Best rosters for 2K5 franchise?

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Re: Best rosters for 2K5 franchise?

Originally Posted by Carolus Rex
Sorry if I overreacted to his first post. I don't wanna go anyway, you guys seems very friendly on these boards. I will try read the edit notes and then decided.

... and I promise I did not in any way try to start a flamewar, I hate those. You'll see, my coming question will be about the game or about football now that I have decided on wich game and rosters.

No need to be sorry about anything bro no harm no foul is how I see it you just got a little ahead of yourself so let these guys help you out they're the best fans in the world as far as I'm concern and don't mind chiming in with useful info when you need it the most if they can and within reason.

Listen to them and they'll get you straight on the many ways and styles of how we play and edit this game, but don't limit yourself to just Football we like all sports here and most guys play their share of them on a regular bases so they know their stuff the ones who are true avid fans of the sport world in general who knows one day NFL Europe may find its way playing in your country one day time will tell its a possibility so catching up on the sport is a good thing wouldn't you say?

We'll try and get you up to speed as best we can with what we know and have experienced playing the game within reason.

We didn't built the thing but we sure have broken it down to achive what appears to have given it a somewhat extended life expectency though not perfect but very playable it is way past its prime and time yet its still here and we're still playing it, most of us feel it the game itself is possibly the Best and Total Football experience ever even though it came out a long time ago and IMO nothing has come along to make me forget just how awsome it still is today despite next gen systems!

Thats just my opinion though others may differ but can't dispute the fact that its more then just a game 2K Football is legendary and set the mark for what a Total Football experience should be, again just my opinion.

So welcome to "OS...Da Spot" where we do it right and have fun doing it the best we can while keeping the fun factor in focus which is why you should play video games, and don't just limit yourself to Football check out the forums at the site and experience it all theres something of interest for all and the avid video sport fans playground get into discussions also and learn about the sport and its varioius items of interest in time you'll know everything or close to it about the sport just ask the right questions and someones bound to give up the right response just remember to keep an open mind that helps alot.

Shortly I and perhaps a few other guys will be DL some recent updates for 2K Football so keep an eye out for them and check out the other features of the site and welcome you're among friends who'll help you out bro you're at the right place at the right time so enjoy your stay here and have some fun checkin' things out.

In the meantime take Koebners advice about checkin' out that official base file to see what the gameplay is like before any edits to start out and get a feel as to whats going on with the base play he knows his stuff and is a major contributor here who comes thru with some really great stuff and advice plus he's also a good guy from what I know from his stay here.

Holla Back ya'll
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