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Re: Quantum Theory and ESPN Football 2K5


spin16 said:

MagicUser said:I think it is not possible to create a realistic football game (or any other sports title) because there is no one, single model of "real" to follow.

Um, sure there is. You can find average stats over the last 5-10 years, and that pretty well defines what's "real" in the context of gameplay. You can take data of all trades over the last 10 years (say, since the start of free agency) and determine the frequency of trading as a function of the "size" of those trading.

There is some objective reality that is NFL Football. That's pretty undeniable. Yes, we all have our subjective experiences with the league, but when you average over those subjective experiences, you're going to get something very close to the NFL. And a game that claims to be a "simulation" should mirror that reality as well as the technology can handle.


MagicUser said:Well he was traded. And traded for reasons (personal, emotional) that just aren't programmed into our sports titles. We can't get that real.

Perhaps you should check out Madden this year:


my thoughts exactly. I believe all this "Alternate Reality" crap is just a convenient and rather desperate means of excusing, ignoring, and defending one of the most obvious flaws in the game.
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