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200 fighters signed?

Esports Boxing already has over 200 fighters signed. Why doesn’t UFC 4 have at least the top 15 fighters in each weight class in their game?
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Re: 200 fighters signed?

Because EA is a **** franchise who only want money

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Re: 200 fighters signed?

Well, to be fair the top 15 changes like the weather. Someone can bust in overnight from absolutely nowhere.

I would like to see a bigger roster for sure (or at the very least MORE THAN 22 MEASLEY CAF SLOTS), but the turnaround on MMA org rosters is pretty quick.

For all the things I can definitely complain about in this game, the roster and DLC has been pretty damn good.

No excuses for bigger roster/more caf slots in 5....you guys made your money on 4 and now you can make more room.
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Re: 200 fighters signed?

Just like UFC 3, UFC 4's roster was already way outdated right at launch. They started from behind, so the couple of fighters they have added, still leaves the roster missing tons of relevant fighters.
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