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Icon2 This is how the CAF system should be

CAF's ovr capped to 89-91 or what ever the top rated UFC fighters get at the start of the year. if the top rated UFC fighters start at 91, then CAF's can be capped at 89. You can raise this OVR down the line when fighters get increased OVR or new fighters get added.

Now that we have "our prevention system from being able to go 100 ovr" lets move on to the presets/move lists.

Lets say you get 300 credits for your OVR rating. so you can put 100 credits into your hand strikes, 100 into leg strikes, and now you are only left with 100 points for like 95% of your CAF.....basically making him extremely one dimensional right? Just like IRL, there are fighters that are 99% one attribute and struggle if taken down or forced to stand..... nothing new here folks....

if you put all your points into just a couple of categories, you will be a very low OVR fighter, we even had this very similar system during one of the beta/alpha tests way back, i think it was one of the last undisputed games alpha test that was CAF only and you could put your points into any category however you wanted.

Then you get x amount of credits for your move lists, say 100 move list points, if you want a move to be lvl 5 boxer its a lot more expensive.... so if you get all lvl 5 moves, you will again be very limited at what you can do.....so there is risk vs reward....you cant have it all... you have to pick to be jack of all trades(balanced but great at nothing) or be great at 1 or 2 things and horrible in the 10 others....

That is the system that we should be going with.....not what ever craziness this is....Why are we forcing CAF's to be in ranked, which then forces you to give them some basic presets, limit all their uniqueness just so they can play ranked? something neither community seems to want? Like what feedback is this even based on?

This is just a quick 5 minute thread... obv i could go into a lot more detail and whatnot but its just how easy it is to balance this... its not hard... its not complicated either.... its not hard to implement.... i dont want to hear any of those things because i know they are simply not true.
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