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How does this work again? I used it last year, but dont remember how it works and which way you move the meters.

Anyone care to explain?

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Re: Gameplan

From past versions experience, these werent actually slider 'tendencies' but rather areas of focused concentration.

For an extreme example, Let's say your sliders were fully set to Man to Man as opposed to Zone. This was the game's way of simulating a weekly practice focusing your player's on improving their Man 2 Man coverages and completely ignoring the Zone. So when it came to game time, you would notice a certain degree of improvement in your Man 2 Man defenses and your Zones would be a bit weaker for that specific game or until you readjusted the sliders.

Another example would be, if you had your slider's set to full run in the RUN/PASS section. Your running game was to see an increase while your passing game would slightly struggle based on the extreme positioning of the sliders.

At least in theory and design this is the way it was intended. However I also remember there being alot of debate that some beleived these sliders had a strange REVERSE effect. Ie. Push all the way for run to actually increase your passing game.

I never really understood this logic, perhaps it was people beleiving that the CPU actually observed your GAMEPLAN settings and in turn focused its OWN gameplan to stop your gameplan....or something to that effect.

But in summary, that's what the gameplan WAS for, this year, I would assume it's the same but with all the other WEEKLY PREP stuff added, I am not sure if the GAMEPLAN function has changed.
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