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Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

Looking maybe to add some interesting podcasts to my rotation. Lets see if we coincide on a couple:

  1. The Bill Simmons Podcast: have been listening since he was at ESPN. Sometimes he has infuriating takes but he is funny and doesn't take himself too seriously. Basically I only listen to it when he has "his guys": Russillo, Cousin Sal, Chris Ryan, Joe House etc., have never been a fan of interviews, in podcast or otherwise.
  2. FiveThirtyEight Politics: politics podcast with a heavy dose of statistics/"analytics".
  3. The Rewatchables: From Bill Simmons' The Ringer "network", a podcast in which they review a "rewatchable" film per episode (think Heat, Face Off, Con Air, Titanic, that sort of thing). Lots of fun and they don't take it too seriously.
  4. The Big Picture: another Ringer podcast, in this one they talk more broadly about the movie industry, box office, awards, up coming films and they also review some films. They also interview directors, actors, producers ect. if that's your thing.
  5. The Lowe Post: ESPN's Zach Lowe podcast about basketball (of course). Always smart, intelligent takes with some self-deprecating humor.
What say you guys?
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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

I only have a top 2 right now, cannot wait to see more from guys, need something else.

#1 Joe Rogan Podcast (Best podcast IMO)
#2 Dr Death (Very interesting!)
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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

Joe Rogan
Arizona Cardinals and Suns podcasts
Pardon My Take (Barstool Sports)
Gary Vee
Pretty much a lot of comedians like Fighter and the Kid, Theo Von, Bobby Lee with Tigerbelly.

I also catch Bill Simmons from time to time.

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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

I'm not much on podcasts but I watch Rogan on YouTube all the time and visit FiveThirtyEight's site regularly.

I will give the Sopranos podcast a shot this April.
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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

1) Up First - daily news program from NPR
2) Effectively Wild - "sabermetric" focused baseball podcast
3) A to Z - Humorous Cleveland sports podcast
4) The Blackburn Review - Dayton Flyers men's basketball podcast
5) Star Wars Underworld - generally positive Star Wars podcast/
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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

I just finished getting caught up with Conan O'Brien's podcast, Conan Needs a Friend. It is hilarious, but also very insightful especially if the guest is a fellow comedian or writer as they tend to dive into the craft.

Since then I've been catching up on Questlove Supreme from Questlove and friends. It had been an iHeart Radio exclusive until December and all new episodes since then are widely available. Its not as structured or streamlined as Conan's, but its been very enjoyable and depending on the guest very insightful. The pod with Kurtis Blow is amazing. I'm currently on the Seth Rogen one and still have 7-8 to catch up on.

For any Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars fans I recommend Binge Mode. I've gone through all the Harry Potter pods and they are exceptionally well done - probably the best full scale analysis of the Harry Potter universe than any other single source. For HP they go through the books first with 2-4 chapters per pod. After the book is done they do a pod on the movie. Repeat. This features Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion of the Ringer.

I have a lot of music ones bookmarked for once I get caught up on Questlove: Striped: The Story of the White Stripes, Song Exploder, Music Student 101, and Hack Music Theory.

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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

They discuss "dorky" topics like the MCU, comics, DCEU, tv shows and each October they cover a lot of scary movies to watch

Mac & gu
Similar to #dork above but they have trivia episodes and broaden their topics a bit more

Podcast unlocked
IGN podcast focused on Xbox. Don't listen nearly as much as I used to but still good episodes here and there

Podcast beyond
IGN podcast focused on PlayStation. Same deal as unlocked on listening frequency

Interviews with amateur wrestlers both collegiate and international. I follow wrestling and find them to be very interesting interviews.
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Re: Top 5 Podcasts That You Listen To.

During football season the Fantasy Footballers almost every day training camp through week 16 (if I'm lucky). Outside of that Armchair Expert if I recognize the guest, The Steve Austin Show, The New Day: Feel the Power, Conspiracy Theories by Parcast.
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