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Re: Patch 2.01 now out on PS4

Originally Posted by Skynet
Yes, there are indeed parallels to the snapshot system seen in Unreal. And we do in fact have many ideas on how to improve the existing system, just not the time to tinker with them at the moment. The first target pose is rather necessary because the ragdoll needs to get relatively close to the final FTF position. If the ragdoll was drastically different, the blend into FTF could be horrendous.

There are many different poses that the fighter can land in, and one of the things we want to explore more is why they land in the same ones so often when there are other possibilities.

We may also bring back full ragdoll KOs that don't allow dives (maybe on some overkill threshold?). Or try to mocap new FTF positions to flesh out the options. Or look into different blending and animation options for the KO'd fighter so we don't need to do a full pose match, keeping more ragdoll. There are many things we want to try, but none of them are trivial in the slightest. Hopefully some of them come to fruition sooner than later, as we know it's a very common ask from the community.

My thing is Ragdoll post patch in UFC 3, FTF, and ref interactions were perfect. Look at this montage.


Go back to this and we will all be pleased.

In UFC 1, you had tkos from non KOed opponents, and refs stopped it.

Why were these things taken out? Elbows and hammer fists are a must also for GNP.

Remove the cage KO position and the KO sequence will be perfect.

Move on to seated cage position
Full guard
Half guards

Knee on ground getting up
Half guards
Side control
Back mount

Add Back Doubke Under Hooks in the clinch and also add cage takedown struggle positions where a fighter is constantly trying for a double or single and not getting it, but still not letting it go.

Keep up the good work. Also Fix some Models
TJ Dillashaw body needs and update, smaller head + hair
Jose Aldo - Shorter torso, much more muscle
Max Halloway - shorter Torso, add vale judo trunks, lighten skin
Alex Volkanovski - shorten torso and make more muscular. He is stocky
Henry Cejudo - Make more stocky and muscular, add vale judo shorts and ankle tapes.

Thanks for the effort
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