The Career of Jeremy Moore

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The Career of Jeremy Moore

*NOTE* Sorry about the last dynasty ending abruptly. I decided to go in a different direction with the way I play the game and sliders, as well as the presentation of the reporting of the dynasty.

January 10th, 2022
CFP National Championship

The Georgia Bulldogs has just won the 2022 National Championship. After trailing 9-6 at halftime, the Bulldogs came out and won the game 33-18. The nail in the coffin was the 79 yard pick six by Kelee Ringo!

What a day it was! I have a very huge dislike for Alabama as a college football fan, but as a Coach that's the dream job isn't it? I'm just a high school football coach with big aspirations of being able to make it at the collegiate level. I always thought about maybe throwing my resume out there to maybe land a head coaching job by some miracle, but I just figured it was too much of a stretch for me to get hired. Then I thought about Gus Malzahn from Arkansas, who basically was head coach material entering the collegiate level.

After sitting there thinking about it for awhile, I decided to get my resume out and make sure it was updated and start sending it out to schools. It didn't matter what position I was hired for, as long as it got me in the door I was happy.

So I graduated high school in 2010 and immediately went and joined the coaching staff of Lincoln. I was an assistant for the team for about two seasons, then I was given a role with the offense. In 2016, I was allowed to become the head coach through a loop hole in the system. I didn't need to have a college degree in education, as long as I took on the position as a volunteer. So I wasn't getting paid, but that was fine by me. I was coaching this team and we aimed for the stars!

So with that I went over year by year to make sure it was all correct and I had written everything down that I remembered.

2010 | Team Assistant: 2-10
2011 | Team Assistant: 7-4 (Lost First Round Playoffs)
2012 | Offensive Coordinator: 5-5
2013 | Offensive Coordinator: 11-2 (Lost Quarterfinal Playoffs)
2014 | Offensive Coordinator: 2-8
2015 | Offensive Coordinator: 4-7
2016 | Head Coach: 3-7
2017 | Head Coach: 3-7
2018 | Head Coach: 8-3 (Lost First Round Playoffs)
2019 | Head Coach: 12-3 (Lost State Championship Game)
2020 | Head Coach: 6-2 (Lost First Round Playoffs - Season Shortened by COVID)
2021 | Head Coach: 15-0 (STATE CHAMPIONS)
2022 | Head Coach: 13-2 (STATE CHAMPIONS)

We just came off back to back state championship years after many years of seeing struggle after struggle. Many head coaches came and went, but the rest of us stayed to make this team better. After being with the team for 12 years maybe it was time for a move for my career? I decided to have a meeting with the kids and staff to get their opinions before I made any drastic moves.

January 11th, 2022
Lincoln High Team Meeting

Coach Moore: Alright everyone settle down settle. Look I know it unusual to have any kind of team activity in January, but there is a serious matter I need to discuss with all of you including my fellow coaches. I have been with this school for the thirteen seasons. I have been the head coach for the last seven of those thirteen. There comes a time where you start to think to yourself...am I good enough to be a head coach for a college? So I come to you guys to ask you the question and take a vote on what I should do.

Coach Cooper: Well coach before the team says anything let me speak on behalf of the rest of the staff here. We have enjoyed being by your side and have learned a lot from you. We have faith that you would no doubt make an amazing coach for any college that gives you the chance.

Team Captain: Coach go for it! We believe in you just like you have believed in this team since I came in as a Freshman! You got this Coach!!

Coach Moore: You have no idea how much all of this means to me you guys. You may have learned from me, but I learned a lot more from each and every one of you. It has been an honor to be your coach and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'll keep you guys updated on what I hear, and who knows I may still be your coach next season.

January 17th, 2022
CFP Committee Press Conference

Welcome ESPN's coverage of College Football. The College Football Playoff committee has some changes they would like to share with everyone for the upcoming 2022-2023 football season and beyond. They got to work on coming up with these changes the night after the CFP National Championship. They have described these changes to be the "future" of college football while one person on the committee said it's a "huge step backwards". We now send it to the Executive Director of the CFP, Bill Hancock!

Bill Hancock: Thank you everyone for joining us here today. When we created the College Football Playoffs back in 2014, we aimed to bring the very best of College Football to the front and give them an opportunity at playing for a National Championship. Over the last 8 seasons we have heard the feedback that you the fans has given us. We take those to heart and went to work immediately after this recent championship game. We addressed couple of issues that have been brought up numerous times. We have addressed conference realignments & the playoff system. As for conference realignments go. We have had several meetings and have been approved to take over the sole power to control conferences and the teams that are apart of them. We have prepared to spend the money for all of these contracts that will be affected by today's changes. As for future seasons go, any and all conference transfers must be approved by the CFP. While we are on the topic of CFP, let's address that next. Starting this season and going forward, we will no longer be called the CFP, because there will no longer be a College Football Playoff. We have renamed this committed to the College Football Championship Committee. We will operate the same but in the capacity that it was before there was a playoff. We will have meetings to determine the rankings and the two teams who will play for a national championship. We hope these changes are what you have been looking for and can't wait to hear back from you guys. Now if you turn your attention to the screen, we will be unveiling how the new conferences will look starting this season.

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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

January 18th, 2022
Submitting my Resume

After a huge surprise press conference by the CFCC laying out changes for the upcoming seasons, I decided to finally pull the trigger and start sending my resume out to schools to see if maybe someone is interested in hiring me to apart of their program. I knew I had it in me to be able to coach in college, but it was the challenge of convincing a program to give me that chance.

*4 Hours Later*

It was about 3pm and I get a text notification from an unknown number. I thought it might be a spam message at first, but I opened it to see what it said. Hi Jeremy! This is Jeff Bourne, Athletic Director for James Madison. I would like to talk to you about your resume you had sent us. If you are available to talk then give me a call at this number! I stood there with my mouth open and just was in shock for a few moments. Then I told myself that no matter what they wanted to hire me for, I was going to take it. I needed to get into the door of coaching. So I dialed the number and decided to let fate take over.

**Phone Ringing**

Jeff Bourne: This is Jeff Bourne

Coach Moore: Hi Mr. Bourne! This is Coach Jeremy Moore, I sent you a resume earlier today.

Jeff Bourne: Ah yes! How are you today Coach?

Coach Moore: A little nervous and excited at the same time right now!

Jeff Bourne: *chuckles* Don't be nervous! You can be excited though! Listen I was wanting to discuss this resume you gave us in hopes to gain a position within the program am I right?

Coach Moore: Yes sir!

Jeff Bourne: Well Coach I do want to say that I am impressed with your resume. For someone to spend twelve seasons at the same high school and never leave is impressive. So many coaches these days are too worried about their wins and losses that once they realize a high school isn't able to give them success, they leave without trying to fix the problem.

Coach Moore: Yes sir, that is what we had been through for a while. Even when I went to school there we couldn't keep a coach for that reason.

Jeff Bourne: I like that attitude! Well listen Coach I'm just going to cut straight to the chase. Coach Curt Cignetti has decided to step away from coaching and focus on his family. He was a great coach for us with a 33-5 record all time. I just want to inform you that James Madison is going to be playing in the FBS this season as part of the Sun Belt conference!

Coach Moore: I noticed that during the press conference last night!

Jeff Bourne: Okay so you know what's going on with the changes, good! Well I better not delay this any longer. We are ready to offer you a One Year Contract to be the Head Coach here at James Madison. We understand that coming straight into college as a head coach is very rare and can be challenging, but you will have the current staff that is here to assist you. You will have Coach Mike Shanahan as your offensive coordinator and Coach Bryant Haines as your defensive coordinator. They have already agreed to assist you immediately, depending on if you accept this offer we have given to you. So what do you say Coach? Want to give the college football coaching scene a try?

Coach Moore: I would be honored sir!

Jeff Bourne: That is very awesome to hear! Well I will set up a flight for you and your family to come out to Harrisonburg tomorrow afternoon and we will have the formal introductory press conference on Thursday. Does that work for you?

Coach Moore: That sounds perfect! Thank you for the opportunity!

Jeff Bourne: Alright well we will talk tomorrow! Goodbye!

Just like that I suddenly became a head coach for a college football program! I couldn't believe it, the dream coming true so soon. I was going to be okay with accepting an analyst or assistant position, but head coach!? I was so excited, but I had a promise to keep. That was to inform my team and staff of what just happened.

January 19th, 2022
Lincoln High Team Meeting

Coach Moore: Alright guys settle down. Let's keep it quiet in here. Look I told you guys last week that I would tell you first about any changes that may occur. I just want to say that this will be our final team meeting together. Yesterday afternoon I was given an offer to become the head coach of the James Madison Dukes. I understand that some of you are sad about this, but others are happy and I understand. I leave out for Virginia this afternoon and they will be introducing me to the fan base tomorrow on ESPN for those who want to catch it on TV. I have been honored to be with you guys for so long. I hope some day when you guys graduate and go to college, you'll give me a call so I can coach you again!

*The entire team and coaching staff stand up and applaud Coach Moore. They all start chanting JMU for him and the team starts giving him hugs. Suddenly from behind him, his assistant coach and team captain douse him with a gatorade bath as a parting gift*

Well after having to head back to the house and change clothes after that nice gatorade bath, I headed to the airport with a bag packed and headed out to Harrisonburg, Virginia. I didn't know how this season was going to go, and I was very nervous to meet everyone. Being someone straight from high school coaching and selected to be a head coach for a collegiate program will ruffle some feathers. I'm just hoping everyone on the JMU staff is understanding of the decision and we can work together immediately.

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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

January 20th, 2022
James Madison Team Meeting & Press Conference

Well after flying in and heading to Harrisonburg, I met with the football staff and got to know each of them. Everything went well and they were excited to work with me. I told them I had concerns of someone being upset I was given the job, but not a single person had a problem with it. So now it was time to meet the team and talk to them before the formal press conference to introduce me to the fanbase.

Jeff Bourne: Thanks guys for coming in today. I know a lot of you know that Coach Cignetti decided to step away from coaching, and you may also be wondering if we have a new coach for you guys yet. I am happy to tell you that we do have a new head coach for you. Unfortunately, I did hear the rumors going that we were promoting one of the coordinators, and that is not the case. I'm going to let Coach Shanahan talk to you guys about the decision and where we go from here.

Coach Shanahan: Thank you Mr. Bourne. Look guys me and Coach Haines really appreciate the support. We just didn't want that opportunity right now. We love what we do in working with you guys on a squad basis. We had told Mr. Bourne the day Coach turned in his resignation that we didn't want to put our names in and that we should look for an external hire to come in so we can grow together. So guys we would like to introduce you to our new head coach. He is coming in from Lincoln High where they just won back to back state championships. Please give a warm JMU welcome to Coach Jeremy Moore!!!

I walk in to the locker rooms and instantly see the team give me a standing ovation. I flashed back to the day I was announced I was taking over the football team at Lincoln High. I had a few tears in my eyes as I walked up to the team to address them.

Coach Moore: Thanks guys!! Look I am honored to be standing in front of you right now. I submitted my resume to several schools just a couple of days ago in hopes of getting some kind of position. I did not expect to be offered to be your head coach. So for that I thank Mr. Bourne and the rest of this coaching staff for deciding to take a chance on me. I'm here to work and work hard. I'm here to be the leader that will take you guys into your first season in the FBS. We're going to work every day of the week, and we will leave it all on the field on Saturdays. Win or Lose, we will keep our head high and walk back to the locker room with pride. We are going to represent this University everywhere we go. Whether we are with the team or out on our own, we will represent this University with pride and integrity. I am an open door, if you have a problem then come to me. I'm not a snobby coach who only talks to the star players, I talk to EVERYONE. So once again I thank you all for the opportunity and I'm ready to get to work when the time comes!

ESPN SportsCenter
James Madison Dukes - Press Conference

We are going to send it to Chris Low who is in Harrisonburg, VA for a press conference at James Madison. This will be the first season at the FBS level for the Dukes, and they just recently lost their head coach.

Chris Low: Thanks guys! I have been told this press conference is the formal introduction of their new head coach. I have had sources tell me that they have hired someone outside of the program and even outside of college football. That is the only information I was given. We are currently waiting for athletic director, Jeff Bourne to take the podium to kick us off.

*Jeff Bourne approaches podium*

Jeff Bourne: Thank you all for coming here today. As you all know, Coach Cignetti turned in his resignation three weeks ago, and since then we have been hunting for a new head coach to take us into our first season in the FBS. With the changes that the CFCC announced earlier this week, we made it an urgent matter to get a hire done quickly. We were able to secure a coach for us this season. It might not be the coach the fanbase wanted or expected, but I hope they can respect the decision and be excited for the upcoming season. So without any further delay. Allow me to announce the head coach for James Madison......Coach Jeremy Moore!!

I had never been introduced at a press conference before. I didn't know how to act or do when I stepped out into the gymnasium in front of a lot of the fanbase, media, players, alumni, and my family. I calmly walked up onto the stage and towards the podium where I shook Mr. Bourne's hand and then stepped in front of the podium.

Coach Moore: Wow this is unbelievable. I never thought I would be standing on stage for one of these press conferences. I know a lot of you don't know me, but I'm hoping we can change that soon. I've always thought coaching a college program was a dream, but today it has become reality. I come from a small high school. Lincoln High to be exact, and I spent twelve seasons there in various positions. The last seven I was the head coach and I earned a 60-24 record. We won back to back state championships and was preparing to work towards a three peat, but my gut told me I should try to further my career as a coach and try to make it to the next level. I want to thank Mr. Bourne and James Madison University for taking this chance. I hope that you guys will also take a chance on me. I know it's a big deal to play on the FBS level when you have been an FCS team for so long. I met with the team earlier today to let them know I am ready to work. We already have plans to hit the recruiting trail this afternoon to try and get some interest in the program for future seasons. I'm hoping after this season is over I can continue to be your head coach. For now, I thank you and I can't wait to see you guys on opening day!!
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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

April 13th, 2022
JMU Football Schedule Reveal

For the past couple of months, we have been working on the schedule for the 2022 season. We had a deadline to submit everything get approvals otherwise we would be given a fine for delaying the season. I don't really know how we are delaying a season when it's only April and we don't play until September. Anyways, we had just gotten off a Zoom meeting with the CFCC and they approved everything and finalized our schedule for the year.

It looked like we had a tough first season ahead of us, but we were ready to get to work.

ESPN SportsCenter
2022-2023 Season Preview

NCAA Football Rankings - AP Top 25 - Updated: Apr 13, 2022
2Ohio State
5Notre Dame
6Texas A&M
12Oklahoma State
13NC State
15Michigan State
21Ole Miss
22Wake Forest

Heisman Watch - Updated: Apr 13, 2022
Kyle McCordQBOhio State-
Hunter JohnsonQBClemson-
Jalen MilroeQBAlabama-
Hobbs NybergWRBYU-
Jalen KitnaQBFlorida-

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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

ESPN SportsCenter
College Football - Week 1 Preview

2022 Season | Week 1 Preview (Top 25)
#19 Arkansas @ #20 Kentucky
#3 Georgia @ LSU
#9 Oklahoma @ #18 Wisconsin
#7 Utah @ Utah State


2022 Season | Week 1 Preview (Around the Country)
Navy @ Marshall
Vanderbilt @ Texas Tech
Bowling Green @ South Alabama
Colorado State @ Colorado
Nevada @ Minnesota
Boston College @ South Carolina
New Mexico @ Mississippi State

August 26th, 2022
Bye Week

We didn't have a game for week one. We appreciated that fact, because it gave us one extra week to prepare for the season while other teams had to go out and play a game. We wasn't going to relax this week, we vowed to work every day no matter what. We want to start this season off right, and we gotta work in order to win. So we're going to take Saturday off to enjoy the small amount of games there are, then its back to work immediately on Sunday.

We actually did finalize our depth chart for the team this week just in time for next week's game. We gave everyone fair opportunity to earn a starting spot, but I expect alot of our players to get playing time this year.

James Madison Dukes Depth Chart - 2022
Regular Offense
WRKris ThorntonTerrance Greene Jr.Drew PainterReggie Brown
TENoah TurnerDrew PainterKelly Mitchell
LTTyler StephensRonald Altman
LGTyshawn WyattAndrew AdairJoe Worman
CTanner MorrisAndrew AdairRonald Altman
RGCole PottsAndrew AdairJoe Worman
RTNick KidwellRonald AltmanAndrew Adair
WRDevin RavenelNoah Turner
QBTodd CenteioBilly AtkinsAlonza Barnett III
FBNoah TurnerDrew PainterLatrele Palmer
HBPercy Agyei-ObeseSolomon VanhorseLatrele PalmerKaelon Black
Base 4-2-5 Defense
LDEJamare EdwardsAbi N. OkonjiJalen Green
LDTTony ThurstonAbi N. OkonjiJalen Green
RDTJames CarpenterMikail Kamara
RDEIsaac UkwuAbi N. OkonjiJalen Green
SLBSeth Naotala
WLBMateo JacksonJalin Walker
CBDevyn ColesJordan SwannNehki MeredithJarius Reimonenq
SSChris ChukwunekeJarius ReimonenqQue Reid
FSJosh SarrattQue ReidSam Kidd
Special Teams
KCamden Wise
PSam Clark
HBilly Atkins
PRSolomon VanhorseKris Thornton
KRSolomon VanhorseKris Thornton
LSNick KidwellCole PottsTyshawn Wyatt
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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

ESPN SportsCenter
College Football Final

2022 Season | Week 1 Scores (Top 25)
#19 Arkansas defeats #20 Kentucky (42-21)
LSU defeats #3 Georgia (40-25)
#18 Wisconsin defeats #9 Oklahoma (28-20)
#7 Utah defeats Utah State (28-7)

2022 Season | Week 1 Scores (Around the Country)
Marshall defeats Navy (34-24)
Minnesota defeats Nevada (38-13)
Texas Tech defeats Vanderbilt (36-21)
Colorado defeats Colorado State (28-18)
South Alabama defeats Bowling Green (41-16)
South Carolina defeats Boston College (38-28)
Mississippi State defeats New Mexico (34-10)

Heisman Watch - Updated: Aug 28, 2022
Kyle McCordQBOhio State-
Hunter JohnsonQBClemson-
Jalen MilroeQBAlabama-
Hobbs NybergWRBYU-
Jalen KitnaQBFlorida-

NCAA Football Rankings - AP Top 25 - Updated: Aug 28, 2022
22Ohio State001435
45Notre Dame001239
56Texas A&M001176
1012Oklahoma State00826
1113NC State00772
1415Michigan State00668
2021Ole Miss00386
2122Wake Forest00343


Spencer Rattler (QB) - South Carolina - 25/37, 345 Yds, 4 TD
Shawn Jennings (ROLB) - South Alabama - 10 Tkls, 3 TFL, 5 ATK, 2 FF


2022 Season | Week 2 Preview (Top 25)
#22 Cincinnati @ UTSA
Akron @ #21 Wake Forest
Toledo @ #7 Michigan
FCS East @ #24 Houston
FBS Generic @ #11 NC State
#12 Georgia @ #19 Arkansas
Georgia Southern @ #3 Clemson
Utah State @ #18 Pittsburgh
FCS West @ #5 Texas A&M
FCS Midwest @ #20 Ole Miss
#10 Oklahoma State @ Temple
#8 Baylor @ Syracuse
Louisiana Tech @ #23 LSU
#16 Miami @ Illinois
Virginia Tech @ #25 BYU
#2 Ohio State @ Texas
#13 USC @ Washington State
Texas State @ #9 Oregon
FCS Southeast @ #17 Oklahoma
FCS West @ #1 Alabama
#4 Notre Dame @ Florida State
#14 Michigan State @ Boise State

September 2nd, 2022
Game Preview vs. FBS Generic

The time has finally arrived for our first game of the season, and my first game of my College Coaching Career. I would be lying if I told you I am prepared and 100% calm about this weekend. I have never been so nervous in my life. I wasn't even this nervous for the two state championship games I coached in. We have been working hard all week long, and we feel confident in what we can get accomplished on Saturday. Every game is going to be a tough one for us, we have no idea what to expect from any team right now. All we know is these "Cupcake" FBS teams could surprise you and upset you.

We play FBS Generic, kinda a weird name, but we are ready. Todd Centeio has been working all week long on the offensive playbooks when we run no huddle and when we slow it down. Our defense has been working on different shifts and zone packages to get ready for the season. We have alot up our sleeves for this season, but we don't want to show our cards early. We have to take it one game at a time, and it starts with FBS Generic tomorrow

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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

Dukes Win With Ease
Todd Centeio Impresses

Harrisonburg, VA:
It was the first game of the year for the James Madison Dukes. It was also the first game for Coach Jeremy Moore as a head coach on the collegiate level. JMU fans have long awaited this day to see just how well coached this team would be under Moore.

Todd Centeio would be the star of the game with his efficient passing and throwing for 2 TDs. JMU played a very clean game in their 30-14 victory over the FBS Generic squad. They're a team formed of players all over the country to form what the CFCC calls an "exhibition" squad.

James Madison earns the FIRST career win in Coach Moore's head coaching career. The Dukes will travel to Tempe, Arizona for a very tough task of playing the Arizona State Sun Devils next week.

FBS Generic at James Madison Dukes
FBS Generic0770-14
James Madison Dukes (1-0)71373-30
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense305403
Rushing Yards107134
Passing Yards198269
First Downs1223
Punt Return Yards1411
Kick Return Yards2875
Total Yards347489
3rd Down Conversion3-109-15
4th Down Conversion0-32-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-1-05-2-3
Possession Time14:3521:25
Scoring Summary
6:50(JMU) T. Centeio pass to D. Painter for 14 Yds (PAT Good)07
8:56(FBS) 7 Yard Rush by T. Williams (PAT Good)77
6:05(JMU) T. Centio pass to S. Vanhorse for 34 Yds (PAT Good)714
1:31(JMU) C. Wise, 25 Yd FG717
0:00(JMU) C. Wise, 32 Yd FG720
1:53(JMU) 1 Yard Rush by P. Agyei-Obese (PAT Good)727
1:12(FBS) A. Callahan pass to L. Rivero for 75 Yds (PAT Good)1427
5:56(JMU) C. Wise, 29 Yd FG1430
James Madison Dukes
Todd Centeio26/3326920
Percy Agyei-Obese22703.11
Todd Centeio1000.00
Solomon Vanhorse393.00
Latrele Palmer2157.50
Devin Ravenel23316.50
Noah Turner166.00
Kris Thornton111.00
Noah Turner55811.60
Devin Ravenel5489.50
Percy Agyei-Obese4246.00
Drew Painter4399.71
Kris Thornton4307.50
Terrance Greene Jr.33612.00
Solomon Vanhorse13434.01
Nick Kidwell20
Zach Horton10
Tyshawn Wyatt10
Kelly Mitchell10
Cole Potts10
Devyn Coles7000
Josh Sarratt6000
Mateo Jackson6000
Jailin Walker5100
Isaac Ukwu5200
Jarius Reimonenq4000
Jamare Edwards4000
Tony Thurston4100
Solomon Vanhorse1000
Jordan Swann1000
Camden Wise3/33/31232
Sam Clark29145.50
Kris Thornton25326.50
Solomon Vanhorse12222.00
Solomon Vanhorse11111.00


Coach Moore: Good win today for the squad. We wanted to play a very clean game and we did just that. Proud of these guys, they went out and fought a battle. We have a tough test next week, but we are going to fight. That's the slogan for this year, Fight.

Reporter: Todd Centeio played a very efficient game today. How do you feel about the passing game after today?

Coach Moore: Todd is a very smart player. He runs through his progression fast and accurately and he'll tuck when he needs to. There were times our line allowed players through and Todd wasted no time to make plays with his legs. I think Todd will light it up this year for us. We will definitely see what he's about next week.

Reporter: You said you guys played a very clean game, but you had a lost fumble in the first half.

Coach Moore: I don't count the fumble towards us negatively. It was an option play that just had bad timing. Todd pitched it to Percy who got blasted before he was able to make the securement. It was a good play for their defense, Todd pitched it because the defender was running towards him. Then the defender made a heisman like cut towards Percy and the rest is history.[/b]

Reporter: The running game couldn't really get going tonight, Percy only ran 70 yards on 22 carries, are you concerned moving forward?

Coach Moore: I know one thing is for sure, Percy will take this personal. He'll be on the practice field working harder than anyone else just to be ready to redeem his performance tonight, and it wasn't even his fault. They had a gameplan to shut down our run game, but we had a gameplan to pick apart their secondary as a backup plan. We got some stuff to fix on our front lines. We had blown block assignments and horrible block effort by a few players. We're going to get them fixed one way or another, and I bet Percy will be all over them too.

Alright guys that's it from me. Thanks for coming and we'll see you guys in Tempe next week.
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Re: The Career of Jeremy Moore

ESPN SportsCenter
College Football Final

2022 Season | Week 2 Scores (Top 25)
UTSA defeats #22 Cincinnati (41-17)
#21 Wake Forest defeats Akron (41-14)
#7 Michigan defeats Toledo (54-24)
#24 Houston defeats FCS East (27-10)
#11 NC State defeats FBS Generic (49-10)
#19 Arkansas defeats #12 Georgia (34-14)
#3 Clemson defeats Georgia Southern (31-3)
#18 Pittsburgh defeats Utah State (24-10)
#5 Texas A&M defeats FCS West (34-10)
#20 Ole Miss defeats FCS Midwest (42-7)
#10 Oklahoma State defeats Temple (34-22)
Syracuse defeats #8 Baylor (35-26)
Louisiana Tech defeats #23 LSU (34-17)
#16 Miami defeats Illinois (42-3)
#25 BYU defeats Virginia Tech (31-21)
#2 Ohio State defeats Texas (34-21)
#13 USC defeats Washington State (31-0)
#9 Oregon defeats Texas State (48-20)
#17 Oklahoma defeats FCS Southeast (42-7)
#1 Alabama defeats FCS West (49-20)
#4 Notre Dame defeats Florida State (27-26)
#14 Michigan State defeats Boise State (27-7)

2022 Season | Week 2 Scores (Around the Country)
North Carolina defeats North Texas (29-26)
Georgia Tech defeats South Carolina (30-7)
Auburn defeats Kentucky (24-17)
Mississippi State defeats Florida (31-17)
Oregon State defeats Northern Illinois (37-7)
Minnesota defeats Colorado (21-12)

Heisman Watch - Updated: Sep 5, 2022
Kyle McCordQBOhio State-
Hunter JohnsonQBClemson-
Jalen MilroeQBAlabama3 Car, 18 Yds
Jahmyr GibbsHBAlabama19 Car, 176 Yds, 2 TD, 4 Rec, 53 Yds, TD
Hobbs NybergWRBYU-

NCAA Football Rankings - AP Top 25 - Updated: Sep 5, 2022
22Ohio State101486
44Notre Dame101349
55Texas A&M101248
910Oklahoma State10977
1011NC State10906
1214Michigan State10765
1820Ole Miss10465
1921Wake Forest10422


Michael Jefferson (WR) - Louisiana - 12 Rec, 214 Yds, 4 TD
Warren Dabney (DT) - Wyoming - 7 TKLS, 8 TFL, 4 ATK, 4 SKS, FF


2022 Season | Week 3 Preview (Top 25)
Charlotte @ #1 Alabama
#16 Pittsburgh @ #20 Baylor
Cincinnati @ #23 BYU
#10 NC State @ Colorado State
Mid Tenn State @ #8 Oregon
Louisiana @ #14 Miami
San Diego State @ #6 Utah
FCS East @ #15 Arkansas
FCS Midwest @ #2 Ohio State
#5 Texas A&M @ TCU
Minnesota @ #12 Michigan State
Virginia Tech @ #4 Notre Dame
Iowa State @ #25 Iowa
Nebraska @ #17 Oklahoma
#22 Houston @ Old Dominion
Washington @ #11 USC
#7 Michigan @ Washington State
#24 Tennessee @ LSU
West Virginia @ #19 Wake Forest
#18 Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt
#21 Georgia @ South Carolina

September 9th, 2022
Game Preview @ Arizona State

We traveled to Tempe, Arizona this week. We have a very tough challenge in front of us. Percy has been working hard just like I expected. Todd has been great during practice. I hope we can get something going early on offense and our defense can keep us competitive. Coach Edwards is an amazing coach, and no matter what kind of controversy is going on right now over there, doesn't take away the fact he'll have his team ready this week.

The goal this week is to get Todd over 200 yards passing and get Percy over 100 yards rushing. It's going to be a tough task, but I feel we can grind it out and meet that goal. Win or lose, we keep our heads up with pride and keep moving forward.

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