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LCD or OLED? - The TV Thread

We made our family room in the basement into a master bedroom over the summer. We moved everything in our living room upstairs, including the 50" DLP and there is not a lot of space in the living room. I have been toying around the idea of selling my DLP (w/ a spare brand new bulb) and getting an LCD or Plasma. The plan by getting the LCD or Plasma is to free up a whole bunch of space by the DLP and stand its on.

I was talking to a few people and they were telling me that newer Plasma's don't ghost anymore and burn-in isn't an issue being much better with still images. I see that I can get a 50" plasma (50" Samsung 1080p for $899 on sale) for much less than a 55" LCD (Samsung 1080p 120hz for $1499). We watch regular television shows, the news for about 45 minutes throughout the day (I worry about logos), my wife watches TV throughout the day, Blu-ray viewing, and I usually fire up the PS3 or 360 during the evening for about 1-2 hours depending on time. Because we have kids, I have to pause my gaming sometimes for 10-15 minutes if there is something I need attending to. Do they have screen savers on Plasma's?

The living room has a bay window with a lot of light during the day. The way the TV is facing, the window is to the left of it. The room is lightly dim in the evening since we have a lamp for lighting until I can install new lighting above the ceiling.

Do Plasma's still have to be broken in?

I can't pull the trigger till early December and I might even wait till around early next year..........but what do you guys think of the two? I have smaller LCD's at home already and love them, but wouldn't mind the plasma if its cheaper and can do the same.
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Re: Plasma or LCD?

It really comes down to 2 things: 1) personal preference and 2) the tv placement. If there is going to be a lot of light in that room (that you can't control somehow) then you probably want to stick with a LCD. LCDs are just brighter. An LCD will probably save you a few dollars ($4-6) each year in electricity if that matters to you. LCDs are low maintenance.

If lighting isn't an issue, then you might want to look at a plasma. Plasmas are cheaper (when comparing similar sizes), blacker blacks, better viewing angles, and motion blur is not an issue.

As long as you use common sense, maintaining a plasma is easy.

Burn out is almost a complete non-factor with newer plasmas. You'd have to really abuse your tv for it to happen. Image retention is a possibility though, but it is temporary (taking seconds or a few minutes to go away)

I've owned (and still do) both but prefer plasma. The full array LED (LCD) tvs are a very very very close second--much pricier though. You'll find just as many if not more people that like the "brighter" picture of a LCD. Just depends on what YOU like since you're paying the bill.
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I don't do good with common sense or easy to do if you do it this way. So I went the LCD route. But both TV's have their strength and weakness.
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Re: Plasma or LCD?

I got an LCD and don't really remember my reasoning for it. Probably was worried about the bright sun shining in my living room at the time. Paid too much though, should have gone for a Plasma at just over half the price, same size, and just as good of a picture.

Right now...I would either get a Plasma if I wanted to save money and still have a good TV or spend the cash for a super thin awesome LED
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Re: Plasma or LCD?

I have changed my tune...

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Re: Plasma or LCD?

plasma...trust me
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Re: Plasma or LCD?

I've got a panny plasma and love it. I like it more than my vizio lcd. See gamecock's post and decide what works for you.
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Re: Plasma or LCD?

It's personal taste, but I'd go Plasma>LED>LCD. IMO Plasma and LED are close with LCD a distant 3rd.

I think Plasma still has better blacks than an LED and handles motion blur better. A Plasma is also slightly cheaper so you get more for your buck.
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