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Re: Official playlist recommendations

ACDC--Thunderstruck, Hells Bells, Back in Black (Raiders games), Shook me
Metallica--Hero of the Day
Van Halen--Right now, Jump
Eminem--Lose Yourself, 2 Trailer park girs
Marilyn Manson--Beautiful People
Who Let the Dogs out
50 Cent--Its your birthday
U2--Streets Have no name
Queen--another one bites the dust, we are the champions
Bon jovi--its your life, livin on a prayer
Evanescence--wake me up inside
Motley crue--kickstart my heart
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Re: Playlist Recommendations


barbourshop said:
Okay, to help fellow XBOX ESPN player lets all put down a couple suggestions as to what songs would sound great to hear while playing NFL 2K4

My short list:
(Menu only)
Monday Night Football Theme
ESPN Primetime Game of the Day
Hank Williams- Monday Night Football

Gary Glitter- Rock and Roll part 2
Tag Team- Whoomp there it is
2 Unimited- Anything
GnR- Welcome to the Jungle
Steppenwolf- Magic Carpet
Steam- nanananana
Queen- We Will Rock You
Scorpians- Rock You Like a Hurricane (Best song ever)
Ramstein- Du Hast
Metallica- Enter Sandman
Puff Daddy and BIG- Victory
Offspring- Self Esteem
BTO- Taking Care of Business
Blur- Song 2
Method Man and Redman- Da Rockwilda
Joe Buddens- Pump it Up

Alright theres just a list I thought up to start with there will be more added, cant wait to ehar them blaring from the New Soldier Field. This also isn't supposed to start a musical taste flame war, I didn't even include one band that I would listen to in my car or casually. Just enter your favorite football stadium tunes and songs you are putting in the game.

edit: no longer official I realized that's retarted

That's a damn good list! The only songs I would add would be :

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Back In Black - AC/DC
911 Is A Joke - Public Enemy
Vader's Theme - John Williams (Dun dun dun-dun..!!! lol!)
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Re: Playlist Recommendations

The only good music in EA Trax last year was the music for FIFA 2003. I got soooo sick of hearing the same crap in Madden it was one of the reasons I couldn't stand playing lol. However I did finish my franchise.
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Re: Playlist Recommendations

I played Madden so much last year, I actually start liking some of those songs. Like the Athem by WK something. And you could catch me singing that Bon Jovi song.

But for the person who said the NFL films songs. Thats the ticket right there. There is no way to get you pumped up for a football game then hearing those themes, and that infamous voice.

But I like the list also, those would be great songs to pump out of your PA. I got some of those songs on Inside Pitch.
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Re: Playlist Recommendations

Whoever that was that suggested the Puffy and B.I.G song "Victory" i cant agree more. Even though I'm sick of the 50 Cent "In Da Club" song, hearing the beat and chorus over the PA while you play will still get you amped. Mystikal's "Here I Go" is one of the tightest songs to hear when your in between plays. There are so many 2Pac songs you could listen to its not even funny(Ambitionz of a Ridah)
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Re: Playlist Recommendations

I'm just gonna rip the whole "Jock Jams" cd to my xbox and use that.
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