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puja21 roster & franchise files: 06-07 update

I've gotten some PMs asking about the proposed player edits I mentioned in the OSDCR thread. This is the roster I am using, based on OSDCRv33. Huge thanks to everyone who has worked & continues to work on that amazing project. You are appreciated.


All starting RBs & WRs plus ALL QBs who've played in 2006 have different ratings to coincide more w/ 06-07 success or failures.... based on my own interpretations of course (Travis Henry, Damon Huard, Daunte, etc). I have watched everyone that I edited for at least 2 games this season. Also, I tried to keep edits in perspective: I realize Brunell is not playing well but his team is also struggling. He came down some. Eli is having sophomore-starter blues but is missing many of his security blankets to injury. Daunte is still recovering from a debilitating knee injury- one that was only rehabbed this fast by the great Jerry Rice. JP Losman has a few turnstyles protecting him. Drew Bledsoe is a statue, but honestly he made one bad throw at the wrong time & the ESPN hype machine did the rest. Nothing against Romo- he's played well- but who cares if he hit the same quickout correctly by coincidence? Bledsoe has still placed that exact throw correctly many more times- even done so this season, despite all of them not connecting for completions. Huard is an MVP candidate right now despite a return to the bench. He is accurate, he has read coverages well & he is a solid leader/lockerroom guy. That doesn't mean I'm going to jack him up into the high 80's yet. Everything within reason.

For some more specifics see my suggestions in the OSDCR thread or just check out any of the QBs, RBS or WRs in this roster

Incomplete Sample Lists:

Decreased Ratings:
Troy Walters (ARI)
Sam Aiken (BUF)
Greg Camarillo (SD)
Marty Booker (MIA)
Greg Lewis (PHI)
Ashley Lelie (ATL)
Mike Williams (DET)
Shaun Bodiford (DET)
Keyshawn Johnson (CAR)
Matt Jones (JAX)
Chad Jackson (NE)
Will Buchanon (OAK)
Isaac Bruce (STL)
Kevin Curtis (STL)
James Thrash (WAS)
Devery Henderson (NO)
Improved Ratings:
Travis Henry (TEN)
Bernard Berrian (CHI)
Damon Huard (KC)
Seneca Wallace (SEA)
Dante Stallworth (PHI)
Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)
Mike Furrey (DET)
Greg Jennings (GB)
Doug Gabriel (NE)
Reche Caldwell (NE)
Mark Clayton (BAL)
Marques Colston (NO)
Ron Dayne (HOU)
Roydell Williams (TEN)
Randy Hymes (FA)
Vernand Morency (GB) 1 career fumble, no more 40 SEC ball

Fake Picture Removed
-Andy Lee (SF) may be Caucasian & have a goatee but he no longer has a hugely fat linemen face to boot
-JP Losman (BUF) no longer a 47 year old man
-Phil Rivers (SD) not = to Brock Huard
-Sloan Thomas (NYJ)
-Mike Williams (DET) Chris Cole FA WR
-Devery Henderson (NO)
-Cleo Lemon (MIA)
-Clarence Moore (BAL)
-Devard Darling (BAL)
-Kevin Jones (DET)
-Ahmad Carroll (GB) no longer Trung Candidate
-Chris Perry (CIN)
-Steven Jackson (STL)
-Shawntae Spencer (SF) not = to Kerry Carter
-Kevin Jones (DET)
-Matt Schaub (ATL)
-Bob Sanders (IND)
-Michael Turner (SD)
-Holly, Davin (CLE)
-Butler, Kelly (CLE)
Fake Picture Intact
-Roy Williams (DET) = Ron Dugans HOU WR
For some reason this one image doesn't bother me. Perhaps b/c this photo actually bears a slim resemblance to Roy & his sleepy-eyed appeal. Any other fake photos I just didn't address.

All Teams:
I adjusted offensive skill position depth charts for all teams (QBs, RBs, receivers, return men). ***In most cases I disregarded injuries b/c I like a clean franchise matching up vs the top players. I realize many won't like this, but I'm not trying to replicate the NFL season exactly game-for-game- I can watch the real NFL any Sunday. I fixed many PBP names: example, Eric Bartell (STL) from "Barton" (why?) to #24 (his actual number... not 32, which belongs now to JR Reed). While I have glanced at defensive depth charts for glaring errors, I have only gone A-Z through Miami with a fine-tooth comb. Again, injuries not withstanding. Some of the specific team adjustments are below:

Mark Roman position change to SS
Keith Lewis position change to FS


Devin Hester #23 not #25

wearing black shoes like the Colts this year
player specific equipment updates for Hargrove, Kelsay, Crowell, Whitner, Clements, McGhee, A-Train, Fowler, Roscoe, Josh Reed, Kiwaukee Thomas, Jason Peters. Caught a few numbers missed even through OSDCR37 (such as Whitner #20 who never wore #36 as a Bill).

Chaun Thompson (ILB) switched to OLB
D'Qwell Jackson (ILB) switched to OLB
Kamerion Wimbley (OLB) switched to ILB
Matt Stewart (OLB) switched to ILB

player specific equipment updates for Rhodes, Utecht, Addai, Booger McFarland #92

Channing Crowder (ILB) switched to OLB
Keith Adams (OLB) switched to ILB

McNabb dreadlocks removed- first of all, cornrows are not dreadlocks- Al Harris & Mike McKenzie are what dreads were intended for (not Jeremy Shockey). Secondly, McNabb looks absolutely ridiculous at the coin toss sporting the mini-fro on top and then a lionís mane of dreads.

players specific equipment for: Clifton, Herron, Jennings, Favre, Franks, Ingle Martin, Hawk, Driver, Barnett, Al Harris. Added Bodiford to WR & moved Jennings to starting lineup

Team Change:
-Vincent, Troy FS (WAS) from (BUF)
-Buchanon, Philip (TB) from (HOU)
-Bodiford, Shaun WR (GB) from (DET)
-Fonoti, Toniu G (MIA) from (KC)
-Beisel, Monty LB (ARI) from (NE)
-Brown, Chad LB (PIT) from (NE)
-Wynn, Dexter CB (HOU) from (PHI)
-Whitley, Taylor G (WAS) from (DEN)
-McFarland, Booger DT (IND) from (TB)

Signed from FA:
-Holiday, Carlyle WR (ARI)
-Kasper, Kevin WR (DET)
-Green, Skyler WR (DAL)
-Lewis, Michael WR (NO)
-Shepherd, Edell WR (HOU)
-Porter, Jerry WR (OAK)
-Wade, Bobby WR (TEN)
-Johnson, Bethel WR (MIN)
-Dumervil, Elvis DE (DEN)
-Keylon Kincade FB (DAL) position from HB
-Alexander, Roc CB (HOU)
-Claiborne, Chris LB (NYG)
-Jovan Haye DT (TB) position changed from DE

Released to FA:

-Coleman, Marcus DB (DAL)
-Polite, Lousaka FB (DAL)
-Woods, LeVar LB (DET)
-Hakim Az WR (DET)
-Bradford, Corey WR (DET)
-Small, OJ WR (TEN)
-Mason, Grant DB (NO)
-Moore, Lance WR (NO)
-Mann, Maurice WR (MIN)
-Jackson, Terry RB (SF)
-Green, Roderick OLB (SF)
-Hilton, Zach TE (NYJ)
-Tucker, BJ DB (SF)
-Knorr, Mitch P (DEN)
-Hass, Mike WR (CHI)*
-Garrett, Kevin (HOU)
-Smith, Jonathan WR (NE)
-McCune, Robert OLB (WAS)
-Rector, Jamaica WR (DAL)
-Bryant, Anthony DT (TB) 4 career games- last in 2004
-Word, Mark DE (IND) hasn't been on the field since '03
-Burns, Vincent DT (IND)
*replaced- written over by Jabar Gaffney

Created Players using Finn's:

-copied default Jabar Gaffney WR (NE) over Mike Hass WR (CHI) who is just a practice squad player
-copied default Aveon Cason HB (DET) over HB Dejuan Green (FA)
-copied default Maurice Hicks HB (SF) over HB Quinton Ganther (FA)
-copied default Donald Strickland DB (SF) over duplicate BJ Sams CB (FA)
-copied default Lance Schulters over Cortland Finnegan FS (FA) & lowered ratings
-copied default JR Reed over Brandon McGowan SS (FA)
-copied default Keith Newman OLB (MIA) over Sedrick Hodge OLB (MIA) who hasn't played a game this year
-created Paul Erstner over Jerrell Pippens FS (FA)
-created Julian Jenkins DE (TB) over Andrew Williams DE (TB) who hasn't played a game since 2004


Plenty of guys I did not address:
For instance, Mike Gandy took snaps at tackle & guard the past 2 weeks- I'm leaving him be as a tackle b/c the Bills line is in such shambles. Terrence Pennington is a revolving door at right tackle

Some borderline practice players remain on rosters- though in reality they may go up & down throughout the season. Others I just didnt bother to create (Glenn Holt, Sean McHugh, several offensive lineman who were already picked up & dropped more than once this season). For the most part, I don't care enough about edge players who get passed around all year or are on the practice squad.
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Re: puja21 roster

Here is a franchise file using the same roster. It's week 1 w/ the 06-07 schedule loaded and the following options:

Franchise Options:

Weekly Prep: On
Preseason: On
Trade DL: On
Owner Firing: Off
Edit Rookies: On
Offseason Management: All set to player
Team select: All human
Preseason simulated with injury-level at zero so everyone is healthy to start out
2006-2007 Schedule Loaded

Game Options:

Quarter Length: 6 mins
Play Calling: By Formation
Game Speed: Normal
Challenges: Off
Coach Mode: Off
Performance EQ: Off
Multiple Hot Routes: On





Action Replays: Off
Menu Music: Highest
Crib Music: Crib/Menus/Game**
Custom Stadium Music: Off
**I use the Madden NFL Films soundtracks and the NFL Primetime soundtrack I uploaded here to OS playing in the background throughout.

I have not been able to use the "load default draft class" fix proposed by Flipmo to prevent the dreaded freeze during the draft. I believe my version of Finn's editor does not allow me to do this: I have Finn's v2.0, Build 1.321. As far as I can tell, there is no option in this build of the editor to either extract or load draft classes.

So, if somone could either PM/email me a version of the editor which WILL allow me to do the fix I would appreciate it. Also, if you are so gracious & up to the task, feel free to re-upload the file after fixing it yourself too.

Pretty much, I would just love to get the file running beyond the offseason however it gets there...
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Re: puja21 roster

Some of the changes I proposed to the OSDCR which are in here:

OCT 15, 2006

I looked at receivers today. Here are a few more changes I am making to my variation of this roster if anyone is curious...

Rated Too High:
Troy Walters (ARI) not better than Bryant Johnson. And not by that much
Sam Aiken (BUF) one of the best special teamers in the league, but not much more
Greg Camarillo (SD) even after the blowout, still ZERO catches on the year
Marty Booker (MIA) slowing down some
Greg Lewis (PHI) should not be better than Reggie Brown at this point. good locker room guy, but that is it. His 2TDs 2 wks ago were the first at all since wk 2 of '05
Ashley Lelie (ATL) exhibiting the standard result for a receiver in Atlanta
Mike Williams (DET) eating himself out of a job
Shaun Bodiford (DET) hasn't caught a ball all year & prob wont w/ Martz's own guys in the fold now
Matt Jones (JAX) he's on pace for 800yds but compare him w/ others at this rating. plus he makes poor adjustments and runs sloppy routes.
Chad Jackson (NE) hasnt done much of anything yet
Will Buchanon (OAK) pretty sure this Trojan was waived Sept 2- not on the roster now or PUP or IR.. might have been resigned to Practice Squad
Isaac Bruce (STL) slowing down, not over a 90 now in my mind
Kevin Curtis (STL) last year was last year. what have you done for me lately? (besides fumble today)
James Thrash (WAS) aging scat-receiver. nice 2 catches on the year. no longer returning ANY punts or kicks.

Too Low
Bernard Berrian (CHI) developing into a great receiver. no longer just a deep threat. makes the tough catch now. doesnt fear those who patrol the middle.
Travis Henry (TEN) played on a broken leg during an entire 1300yd campaign, missed 1 game, & still gets no respect regarding his toughness or talent. it's all coming back now though. I am prob setting him back near out-of-the-box ratings w/ higher strength. He had the highest bench press on the Bills all 4 years there.
Dante Stallworth (PHI) when he's healthy all he does is go deep & snag balls
ReBrown/HBaskett (compared w/ GrLewis they should go up at least) (PHI)
Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) lining up as a number 2 & on pace for over 1000yds & 9TDs (just wk5 but nice numbers)
Mike Furrey (DET) catching over 4 balls/gm
Greg Jennings (GB) just another Favre disciple being converted in the pipeline
Doug Gabriel (NE) an absolute freak athlete. should go up a little
Reche Caldwell (NE) it's tough to gauge NE receivers w/o looking at tape b/c of Brady's ball distribution, but its safe to say Caldwell is a more consistent runner & blocker than jackson @ this point based on the 3 games ive seen
Mark Clayton (BAL) i said it before- he finished last season strong & has just kept it going. has 25recs, today: 100+yds & 2 TDs w/ Boller throwing
Marques Colston (NO) not saying he's that underrated in the Comm Roster, but rather he might just be that good
Ron Dayne (HOU) i know everyone loved Gado's production last year, but Great Dane can't be that bad... he is getting feature back carries
Roydell Williams (TEN) he's their #4 sometimes #3 should be up in the 70s
Randy Hymes (FA) Hymes had some really solid games 2 years ago. Shouldnt be the worst FA on the list
Brandon Jacobs PBP is set to #27- Jacobs is available

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Re: puja21 roster

Regarding a global edit which is in my file:

There are 173 players (236 counting FAs) w/ a consistency rating below 50. I have always used 50 as a basement for that attribute. Also, nearly all the rookies in the OSDCR file got rated at least 50 in CON.

Oddly, this group of "inconsistent players" included Steve Hutchinson & Kellen Winslow among others. I know there isn't any one stat to easily measure this attribute (like there is for speed/strength etc), & I can't speak for everyone... but this is something that I a plan on adjusting up a good amount for solid players such as these (Kellen Winslow has been best fantasy TE all season, so it's pretty safe to say his problems & motorcycles are behind him)

I have used Finn's editor to raise the minimum consistency for everyone to 50. For the record, according to that commercial "when I knew I was good," there are 1800 NFL players... so this is an anomoly affecting <1% of the guys. I already tested this to see how it would effect OVR rating, & for the most part it's not significant (I guess you guys don't care about OVR anyway though). For almost ~70% of these players, the OVR rating increased by 3 or less... many didn't change at all.
So basically, the players in my roster will all "play up to" their ratings at least half the time. This is essential IMO because I have already dumped the ratings of lower-caliber players, so they don't need such low consistency on top of this adjustment
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Re: puja21 roster

Will give them a go.....thx man!
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