance it, make block break faster or bleedthrough damage in disadvantageous positions (mainly for SUB) like SC BOTTOM.
- Allow ground sways from every position for the SUB fighter (with additional damage if swaying the wrong side, like head movement). DOM fighter could transition faster while SUB sways.
- Make it easier for opponent to transition if fighter is blocking (SUB & DOM).
- Make Postured Up position available for the majority of DOM ground positions, to deliver devastating strikes (even in SC position). All strikes are blockable, easier to transition for SUB fighter if DOM is postured up.

I may have missed some occurences, but these positions could be so much better and balanced that I felt I had to put this into the light. Feel free to add more ideas or nonsense positions / situations for the Devs to see ! (Hi Geoff )
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Re: Illogical occurences (and how to fix them)

GPD's logic about Arm trap race instead of usual ground position:

"This is not a bug, it's how the arm traps were built. Mostly due to time and animation constraints.
We could only have one escape and one sweep per position. Wouldn't make much sense to have a denial for a single direction move, and the arm trap position isn't a position we want the game to stay in for a long time, so it's basically a transition race once the trap is executed.
Which means (assuming each player does the optimal thing) the winner is essentially determined by how much stamina each fighter has at the time of the arm trap.”

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