The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Several top players are leaving early for the Draft. Here is a look at the most noteable (I thought a few left early last year but I guess I was wrong)

RS SO A. Murray-Georgia
RS SO S. Doege-Texas Tech
JR M. Barkley-USC
JR K. Pardon-SMU
JR A. Luck-Stanford
RS JR BJ Daniels-USF
JR D. Thomas-Oregon


JR R. Rouse-Fresno State
JR M. Ball-Wisconisn
JR C. Michael-TAMU
JR D. Lewis-Pitt
JR R. Burkhead-Nebraska
JR S. Shakerin-Utah
JR T. Richardson-Alabama


JR A. Jeffery-S. Carolina
JR M. Shanahan-Pitt
JR K. Moore-BSU (71 catches 964 yds 11 TD's)
JR R. Randle-LSU
JR TJ Moe-Missouri
JR W. Haulstead-FSU
JR K. Thompkins-Cincy
JR B. Wimberly-Nevada
JR L. Sampson-Baylor
JR A. Muse-Arkansas State


QB D. Gardner is leaving Michigan to go to Ohio State

There are also 3 noteable transfers coming to WSU but I will report them in the WSU team report.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

#6 LSU-63 #9 CINCINNATI-42

gotta love the defense in that game. I bet it would've been exciting to watch, though.

QB D. Gardner is leaving Michigan to go to Ohio State

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


This is the 2nd Edition of the Cougar Coaches Corner Interview Show with Mascot Butch as the host and Coach Dodge as the guest. We will be answer questions about how the end of the season went and how recruiting finished up.

Butch-Coach Congrats on your strong finish. That was a exciting win over the Huskies, for the Apple Cup ... I am sad however that we couldn't pull off the upset win over Texas in the Holiday Bowl, but still you had a great year. Is it true you signed a 4-year Extension.

Coach Dodge- Yes it's true. I am here for the long haul. I want to turn this program around and I think we have it started in the right direction.

Butch-Coach rumors are that we have 3 bigtime players transfering in. Can you tell us about them!!!

Coach Dodge-We do Butch. All 3 will be great additions to our program and all 3 are very familar with the Pac-10.

On Offense we have RB Dontae Williams-(Oregon) a Redshirt FR who ran 31 times for 143 yds and 2 TD's this year. He has amazing speed and will give us a dynamic weapon on offense. (He is rated 84 Overall with 91 Speed)

On the Defensive side of the ball we added RS SO DE D. Camporeale (Cal). He has yet to play but is a great pass rushing specialist (77 Overall, 81 Speed, 85 Tackle), and RS SO CB A. Patterson (Oregon) (76 Overall, 93 Speed 94 Acc, 88 Agility, 85 Zone Coverage). Both players will instantly upgrade our Defense and give us playmakers that can create turnovers..

Butch I just got done making sure I have my season tickets for 2013. This is amazing... .

Coach you finished the year #15 in the Nation in Total Offense (5368) and #4 in Passing yards (4399). Do you think you will be able to duplicate those type of #'s next year?

Coach Dodge-I hope so. We return both our QB's who were responsible for most of those #'s (J Tuell-2237 yds 19 TD/9 INT and C. Halliday-1876 yds 14 TD/10 INT) and I. Barton 66 rec 1192 yds 10 TD's at WR is a bigtime playmaker, however we do lose J. Kartsetter who did finish with 91 Rec (new school record) 1454 yds (another school record) and 12 TD's.

Butch- Coach you also lose Alex Hoffman-Ellis on Defense. He led the team in tackles with 105 including 55 solo's.. Who is the guy you think will step up and replace him?

Coach Dodge- We still have some playmakers. OLB A. Burns finished 2nd on the team with 80 Tackles and lead the team with 3.5 sacks. DE R. Long struggled against double teams most of the year but still finished with 12 TFL and 55 Tackles total along with 3.5 sacks as well, and JR CB D. Simmons had 11 pass deflections this year. If he can just catch 1/2 of those he would lead the nation in INT's.

Butch- Coach so far you landed 5 3* caliber players. You still have over a month of recruiting left. What tpye of #'s can we expect you to sign this year?

Coach Dodge-Well don't forget we are adding the 3 transfers so that uses up 3 scholarships as well. I hope to hand out at least 20 scholarships. We still have some key players who are close to signing (3* QB J. Roland and 3* Kicker A. McLaurin)

Butch-Well Coach we are out of time, I look forward to having you on in a couple weeks for the Recruiting Recap Show.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Originally Posted by JJ4
gotta love the defense in that game. I bet it would've been exciting to watch, though.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Except the game I most wanted to watch was BSU winning the National Title over Michigan
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)



Coach Dodge's 1st year in Pullman wasn't as successfull in the recruiting side of things as he hoped, but hey what can you expect, as WSU was coming off a 2-9 record last year. He can only hope that his year's 7 wins and Holiday Bowl Appearence will give recruits a glimpse of the future here in Pullman.

One big land was 3* QB James Roland the #62 QB in the Nation out of Anaheim CA. Roland is 6'2 and has the ability to make plays with both his feet and arm.

In all Coach Dodge handed out 20 scholarships (3 transfers), 7-3*, 5-2* and 5-1* hitting his goal of bringing in 20 new players to the program, well only losing 15 (7 Off, 8 Def)

Here is a look at the Top-10 Classes,Pac-10 Results and other Noteable schools.


#1 Florida State
#2 Oklahoma
#3 FLorida
#4 Texas
#5 LSU
#6 Oregon
#7 West Virginia
#8 Miami FL
#9 Alabama
#10 Georgia


#6 Oregon
(12-4*, 5-3*, 2-2*)

#11 Stanford
(1-5*, 8-4*, 6-3*, 4-2*)

#31 USC
(7-4*, 7-3*, 3-2*)

#34 Washington
(1-4* 17-3* 3-2*)

#36 Oregon State
(2-4*, 14-3*, 6-2*)

#45 Cal
(16-3*, 6-2*)

#52 UCLA
(17-3*, 2-2*)

#56 Colorado
(1-4*, 11-3*, 10-2*)

#77 Utah
(1-4*, 11-3*, 7-2*)


#19 Boise State
(8-4*, 8-3*)

#87 North Texas
(10-3* 7-2*)


We arlready know that Dave McLaughlin(Dtack78) is joining JeMarcus Green(Hogs15) at Arkansas, bu what we didn't know is where his brother Left Tackle Ian McClaughlin(Dtack78) was going to go. Well Ian finally made up his mind picking Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech and Michigan (both offering). Now instead of protecting Dave's blindside, Ian will be trying to open some holes for RB Shea Mengal(Bucky3).

Ian and Shea were not the only recruits considering going to Georgia Tech. QB Kelsey Charles(Kelseypro) had a scholarship to be a Yellow Jacket from Day 1 but instead choose a pass happy Offense at Pitt rather then the more run oriented one at GT.

The last recruit to sign was WR Aaron Wheeler(Hockeyplaya24). Wheeler had scholarship offers from FSU, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and New Mexico State, but in the end decided to join MLB Lennon Kyle(Valdorix) at FSU and helped created the #1 Overall recruiting class in the nation.

TE TJ Deuce-Oregon State (Me)
CB Deion White-Texas A&M (K-oss)
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)



#1 LSU
"Demolished Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl, look to do the same to whoever they face in the National Title game"

#2 Alabama
"Coming off a disappointing loss to FSU in the Orange Bowl, the Tide look to get things rolling in the right direction"

#3 Michigan
"They might have lost to BSU in the National Title game last season, but they still got SR QB Denard Robinson"

#4 Nebraska
"All-American Heisman candidate Taylor Martinez is ready to win a National Title"

#5 Florida
"If the Gators can settle on a QB, they will be dangerous"

#6 Florida State
"The #1 Recruiting class, plus Heisman QB E. Manuel and a win over Alabama in the Orange Bowl, has the Seminoles ready to take the next step"

#7 Boise State
"Gone is Heisman winner QB K. Moore, but don't think that the Broncos still are not thinking REPEAT!!. This team still has a ton of talent"

#8 Oregon
"Gone is QB D. Thomas, but the Ducks are still ready to fly high coming off a Rose Bowl blowout over Wisconsin they just reloaded with the #6 Recruiting class"

#9 Arkansas
"They have a tough challenge with #1 LSU and #2 Alabama on the schedule this year."

#10 Penn State
"They don't play Michigan this year, but still face #15 Ohio State, #4 Nebraska, #12 Wisconsin and #20 Michigan State"

#11 USC
"If they can get by Oregon, they should be in the Rose, if they can beat #15 Ohio State in Week 15, they could go undefeated and have a shot"

#12 Wisconsin
"They want to get back to the Rose Bowl again this year,but face a tough road when 3 teams in your conference are ranked ahead of you"

#13 Notre Dame
"See Wisconsin but add 1"

#14 Missouri
"They lost Heisman Winner QB G. Gallbert, but their schedule is easy thus a repeat of a undefeated season is pretty likely"

#15 Ohio State
"See Wisconsin and ND add 2"

#16 Stanford
"They are the 3rd best team in their conference and lost their QB A. Luck. The Cardinals better hope for a Holiday Bowl Appearence"

#17 Clemson
"If they can beat #6 FSU in Week 13, then they might have a chance"

#18 Texas A&M
"Coming off a disappointing Fiesta Bowl loss to Missouri, the Aggies window is closing"

#19 South Carolina
"With 5 games vs Top-25 teams, their schedule could be the toughest in the country and they are not even playing #2 Alabama"

#20 Michigan State
"See OSU,Wisconsin,ND. There are 6 teams ranked ahead of you, just in your conference. You play 3 of them in Week 12,13,14. You might have the toughest schedule in College Football"

#21 TCU
"If they can win the Big 12 South they could play in a BSC bowl game."

#22 Cincinnati
"The butt whooping in the Sugar Bowl by LSU is fresh in their mind, if they can use that to get by #15 OSU and #23 Pitt, they will play in a BCS bowl again"

#23 Pitt
They open the year against Virginia Tech. After their only tough game is #22 Cincy in Week 7.

#24 Georiga
"See South Carolina"

#25 UNC
"They don't play FSU unless they face each other in the ACC Championship game"


#6 Oregon is expected to finish #1, but will be challenged by #11 USC and #16 Stanford (expected to finish #2/#3) UCLA is surprisingly picked to finish 4th, Cal #5, Utah #6, Colorado #7, WSU #8, Washington #9, Oregon State #10.

Coach Dodge "After finishing the year #3 last year, I thought we would get more respect. Granted we lost WR J. Kartsetter and 3 of our Offensive lineman, but we still bring back a team capable of putting up points. I expect Oregon State to surprise and finish better then last place. I think UCLA and Cal are both overated"


(Last year stats)

QB Taylor Martinez-Nebraska
3332 yds passing 30 TD/8 INT
413 yds rushing 3 TD

HB Vincent Smith-Michigan
309 carries 1244 yds 10 TD
39 rec 492 yds 5 TD

QB Jordan Wynn-Utah
3916 yds passing 37 TD 8 INT
298 yds rushing 3 TD

WR Billy Ray Stutzmann-Hawaii
119 Rec 1485 yds 15 TD's

QB EJ Manuel-Florida State
3360 yds passing 30 TD 8 INT
280 yds rushing 2 TD

QB Denard Robinson-Michigan
"Noted missed most of 2011 finished with 658 yds 8 TD 1 INT"
"In 2010 had 3912 yds passing 38 TD 13 INT, 640 yds rushing 5 TD"

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)



WEEK [email protected] #13

WEEK [email protected] #21


WEEK [email protected] #11



WEEK 7- @


WEEK 9- VS #16



WEEK 12- @

WEEK 13- @ #8

WEEK 14- @
(Battle for the Apple Cup)

WEEK 15- @
(Battle of the Palouse)

Coach Dodge "Obviously our schedule strength is high (A+), which it should be anytime you open the season playing 3 Top-25 teams on the road. I am not happy with how the Pac-10 set up this year's schedule. Starting in Week 8 we play 3 straight home games, but then finish with 3 straight away games, and the only week Idaho could work us into their schedule was Week 15 making it 4 straight away games to close out the year, which makes it very difficult to get off to a hot start and a chance to finish strong like we did last year, however I still fell we have a chance to win 6 or 7 games and make it back to a bowl game"

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Coming soon 2012 Washington State Team Preview and Depth Chart.
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