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Re: Help Wanted!!!

Originally Posted by Rickster101
Thanks for the reply Dan77733 I have taken into account that one glaring issue about QBs and the kick return game but haven't come across any problems as of yet since this roster has gone thru a rather nice update of sorts by Dafltboy it appears to be holding up quite well so far but I haven't put it through any franchise modes yet but feel more then confident that it'll turnout just fine with a little work.

You've pretty much followed the basic protocal for constructing and implimenting a roster by using the online default roster suggested by Finn himself which helps to reduce issues dealing with player edits and file freezing.

I've gone over the roster myself and to be honest with you theres nothing wrong with it other then some possible edits that have caused this issue a simple solution would be to keep them close to the original defaults or within simular ones used in the game that relate to actual edits used for that players designated position an example would be the edits you've implimented for certain attributes that don't relate to other positions, that scrambling edit would be one that stands out and doesn't work well with other players.

As for statistical data relating to players and their performances during the season I've already solved that with my 2K5 and 2K6 versions and the results were about as close to NFL stats within reason reflecting the past season so I've no problem on that end my season and the numbers add up with positive results using my own personal edits.

As for the original edits there seems to be a sorta catch attached to them with that penalty issue attached to the players, for serious hardcore gamers that would be a cool concept but not many guys IMO are really concerned with issues regarding such manegment and off field issues.

I've been working off and on with rosters for quite awhile now and haven't seen a roster yet that hasen't presented some problems at one time or another, this roster is no exception and presents simular issues that can be corrected if looked at closely.

If you've read through my post you'll see that no timeline was mentioned and that individuals with patience and a working knowledge of Finns editor was a plus but not necessarly needed, any roster can be re-set to defaults and started over again thats not the issue here and I have redone some of the QB edits to bring them within the games know parameters by reducing edits on the QBs for stability and gameplay which inturn eliviates some of those freezing issues.

I do see your concerns Dan77733 and appreciate the time and effort put into this project but for me September is just too far away to just sit and not do anything when I can get a start and see ahead of the pack...I've done it before and I can do it again as long as I've access to Finns editor and my own research and updating skills to fall upon.

As I've stated this is just one of three (3) rosters I'm currently working on and with the work myself Daflyboy and you have done to this point I see no reason why this couldn't be a community effort since we're not the only ones wanting to see a version of 2K7 and I'm sure together with another set of eyes on this we all can share this roster and get input from the community at large.

If theres no interest shown here I'll continue to work on it on my own and have no problem with that other then time but thats cool because the seasons sill aways off and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon so again I do understand your concerns but don't feel waiting until September is necessary at least not for me but I don't want too rush it either and would like to see you involved in this community effort if an interest is there, its up to you and whom ever eles has an interest.

If theres no real interest in working a community roster then I'll simply not post what I have so far and again continue to work on my roster projects on my own, I only wanted to involve the members here with a project all can share in.

Holla Back ya'll

count me in ...EA sucks balls......i have been experimenting with fins editor..i have a roster but its not the best..any tip on using finn please let me know the dos and donts holla back dawgs
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Re: Help Wanted!!!

Hey Rickster, any chance of getting a community roster together? Check out my thread, I think if anyone has the respect to get everyone together and really on the ball with this, it's you.
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