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ESPN 30 for 30 Discussion Thread

Welcome to Another '30 for 30'

In case you missed the New York Times story today, ESPN is launching a second volume of our Peabody award-winning "30 for 30" series that premieres this fall and runs through 2014. (To view the trailer, click here.) Or, as the project has been called internally, "They Screwed Us Out of an Emmy, Let's Run This Baby Back!" If the first series celebrated ESPN's first 30 years, then the second series will celebrate the storytelling form — not just with 30 new sports documentaries from 30 filmmakers (which won't just be confined to that 1979-2009 time frame this time, by the way), but our new "30 for 30 Shorts" web series that premieres monthly on Grantland starting today.

Why expand the series with short films? Because "30 for 30" needed its own Mini-Me. Because live streaming has gotten so reliably fast that we felt like we could pull this off. Because there are stories out there that we loved for four to 12 minutes, but maybe not for a full hour. Because talented filmmakers are usually juggling multiple projects, so sometimes it's easier for them to take on a shorter project than a bigger one. Because we wanted you to waste more time on your iPad, or possibly rear-end the car in front of you as you're watching these on your mobile device when you shouldn't be watching these on your mobile device. Because Pete Rose bet we couldn't do it. (Just kidding.) And most important, because we felt like there was a creative void sitting there for this specific form of storytelling. As you'll see with our first short film, you might not want to spend an hour in Pete Rose's world at this point of his life. But eight minutes? Absolutely.

On behalf of everyone at ESPN Films and Grantland, I'm proud to present our first "30 for 30 Short": Here Now, directed by Eric Drath.

ESPN Doubles Up on '30 for 30' Documentary Series

The new full-length documentaries will include films about the North Carolina State basketball team that won the N.C.A.A. men’s championship in 1983; the 100-meter final at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul whose winner, Ben Johnson, tested positive for steroids; Bo Jackson, the athletic marvel who played baseball and football and starred in the “Bo Knows” series of Nike ads.

Two films that made their debut at the Tribeca Film Festival are also on the roster: “Benji,” about a high school basketball star in Chicago who was murdered in 1984, and “Broke,” about athletes who lose their fortunes.
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

The Ben Johnson one has my interest as i'd like to see how they slant that. I wonder if the person directing that one will be a Canadian as well?

Glad to see them bringing back the 30 for 30 series.
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

The do a really good job with these. The one with Ricky Williams was probably my favorite one. I'll definitely check them out when they return.
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

I want to see the Ben Johnson one too (being a half-Jamaican and Johnson being of Jamaican decent) and I'm assuming they are doing Hagler-Hearns as well, which I would love to see.

Are they really gonna do another one on Reggie Miller though?
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

Really liked these. Should be great to see more.
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

Good. Hopefully they don't waste too much time with stupid stories nobody cares about.
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The buzz is palpable now!
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

It`s good too see these coming back. The 30 for 30 series is the best thing that ESPN does these days.
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Re: ESPN 30 for 30 returning

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