What movies have you seen recently?

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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Originally Posted by War Eagle!
Of Mice and men. Loved the book and hadn't watched the movie as an adult. Loved it.
As a native of Salinas California I'm obligated to like this post.
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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Hangover III. It was alright.... Compared to the first 2, this one was slightly on the boring side. And maybe is it just me, but a movie on what happened in the credits would have been better than what we got in part III.

Kick A-- 2. Not bad. Definitely wandered way too much for my taste---25 minutes that clearly reminded you of Mean Girls. Jim Carrey was a nice addition though. The first was better.

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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Step Brothers
One of my favorite Will Ferrell movies. He and John C. Reilly have such great chemistry in the film, and do an outstanding job of playing two 40-year-olds that are stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence. A lot of good laughs here and certainly worth a watch if you have not yet seen this film.
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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Originally Posted by The Chef
Really enjoyed the movie, enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would going into it. As you said though I'm not sure how accurate it was to Oscar's backstory and films like this scare me a bit as I'm never really sure if they're going out of their way to make him look like a good guy to drive the drama of the ending home or if that's really 100% accurate.
Yeah I agree about Grant's story and I'm not sure if it is 100% accurate but I still feel for the guy after watching "Fruitvale" station. What really impress me was how the actors act & talk like they're really from Oakland. I have a few friends from Oakland and and after each sentence they'll end it with "bruh..." and even his Asian friend had some "hood" in him which is common in Oakland. You'll understand what I mean if you ever met or talk to an Asian person from Oakland compared to an Asian person from Seattle or San Diego...I don't know if it was the hyphy movement a few years back or the rich Oakland hip hop influence but the Asians in Oakland are just different than other ones I came across..

With that said I also enjoyed "Fruitvale Station"

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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Identity Thief

For all the flaws I actually kinda enjoyed it at times. Not great or even a good movie, but there are some laughs to be had. The fat lady from Mike & Molly is as annoying as ever. 2/5

Killing Them Softly

Wasn't feeling how this movie was shot. Came off as the director trying to make a film smarter than what it really is. Besides that everything else was good. Solid acting and dialog throughout. 3.5/5

The Call

Basically an hour and a half Law and Order: SVU episode with no commercials but not nearly as good. Total waste of time. 1/5

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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Evil Dead (2013)

I never saw the original by Sam Raimi, so I can't make any comparisons of any sort. I think I knew what to expect of the film's plot but wasn't sure. I know Raimi can fall into the "campy" camp so for this remake to have a super serious tone probably throws off what most people enjoyed about the original as is. That said, it was probably too serious for its liking, in that it really lost any sort of entertainment value for a large part of the film. It also wasn't scary enough to make up for that or gory enough to make up for that as well.

That is, until the last twenty minutes or so. The film really started to pick up at that point, even if it was too little too late. I would have loved to be in the theater for the last bit to hear the rest of the audience's reactions to everything. It didn't exactly save it though. It was just too short and shallow to have any real investment in anything. Again, I can't compare to the original to know exactly what to expect. Honestly though, I think it was hard to look past anything or seek more good after the event which actually awokened the evil dead. It was a total "smh" moment that really should have been rethought by director Fede Alvarez.

Speaking of which, Alvarez put in an bonus scene at the end of the credits, and I really didn't get it. It probably either ties in with the original film or it's some setup for a sequel. Either way, I'll have to do some research to make more sense of it. Not sure how much it will matter because I don't really know if I will care for a sequel.
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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Fred Clause - Quite the eclectic cast. Still gives me some chuckles, especially...


..and like or dislike him, you gotta admit that Vince Vaughn knows how to dance. Ya, I'm jealous!

2 Guns - Entertaining. The ending was far-fetched, but good, violent fun!

Line of the movie:

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Re: What movies have you seen recently?

Originally Posted by The Chef
I really enjoyed 2 Guns and watched Don Jon last night and didnt really care for it much, wont spoil it but I still am not even 100% sure what the point of the entire movie was in the end.

The other movies have been put on the backburner as tonight is Fruitvale Station and tomorrow is now Runner Runner, which looks terrible but I watch virtually every movie released so figured Id take a flier on it regardless.
I admittedly love JGL, but I liked Don Jon a lot. A lot of good laughs in it, and it had some deeper themes and wasn't all in your face about it, which I liked.

This is what I wrote about the ending back when I saw it a few months ago:

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