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ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time

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Re: ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time


There is no way Madden is better than 2k5 when it comes to the on-field gameplay. I really like Madden 05 a lot but it was pretty far behind 2k5 in regards to gameplay. Its a shame that football fans so heavily embraced Madden simply because of its name and just ignored the 2k series. But there is no doubt that the 2k team made a lot of mistakes with the marketing of this game.

In fact, calling it "2k" was really a mistake. They should have signed a big name player or coach to represent the game and get advice from this person on the best way to develope the game's AI along with football strategy and tactics. Although, 2k5's football logic and AI are really strong, there are some things I don't like about it. But even with the things I don't like about it, I still consider it pretty far ahead of Madden. It just plays a better game of "football" than Madden does. And I don't think anyone thats played both games would disagree with this.

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The most current 2K, APF, is still the best playing game avail., I still play it online, and rarely see repeat animations, u cant get through one drive in Madden 10 without seeing the same de-clete animation 3 times.
In APF player physics work, ai works, touch passing works, its all pretty good with a minimum of exploitables.
How can Madden, with all its resources, and new console to develop on, still make the same tired game every year, promote some stupid old feature, or worse spend time and money to give us a "weapons system", that we will never care about, then watch as people from everywhere talk about how much they miss 2K, and how bad Madden plays, and yet never do anything about it.
Has 2k5 ever won any awards even back then?
If there a more deserving sport game I don't know it.
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Re: ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time

If I could get non-user controlled defensive linemen to generate any kind of pressure, I'd still play NFL 2k5.
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NBA 2K18 very nice!
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Re: ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time

I'll just discuss football games. I personally think 2K5 was very over-rated and had TONS of issues. Some of which could never be cured for me (like AWFUL cpu QB AI). I think 2K4 was the best 2K football game they put out.

Here is my evolution of football gaming:
1) Tecmo Bowl. First truly fun and great football game
2) Tecmo Super Bowl. All teams and stat tracking. Played a ton.
3) Gameday '97. First fun game on PS1 but nowhere near the fun factor of other games on this list. First polygon football game so deserves a mention.
4) Madden '98. First EA polygon game and the first Madden game I ever enjoyed. No longer played like on a hockey rink. Loved it.
5) Madden '03. This was the last Madden I truly enjoyed.
6) NFL 2K4. Presentation and line play totally new to me and outstanding.
7) NCAA 06. Just an absolute blast to play. Arcade like for sure but really fun. Favourite game on the PS2 (beats out 2K4 by a hair).
8) Still waiting to be blown away on next gen. I usually quit a football game by Christmas. Maybe next year.
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Re: ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time

Originally Posted by StormJH1
First of all, that article was a jumbled mess. The title doesn't even make sense, and it contradicts the subject matter.

Are any of you old enough to remember 2004? Just curious b/c I don't understand how you can argue that NFL 2k5 was the greatest sports video game ever, when it wasn't even clearly the best football game in 2004. I don't care what measurable you use--go look at chat boards, meta scores, reviews, # of units sold, whatever, Madden and 2k were neck and neck, yet nobody ever throws Madden 2005 in these "greatest game ever" discussions.

People made excuses for 2k5 left and right because it was only $19.99 and because they hated the arrogance of the "evil empire" (EA). And I find it extremely coinicidental that games people always talk about as "best ever" were ones that were no longer made after that year. Actually, no, it makes perfect sense because the only time people on this site truly evaluate something for what it is (instead of complaining about how it should've been better) is when they KNOW they won't be getting anything better next year. Hence, 2k5, MVP 2005, and especially CH2008 reguarly make it into these discussions.

I like 2k5, and I do think that in retropspect, it offered the best "building block" for what a next-gen football game could look like. But 2k5 as a product in its time was markedly inferior to Madden 2005 in many ways, including the franchise mode, player progression, framerate, and (even some would argue) overall visual quality. 2k is a martyr on these boards, but outside of the NBA2k series, what have they done on the 7th gen consoles to suggest that they would've done anything different but put out a new version of 2k5 every year with new rosters and a new feature here or there?
I liked Madden 2005, thought it was the best game of that year. I still play it as I feel it is still superior to the new Madden's put out today. At the same time, Madden 05 out of the box was terrible. The Manifesto made the game great. It's unplayable without it. Even though I enjoy it to this day, little things like lack of penalties with sliders maxed and no pass interference at all are overlooked and excused simply because its Madden.

I just want a hockey and football game where I can spend more time playing my seasons then I spend changing my sliders.
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Re: ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time

I don't think ESPN 2k5 is the best sports game ever made. The best all around football game, yes, but 2k8 has much better gameplay and was a decent franchise mode away from probably being the best sports game ever. CHoops 2k8 is up there among top sports games ahead of 2k5 and with the patch NBA 2k10 could be up there. MLB 09 the show is up there too which really says a lot coming from me as I am not that big of baseball fan and I am a huge football and basketball fan.
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Re: ESPN NFL 2K5 Maybe the Greatest of All Time, But Not In Its Time

I'm no gaming expert or anything but I can't see how 2k5 Football can't be seen as the best overall Football game of all time given its more then just a gaming fad but its changed how gamers like and want to see in a video Football game long before Madden and its Broadcast camera and 9 or whatever man tackle.

Keep it real guys whatever you hear or read about 2ks Flaws arent anything unusual all games have them and most can be fixed thanks to guys like Finn and roster makers along with a following of fans who break down this games little tweaks and keep its interest strong and exciting to play year in and year out via updates done by fans who have a passion and great patience to create a gaming experience to keep it still playable.

How can it not be the best when even now its still a "Topic" of disscusion...long live 2k5 and 2k Football period....its like me "The one and only"...and yes it can touch your heart and soul, its that inspiring a game and was first with so many attributes that the guys at EA are just starting to respond to them years after the fact that 2k5 and its football games were always that good yeah its still here.

If not the best then it has certainly raised the bar for video Football games and plays a great today as if its never really left. As for me it is truly a remarkable game with one hell of a following and a die hard fan base with that in mine Madden is making progress and should be given props for stepping up and finally producing a fine product.
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It's obvious this forum supports 2K football, and so do I. Last night I smashed a 360 controller playing Madden 10 when my lead blocker ran away from DB that would have sprung me for the TD, and I lost the game. Madden 10 is nothing but a bunch of staged animations in glitzy lining. 2k5 and 2k8 were/are leaps and bounds ahead in physics and gameplay. I WONDER IF EA WILL EVER GET A CLUE THAT THEIR PREHISTORIC ENGINE IS DRIVING PEOPLE CRAZY.
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