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Re: NFL2k4: Combine Will Be Worthless


It seems to me the point of combine is to look at players and HOPEFULLY find a diamond in the rough...not to press buttons and be handed one. Where's the fun in that?

I agree entirely.

I love that the combine is challenging, and I hope it stays that way.
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Will Blake be healthy?
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Re: NFL2k4: Combine Will Be Worthless

I think the scouting system is pretty good and much more detailed than Madden's. I especially like that a pick may go high in the mock draft yet slide in the first round due to unforseen problems. If you spend the scouting hours, they will give you a very detailed report. You don't want to blow your first round pick. I think most people would agree it isn't hard to find talented people in the draft and the combine is very useful although we could use more hours. If you think the combine is useless, that's your opinion but I do think you are clearly in the minority.

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Re: NFL2k4: Combine Will Be Worthless


lordvader said:
One of us is the exception to the rule then. I have been playing this game with two different teams for over 10 seasons each and I have NEVER seen a player I drafted after scouting in the Combine rated in the 80's. How many years have you been playing with your Franchise?

Actually make that 2 of us that are an exception to the rule. You waste your time getting full reports. You scout better by only using 2 points per player. Besides you really don't know what you get until you draft them anyway. Like it's suppose to be. And I'm sure it's real hard to hit the right or left trigger to get to the position you want to scout.

It's only useless if you don't know how to scout and use the points to your advantage.
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It is now the SW Era
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Re: NFL2k4: Combine Will Be Worthless

I love the combine. It's great. Being able to use only certain amounts of time on each player really makes you eager to choose who you want to scout.
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