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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

The problem I have with these reviews is it doesn't sound like they reviewed a completed copy of ESPN. Or these are not the whole review. There isn't any mention of the Crib anywhere. It also doesn't mention if there is any improvement over last years version. The First Person mode would be disorienting until you get used to it. Meaning they didn't spend any real time with ESPN.

Bryan - values the Franchise mode over anything else.

G. Ford - "good (but repetitive) announcers" Right. I would like to see what they said about Madden and Michaels.

Chris B. - "However, the unforgiving running game takes a lot of getting used" I guess Chris and Bryan wasn't playing the same game and from the sound of it Chris didn't spend any time playing ESPN.

Does anybody have the quotes for the Madden part?
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

I haven't heard anything about the madden review. All I hear are their scores. If they really think that nfl2k's commentary is repetitve then madden might as well not say anything at all.
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

Hi Brian what about fever?
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

nfl2k's series has always had the best commentary these guyz are idiots i hope they didnt get paid for writing those reviews
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

I don't have the mag guys so I can't put up the Madden quotes. I got this from another board, I will see what I can find . No sign of Fever reviews yet
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

I posted the basics for the Madden and Fever reviews in their respective forums.

They were terrible reviews though, every single one of them
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

Horrible reviews, if you can even call them that. It's more like a cliff notes version of reviews. Some things that I want to say tho.

1) I might get flamed for this but like it or not MADDEN IS the model for all football videogames. No not the style of play but the way in which it has for the most part been the best/most successful football game out there. I know that people are resistent to change as it seems these "reviewers" are so it comes across as skewed.

If only we had OS ppl doing reviews who are veterans of both series.

2) one "reviewer" said the commentary is repititive??? He must be smoking something! cuz I was playing 2k3 a few weeks ago and I heard a commentary exchange that I hadn't heard before and I had the game 3 weeks after it was first released!

3) These guys should be fired.
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Re: ESPN Football Review Quotes

Hardly in depth. You can tell they are Madden fans from the comments about commentary and the running game. The running game takes getting used to in 2K3 but is far more diverse in that it is very balanced when running outside versus inside. Reading blockers is very important. Imo, Madden's running game was probably done the best in 2001 on the PS2 even though the jukes never really worked well in 2001 or 2002. In Madden 01, inside running was the best and holes opened up. Since most people seem to like run sweeps to the outside(unlike the majority of NFL), they totally changed the running game in 02 to extremely easy outside and virtually no holes between the tackles. 2003 was much better but most of your inside runs end up being bounced outside for the big gains. Very few holes open up guard to guard in Madden making the running game more predictable than 2K3.

One other thing, when they talk about ESPN football, they pretty well have to compare it to Madden as that is what the market knows and they are the current undisputed champion. Comparisons are the best way to describe how well done certain features are. Madden's franchise is more polished but the scouting system, mock drafts and actual draft day are better in Sega's even if their logic isn't as good.
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