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hey nickchew

if the reason your roster freeze in franchise is that the ratings progress too high, you should try this..

apply your edits and then reduce every rating on every team by about 5%. There is no noticeable difference in gameplay at all, and the team ratings get watered down to where it doesn't get balloonned out of control with franchise progression.
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Re: hey nickchew

I don't know the real reason behind the freezing during franchise. But Finn and I discussed that since it happens during the draft theres a good chance it has something to do with the player database. Like with too many created/overwritten players and then even more incoming rookies during the draft.

Now I am hearing from some that it does not freeze every once in awhile, I guess you just have to play your luck with it. But I'm working on a set that won't freeze. And then an extra set that is loaded, and probably would freeze.
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Re: hey nickchew

That may be a good idea Nick and if that works it would save u some time and effort with another roster file. Lower every team by 5%.

I glad u will continue on the exhibition roster as I'm a exhibition guy myself. So try the 5% suggestion first before u really get in detail with a new file.
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Re: hey nickchew

Originally Posted by xrob
That may be a good idea Nick and if that works it would save u some time and effort with another roster file. Lower every team by 5%.

I glad u will continue on the exhibition roster as I'm a exhibition guy myself. So try the 5% suggestion first before u really get in detail with a new file.

I dunno guys I thought about that with another roster but where you gonna lower it?

Then again it might have something to do with available spaces for rookies/CAP and if a certain quota is met and exceeded then the freeze thing pops up due too over editing.

Pretty much what Nick is saying here basically and hears why I don't think 5% is a good thing.

But I might be outta line here Xrob but lowering the number of CAP might be what the answer to all this is...at least thats how its appearing to me.

Its like this you can create and edit any player as long as you don't "Exceed" a certain number of players as not to mess up the "Stock" players pool which is needed and generated in the "Franchise" portion of the game,if too many players are "Created/Edited" then rosters will experience certain anomalys or basically speaking weird and crazy stuff when it comes to Franchise play thats the only issue and place it happens.

But check this IMO its not all on the players attributes maybe certain ones and they shouldn't be the focus just make practical player attributes and that portion of the game should be fine...with or without a 5% reduction...still wouldn't know where though myself.

The "Focus" and point here is that the "Stock" has been "Raided" for a more dramatic interpetation here and by the time the season gets into processing the "Managment" portion of the game off season basically with its moves and rookies coming in, players retiring ect,ect they're not there or the "Stock" player files have been over used, moved ,rearranged and seriously exhausted or depleted to the point where it messes up the whole generation process to replimish that "Stock" and the files become corrupted and the game "Freezes".

Thats why I don't think that a mere 5% reduction is gonna fix this problem the answer is quite simple really...don't deplete and exhaust the "Stock" files by over creating/editing players...you should be able to create "Superman" if you want to, the worse thing is he's gonna be a "freak" or something only effecting gameplay issues relating to attributes and behavior... but make too many "created" players and go over that certain number you're gonna have issue later in the games Franchise functions relating to the "Managment" portion of the game which uses probably some kind of logic of its own to set up the Franchises propertys and priorites as in the cash needed to operate and manage team players and Cap issues,after all it is a sim handling all of this unless you've opt to try handling things yourself which can prove to be quite a task but you know that already as most of you've guys have seen or experienced at one time or another.

Its logic doesn't make sense sometime and I can understand somethings after all it was probably meant to do certain questionable trades to activate the "Media" portion of the game via those realistic shows even Kiper gets his say as to whats going on and it can't happen unless theres something going on as in "ESPN" news and highlights so maybe thats one reason it trades and does crazy things like that and despite all it does in that regards it has or raley has ever,ever ever frozen up no matter how crazy the CPUs logic sounds,its making moves that make sense to whats going on in the game and filling positions via this process and it works to a certain degree I'd rather deal with its questionable moves as opposed to it just not doing anything and freezing up.

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