Question about Clipping Bug - Please Help !!

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Question about Clipping Bug - Please Help !!

I have a few questions regarding the "Clipping Bug".

Does this rear it's ugly head during online Xbox live games?? I'm just wondering if it's a player vs CPU problem or if it's online as well.

For those of you who have seen this first hand, how exactly is the negative yardage being applied to the stats?? Does it go against the HB's stats or some other position ??? Does
it happen the same way regardless if it was a running or passing play ??? As far as the negative yards are concerned, is it basically adding any yards gained on the play in question to the 15 yard penalty accessment and then subtracting that from the rushing stats ??

The reason I ask is because me and 3 other friends are going to do a small (4 team) league out side of the ESPN service and I'm gonna track a handful of stats. We'll be playing our games on XBox live, just not through the ESPN leagues since they require a minimum of 8 people. My only concern at this point is how to handle the "Clipping Bug"
and the impact it has on rushing stats in a negative way.
My thoughts are to have each player record any time the clipping penalty is called and the resulting negative yards (the actual gain (if any) plus the 15 yard penalty accessment). Then at the end of the game, they would add those yards back into the total rushing stats for the team to balance evertyhing out. If that makes any sense......

Can someone clue me in on how these negative yards are generated ???

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