Daflyboys' BETA Roster #2 (and sliders)

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Daflyboys' BETA Roster #2 (and sliders)

Based these rosters/tweaks from this guy: http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeekp5y/index.html

Don't know his name, but I thank him for the excellent job he did.

These rosters are not about personnel accuracy...not yet. They're about gameplay. The primary change to the QB's is that I made the consistency and leadership 127 for 1st string; 100 for 2nd string and 85 for 3rd. There have been too many other tweaks to go into here. Basically looking for feedback on gameplay. Try my in-game guidelines for a nice challenge.

I've played 2 games vs. Hasselback and the 'Hawks with some nice results. First game with the Panthers held Alexander to under 90 rush. Hasselback had 1 INT. Fairly defensive game.

However, with the Titans it was another story and the game definitely had a different feel to it! It was in the rain in Tenn. I started out with Young, but was a dismal 3/9 and threw the ball backwards for a fumble. I was down 21-3 after I brought Volek in, who immediatly threw an INT returned for a 64 yd TD....very legit looking. Then Volek and Givens really started to heat up. Hasselback started out on fire as well, connecting on just about everything. Alexander was totally shut down through most of 3 qtrs. (this seemed to be a slider effect, so I turned up the cpu running). This had an almost immediate effect. Alexander busted one late in the early in the 4th (76 yd scamper) to give the 'Hawks a 2 score lead, 44-31. I was able to hold and pull to within 44-38 though the 'Hawks had the ball with about 3 mins. to go. They faced a 3rd and about 3 running Alexander off LT and I was able to bring my MLB over and beat the block keeping him from gaining the first (very satisfying when you control one guy throughout the play and he gets to make the big stop!). Volek, who had been hurt earlier after heating up, came back into the game (after V. Young threw for a TD upon subbing in) had trouble finding Bennett all day. But with about :25, Bennett streaked down the left side and split two defenders who caught up to him just as they tackled him into the end zone. XPT was good with :06 to go and I was able to seal the victory, 45-44. The other cool thing about the game was that it was raining and upping the fumble slider to 24 caused a lot of early havoc.

I don't usually get caught up in offensive games, but this was a doozy! Here are the essential stats:

Volek: 23/42 for 366; 4TD's/1 INT/3 Sacks/0 Fumbles
Young: 4/10 for 66; 1/0/0/1

C. Brown: 20/79 rush; 1 TD

Givens: 14/183 rec.; 1 TD/1 fum.
Bennett: 2/51; 1 TD
Kinney: TD
Troupe: TD
Slaife: TD
Hasselback: 19/27 for 320; 3/0/4/2 (QB rating: 147.1 !)

Alexander: 18 for 106; 1 TD

Jackson: 6/103; 1 TD
Engram: 52 yds; 1 TD
Warrick: 1 TD; 1 fum

Hamlin: 1 INT; TD (64 yds.)

I have more testing to do. I thought the Seattle DB's, esp. the FS was a little to giving....which is why each of my 3 TE's got TD's. I did adjust the cover slider for the cpu a little as well before I had my last winning drive. I may need to turn "pursuit" up a notch for the next game. I'm going to keep playing again SEA to see how they respond. Speaking of which, I did turn up their long pass vs. short pass in the game plan prior to and it did seem to have an effect. More to come.......
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Re: Daflyboys' BETA Roster #2 (and sliders)

Even though I picked up Madden 07 and a Prima Official Guide I'm gonna see whats up with these, I know this guy and chat with him via email, his name is "Aaron Beck" or "Beck54" sometimes and he's a cool guy that knows his stuff.

I've DL'd his files before and they're pretty good so I wouldn't be surprised if the gameplay wasn't up to something really special he's that good IMO and has been doin' em for awhile now.

You're pretty good also DBF and I'm sure you'll do your thang with them I really liked your last set..."Awesome" keep at it bro you know your stuff and I'm glad you're here with us!

Holla Back y'all
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Re: Daflyboys' BETA Roster #2 (and sliders)

I'll give these a shot Gordie. But knowing you these will be excellent
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Re: Daflyboys' BETA Roster #2 (and sliders)

yo flyboy!, are these for human vs. Cpu games?....good stuff man
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Re: Daflyboys' BETA Roster #2 (and sliders)

Yes....I haven't found satisfactory cpu v. cpu setups anywhere. I'm working on accurate rosters and depth charts now, but lots to do....and I don't have the time I used to have. I'm guessing I can get done by week 2 of the NFL. This year, I'm excluding IR guys who might normally start if healthy. They'll be in the FA pool.
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