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Re: EA Sports UFC 4 Confirmed

Originally Posted by Gion
With the amount of dedicated post patch support I wouldnt expect the next game to release according to the usual releasing schedule. Predictions are that the ps5 will release in spring time 2020, perfect timing for a new UFC game. If it is released before then we'll just be getting an unfinished game/minimal changes
Couldnt disagree more. I have no inside info but I would bet that they arent going to wait until the ps5. EA can make more money releasing it on the ps4 (which will have a bigger install base). Also the ps5 is rumored to be BC so they dont have to wait.
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Re: EA Sports UFC 4 Confirmed

Sure hope Ultimate Teams crap doesn't leak through and effect every other game mode like it did with UFC 3's combined stat horse****. That still triggers me. Awful idea.

Other things I'd love to see in UFC 4:

Universe or GM Mode.

Offline stat customisation!!!!!!!!

Offline fighter customisation, IE fight gear, change shorts, ect.

Multiple models of fighters where applicable.
Example: there are models for 2013 Ortega, Featherweight Dustin, 2013 Cub, Nick Diaz Ngannou...

It would be great to be able to CHOOSE to use those models still, as a skin basically, while keeping the current one.

And finally, something I've wanted to see for a long time.

PLAY TO PICK option in Live events.

Not pick and bloody play. Play to pick. So instead of forcing yourself to do a specific thing and get a specific finish, Instead you can let the fight play out naturally and whatever the outcome is, that's your pick.

Keep the old option too but I really think that would help Pick n Plays.

Latency and input timers as optional hud elements. Probably would help with a lot of the input lag complaints and whatnot.

ACTUAL PROPER TUTORIALS! there is basically nothing to help new players learn currently, it's pretty bad.

And again, separated speed and power, hands and feet, left and right.
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Re: EA Sports UFC 4 Confirmed

Originally Posted by AydinDubstep
Dude, I'd be pissed if it comes out on PS5 and not PS4. Jumping way ahead there with my accusation but my goodness would it be a ballache. Literally bought a PS4 for this game, then a PS4 Pro, again for UFC. Would be such a bummer to have to upgrade again just for some visual gains! Think it will be out before then.
We've literally had 3 iterations of this game that's a biannual release on this console - there's nothing wrong with the PS5 coming out next year and UFC 4 with it.

If it's a launch title that will potentially bring in a lot of players too.
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Re: EA Sports UFC 4 Confirmed

dont bother with UFC4 if lag/netcode issues arent fixed and if UT is just one pathetic failed cashgrab where half of the matches are laggy
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Re: EA Sports UFC 4 Confirmed

I really hope they put effort on recreating the UFC roster this time, EA UFC 3 roster was a big disappointment
TOP 15's in every division are a MUST
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