Few questions I need help on

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Few questions I need help on

As i've said before, it's been a few years since i've played and here's a few more things I do not remember.

1) The Franchise I downloaded on here, he had Pre-Season turned off. I'm assuming he did this just to setup the franchise schedule or something. In my sports games I don't play pre-season anyway, I just turn off injuries during pre-season and simulate all of the pre-season games, afterwards I turn injuries back on and play all of my team's games. With that in mind, should I turn pre-season back on or leave it off? Would progression benefit from having pre-season turned on?

2) Speaking of progression, when does it take place? Is it only after the entire season, any after pre-season, does it happen a few times throughout the season, or what? Does the progression work pretty good or is not good?

3) I can't remember how to view replays I have saved, I don't see a section to go to view them. I think you just go into the Load/Save menu and load it, don't you? Seems like I remember being able to view them in the Crib after buying a TV, but I can't remember that either.

4) During the off-season do you get to hire/fire coaches, trainers, etc.?

5) I know about not using the substitutions in franchise games due to it messing something up. What about using the Swap RB/CB/WR/etc. during the playcall screen while in an actual game? Does that mess up anything? If you do use the Swap option to swap out a player during the playcall screen, does it stay changed like that during the rest of the game until you Swap back, does it automatically go back to the starter the next time you go into that formation, or does it stay changed the entire season until you swap back to the starter, or what? I'm assuming the player will stay swapped during the rest of that game unless you swap back to the starter, and if you don't swap back during that game, once you play the next game it will be your starters playing as they should and no one will be swapped out.

6) I know how to edit roster/franchises I download from here using Finn's editor, but how do I edit them once I go through the steps of putting them on my 360's hdd and then move it from the 360's hdd back to the PC? You can't open that file with Finn's editor, as it will only open zipped files from one of the AR kits or whatever the other 2 are. Hope that makes sense. You know how when you get a roster or franchise from someone on here it is a zipped file and contains several folders and files, and you can use Finn's editor on it. Then to move it to the 360 you unzip it and only move the one single folder with those 4 files it contains. If I wanted to move that franchise or roster back to my PC to make some edits, what do I need to do?

7) Another option that is turned on in the Franchise I got from here was the Edit Rookies option. What exactly does that option do? Is it for editing players in the draft before they are drafted or what? Should I turn it off?
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Re: Few questions I need help on

1) no benefit, leave it off if you dont wanna play it

2) happens only once. IIRC it happens just before you begin the reg season... not good; randomly pre-programmed

3) yes load/save menu, not sure about the crib

4) no hiring/firing coaches. no trainers; coaches are always the same unless you change them in the editor

5) hot swap RB/CB/WR is awesome & doesnt mess anything up-- it swaps them ONLY for that one play & then goes back to the orig depth chart (eg you have to press it prior to every play if you want your backup RB to play all the downs)

6) not sure as i dont have 360, i'll let someone else answer

7) after rookies appear in the franchise stats menu (wk 8 i believe) you can click on them & edit everything you want; name, appearance, ratings, etc. no reason to turn it off IMO
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Re: Few questions I need help on

Sounds good, thanks a lot for all the info.
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Re: Few questions I need help on

Utorde, if you're looking for an interactive Franchise where you hire/fire coaches and coordinators for your team look no further than the Deluxe Edition I am creating. It will be awhile till its up and going, but those features will be available.
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